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β€œ Life starts out like some generic recipe for a bland dish, but if you put a lot of heart into it, then it doesn't matter how the meal ends up as long as you have placed your efforts over expectations for it. ”

β€”Jamie to his sister during the first day of culinary school

β€œ Destiny is a challenge - a challenge to see if you can keep up what your folks had left behind when they thought it has been finished. I admit that I’m no hero like my parents, but sometimes, you just gotta carry the burden and give them a break. I'll endure the hell they faced if it means protecting those who I cherish the most. ”

β€”Jamie Lake, to Geb-Ra

β€œ When daylight fails, I will be the shadow to carry on in its place. ”

β€”Jamie, announcing his resolution to continue his father's legacy

Jamie Lake

The Unfettered Hunter (Production moniker)

Full Name

James Hisirdoux Lake III


Culinary Ninja
Ninja Chef
James Lake Jr. Jr.
Hotshot (by Sherman)
Kid (by his father)
Mijo (by his mother)
Big Bro/Bro/Grande Hermano (by Petunia)
Askeladden (by Vespucci)
Mr. Lake/SeΓ±or Lake (by Solomon)
Lambchops (by Kresnik)
Douxie/Douxie Jr. (by Isaac)
Ninja Boy Scout


Richard Rivers (Infiltration alias)




Military Knife (Temporarily)
Valmanway (Enchanted whip)
Stonecutter (Modified tomahawk/blowgun)






Earth (Arcadia Oaks, USA)






November 8







Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

Unnamed cooking school
Dimensions Inc.
Team Tarron


Culinary student

Personal Status



Jim Lake Jr. (Father)
Claire Nunez-Lake (Mother)
Barbara Lake (Paternal grandmother)
Petunia Lake (Younger sister)


Mediterranean & Asian cuisines
His mother's guacamole
American folklore and tall tales
Doing freerunning and parkour


His cooking skills being criticized (Somewhat)
His current height
Soft drinks
Not being payed
Cheesy stories
Being called "Grande Hermano"
Being compared to his parents


Interior decorating
Freerunning & Parkour
Playing darts

Music Theme

Venice Rooftops
Still Blade

Voice Actor

Johnny Yong Bosch

James Hisirdoux "Jamie" Lake III is the main protagonist of Riftwalkers. A culinary student passionate in his craft and living a semi-normal life brimmed with the usual weirdness Arcadia goes with, he gets to follow in his parents' footsteps in defending the world when his encounter with a certain Corrina reveals to him several realities, including his, are on the verge of being conquered by unseen forces.

Jamie embarks on bizarre adventures in and out of Arcadia, encountering and fending off an assortment of creatures displaced by rifts caused by the looming convergence and foiling whatever schemes Pantheon has from taking advantage of the crisis.

He currently lives in an apartment somewhere in Arcadia with his younger sister, Petunia.


β€œ Are you really sure this kid's the oldest in his family? ”

β€”Tehz-La to Vespucci after seeing how short Jamie is compared to his friends and teammates.

General Appearance

A young man of 18 years old, Jamie is quite short for his age, just standing around a height of 5'3. He has fair complexion and his mother's brown eyes. He prefers to maintain his dark brown hair in a short fashion while appearing unkempt, showing his slight negligence towards his own personal hygiene.

He's been described to be good-looking, however thanks to the stress he endures in culinary school, he has slight discoloration underneath his eyes. His looks has been described by his mother to be a mix of his father and grandfather's.


Sometime in the story, Jamie lost his right index finger after a fight with Kresnik.

Primary Attire


Hunter Attire





Note: Anything written in "Italics" is meant to happen sometime in the future.

β€œ I'm not a pacificist. I'm a pragmatist. ”

β€”Jamie to an unnamed enemy about his pragmatic yet dirty approach in fighting.

β€œ He may act like a buttsnack, but with all the mischief he pulls on others, he does have his father's gentle heart. ”

β€”Corrina to Tehz-La, about her teammate's genuine duality of his attitude.

