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Jessica Dawn , nicknamed "the tall girl", is a minor character from Andy, created by Magmastone808.

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Who Is She?

Jessica was introduced in season 2 and is a friend of Jonah, Mike, Matt, Greg, and Cynthia's. Together with them, she explored the abandoned building rumored to be haunted, trying to uncover the truth of all the disappearances happening in their neighbourhood.

As her nickname implies, she's the tallest member of the group, as for the eldest. She has dyed orange hair with a yellowish glow to it, blue eyes, and wears a white T-shirt, faded blue sweatpants, and black sport shoes.

What’s The Story?

Jessica heard of the rumors surrounding the abandoned hospital and wanted to check it out with her friends. After finding many distorted shadowy figures and an insane Japanese high school girl, they finally came across the leader and cause of all the disappearances; a beast similar to the one found in New York. After a battle and escaping the building, Jessica and her friends decided not to tell anyone what they had found.


Jessica has no noteworthy talents or abilities.

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