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Jonah is one of the characters in Season 2 of Andy. Character was actually created in early 2021, Made by Magmastone808.

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Who Is He?[]

Jonah is a friend to Mike,Greg,Matt, Cynthia, and Jessica. As being a try hard he is still useful (a little). He has light to dark brown hair, shirt and blue pants, with green shoes, he was the one who persuaded everyone to that haunted house as they regret it and survive from dangerous monsters lurking in the big haunted building.

Whatโ€™s The Story?[]

Jonah one day in school, told everyone of that notorious building thatโ€™s in the end of the street. And everyone was ignoring and some were scared, as everyone agreed to go they were scared, as they almost die of terrifying monsters that are flesh eating. As then they met a familiar being whom helped them escaped and as then they went home unnoticed at night and never went nor talked about it ever since and as then Jonah was more scared of haunted buildings.


Jonah is try hard thatโ€™s allโ€ฆ