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{{Quote|Think of all of the famous artists throughout history using their artistic skills as actual weapons. Yeah, that's how my Quickening works.|Jamie's explanation of Avant-garde.}}....
{{Quote|Think of all of the famous artists throughout history using their artistic skills as actual weapons. Yeah, that's how my Quickening works.|Jamie's explanation of Avant-garde.}}....
== Weaknesses ==
== Weaknesses ==
* '''Laziness''': Not during his time as a culinary student but whenever 
* '''Laziness''': Not during his time as a culinary student but whenever training is involved. Jamie can be quite neglectful of his skills as a swordsman. 
* '''Feral Instincts''': ....
* '''Feral Instincts''': ....

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I could use a bit of adventure to spice up my life.

—Jamie, to his partner.

Who do you think you are talking shit about my cooking?

—Jamie, whenever who isn't a well-respected cook or of lower culinary skill criticizes him.

Jamie Lake
Full Name

James Lake III


Bro/Big Bro (by his younger sister)
Beast Jr. (by Stephen)
Half-Breed (by Mephisto)


Gordon Picasso (by Corrina)


Human/Troll (75% Human; 25% Troll)


Highlander (Claymore)












Enchanted Neckerchief




Pale Blue (Natural)
Fair (Neckerchief worn)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Pandora's Foodbox


Culinary student
Spiritwalker member

Personal Status



Jim Lake Jr. (Father)
Claire Nuñez (Mother)
Petunia Lake (Younger sister)
Jacob Lake (Younger brother, Missing)


Anyone yanking his neckerchief
Motivational phrases
Criticism towards his culinary skills
The memory of losing his baby brother

Music Theme

The March Of The Wicked Troll

Voice Actor

Nathan Sharp

James Lake III, commonly referred to by his nickname "Jamie", is the main protagonist of Spiritwalkers. He is the partner of Corrina Tarron and the eldest son of the Jim Lake Jr. and Claire Nuñez.

A carefree yet passionate culinary student having little to no interest on what do with his future. Jamie becomes embroiled in a centuries-old war between two supernatural organizations vying for the fate of the supernatural world.


General Appearance


Casual Attire



Jamie was born in Hoboken, New Jersey as the firstborn child to Jim Lake Jr. — the current Trollhunter — and Claire Nuñez. Because of his father's being a half-troll, Jamie had inherited some troll-oriented characteristics as well, mainly having pale-blue skin, a pair of pointed ears, and sharp teeth. Fortunately, he lacked his father's weakness towards sunlight; a trait that will be passed down to his younger siblings as well. At two years old, he became a big brother when his parents introduced to him the newest member of the Lake family; Jacob Lake, whom Jamie immediately develop a strong bond between him and his hermanito. One night, however, will be the last day both brothers to interact for a long time. Jamie was abruptly woken up from his sleep, seeing New Trollmarket being engulfed in flames and smoke — trolls running for their lives amidst the chaos, where five shadowy figures were accompanied by a pack of winged creatures akin to Stalklings.

One of the five figures behind the attack invaded the Lake residence, which prompted Jamie to hide from the intruder. With what is happening around him being too much to process, he was immediately frozen in fear as he hid from being seen by the intruder, the sheer terror subconsciously preventing the young child to do anything, let alone bringing his baby brother with him, which would ultimately his greatest mistake. Making matters worse for the boy is that both parents were preoccupied in the ensuing chaos outside.

The trespasser was on the move to make his exit with what he had sought for; a sleeping Jacob being carried in his hands. Once Jamie's eyes saw that anyone other than his parents or their friends was holding his brother, he immediately lunged at the kidnapper with nothing but feral anger being expressed by his face. His brave attempt was inevitably met with failure, he was sent back flying across the room by a punch delivered by the intruder. Jamie laid with his back against wall, and noticeable scar on the right side of his forehead. Soon after, the chaos subsided but the five intruders, one of them having Jacob, left the scene. He was then regained consciousness by his parents and their troll allies, only to be informed that the baby was nowhere to be found, and even though they comforted a broken Jamie that it wasn't his fault, he only felt emotionless — absolutely wrecked into despair at the thought of failing his to save his brother. Jamie rarely left the room for months after the incident.

A year later, after some counseling and conviction from his family, Jamie somewhat managed to revert back to his childlike demeanor, albeit a bit emotionally reserved. When he turned five years old, Jamie and his younger sister Petunia were accompanied by their mother to spend their childhood in Arcadia Oaks, California. A night prior to their departure, Jamie was given a special neckerchief delivered to him by a family acquaintance back at Arcadia, said to cover up most of his troll features sans the hair. From there on, the Lake siblings generally lived a fairly normal childhood, although the memory of losing Jacob still haunts him at the back of his mind. He erected a makeshift grave dedicated to him on top of the hill overseeing the city.

Life in Arcadia



I'm good at doing at my job but not so much at playing hero.

—Jamie Lake

Marred by the loss of his baby brother and his failure of saving him at a very young age, Jamie in his young adult days comes across a bit of a carefree and artistic lad, whose seemingly lackadaisical attitude conveniently veils his cynical perspective of the world. 

He explicitly states that he joined the Spiritwalkers not out of goodwill or the intention of following his parents' footsteps, but to keep Arcadia safe and free from external supernatural forces other than its own. He couldn't care less of what happens to the world so long as it does not suit Arcadia's interest. This self-absorbed mindset gradually lessened as Jamie continued working for the organization, but still keeps his Arcadian pride intact.




Jamie's signature weapon.

Powers & Abilities


  • Hybrid Condition: Jamie showcases a heightened level of his physiology due to him being a human having troll blood in his veins, making him somewhat advanced in contrast to an average human being.
    • Enhanced Strength: ....
    • Enhanced Agility: ....
    • Enhanced Stamina: ....
  • Swordsmanship: Prior to acquiring his Jaeger, Jamie's established swordplay was his only means of self-defense. In contrast to his father, Jamie has little to no interest about proper posture and technicality when using a sword, more inclined to incorporate his swordsmanship with unorthodox and informal strikes, such as repeatedly striking his enemies by spinning his sword and connecting his blows with punches and kicks for good measure. Months of practice with his personal style molded him to go toe-to-toe with a number of armed minions, as well as characters excelling in swordsmanship.
  • Martial Artist: Evident in his inclusion of brutish punches and kicks to his swordsmanship, Jamie is skilled in unarmed combat. His way of hand-to-hand combat is akin to that of a street brawler, opting to inflict his enemies with wild swings and unorthodox maneuverability.
  • Tactical Intelligence: ....
  • Culinary Artistry: ....


Think of all of the famous artists throughout history using their artistic skills as actual weapons. Yeah, that's how my Quickening works.

—Jamie's explanation of Avant-garde.



  • Laziness: Not during his time as a culinary student but whenever training is involved. Jamie can be quite neglectful of his skills as a swordsman. 
  • Feral Instincts: ....



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