1. REDIRECT Template:Template:Infobox character (Wikipedia)Jason Storm is a middle-aged English-Canadian man that serve as Vice-Admiral of the Canadian Space Force and the commander of Space Force Chief of Staff.

Personality Edit

As a commander, Storm has a very serious personality. Storm is highly respected as a great commander and is love by the people of Canada.

Appearance Edit

Storm is a middle-aged man in his late years. He has short Beige gray hair and thick eyebrows. He is usually seen wearing his Service Dress. He also wore glasses.

History Edit

He was former a student of University of Alberta. However, the truly inspiring part of his life story was how he enlisted as an Ordinary Seaman (Recruit) in the Canadian Space Force and climbed the ranks until he became the mighty Vice-Admiral he is now.

Abilities Edit

  • Bilingualism - Jason is able speaking both French and English.

Gallery Edit

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