In contrast to his parents' gentle and kind nature, Jamie is quite narcissistic and snarky, with a staunch dedication to his ambition in becoming a chef in the same level of recognition as either Ramsay or Child. He sees cooking and preparing food as a work of art, giving whatever meals he's coming up with utmost dedication, ensuring that they come out as exactly as what he had envisioned. He also has a fierce temper that is usually realized by rebuking at anyone who isn't a respected culinary figure, a family member, or a superior criticizing his meals, let alone his culinary skill. His pride as a chef makes him think lowly of the food made in fast-food restaurants, although he doesn't mind eating one whenever he feels too tired or disinterested to cook meals for himself and his sister.

Outside of his culinary-driven ego, Jamie is rough around the edges, acting smug and playful to those around him but means well towards his friends and family. When he, along with Isaac, had their first encounter of a dimensional anomaly in the form of a Snallygaster attack by chance thanks to Corrina, he initially agrees to help her investigation of any interdimensional anomalies in and out of Arcadia for the right price, much to Corrina's sheer chagrin. It gradually becomes apparent to him that these strings of deviations are machinations of uniting both man and monster in peace but at the cost of being dulled and shephered by a powerful conglomerate. The revelation coerced Jamie to downplay his need of monetary compensation and instead keeping his head up on the battle ahead.

For all of his haughtiness, Jamie's strong sense of pride stems from his fears of being compared to his own father and failing to make his own mark, making his egoism a defense mechanism from his fears. Jamie rarely shows this vulnerable side of him, even to his closest friends and younger sister, although she did suspect him of his insecurity by observing his body movement. He drops his facade as a sharp-witted braggart whenever his enemies provoke him with remarks of his own reputation being compared to his parents. Jamie genuinely treasures familial bond but that does not mean he is not open to making a criticism about his parents, as well as cracking up a joke or two at their expense. When he first saw Corrina's subdued resentment towards Aja for not being there when she was just a kid, Jamie sympathized about her plight but also reminded her that if weren't for her dealing with intergalactic affairs as queen, she might get herself into situations that would seal her fate, nulling any opportunities for Corrina to spend more time with her if it did happen.

Another factor in Jamie's insecurity is that he tries too hard in following exactly what his parents did in their adventures, out of respect for Jim as he knew that his father needed a well-deserved break from all the trauma and hurt he had endured, ensuring that he doesn't experience the same path ever again. As the series progresses, he gradually accepts the fact that while he may not become like his parents or achieve what his parents did, he is looking forward to accomplishing what he feels is right not for himself, but for those whom he deeply cares for, no longer caring if it builds him reputation or not.

Humorously, Jamie gets annoyed when encountering anything involving with his height. It is common for the young chef to express his chagrin by groaning whenever people assume him to be the youngest of the family because of his short stature. His culinary mindset developed a quirk in Jamie of being a neat freak who refuses to conduct any business unless the area has been taken care of its mess.

Nevertheless, even with his own insecurities in regards to his parents and unsure of living up to their reputation, Jamie genuinely loves them and has shown to be pleased with being the son of a well-known and respected hero.


Military Knife (Temporarily): ....

Valmanway: ....

Stonecutter: A tactical tomahawk with enchanted properties given to him by Vespucci. It is primarily used to deal serious injury against much tougher opponents or enemies bigger than Jamie. True to its name, it can chop off stone with a few strikes, making an effective weapon for its user in dealing with hostile Trolls and other thick-skinned beasts. It also been enchanted by its previous owner to automatically return to its user after being thrown.

  • Axe Mode: ....
  • Blowgun Mode: Stonecutter can assume into a blowgun mode that fires a multiple variety of trick darts at targets from a distance. The base of the handle will pop out a mouthpiece for Jamie launch the loaded dart whenever taking out guards or minions incognito. Amidst a fight or doing high-profile actions, there is a trigger for Jamie to press which launches the dart at the preferred target in close quarters.

Trick Darts: ....

  • Sleep: Lulls the target to a prolonged period of sleep upon hit.
  • Oil: Covers the ground in oil that makes pursuers slide.
  • Firecracker: Makes a loud noise upon impact that lures anyone within an earshot to its location. This dart can be used to shot at oil-covered terrain, carpeting the area in flames that burn anyone within range.

Powers & Abilities

β€œ Well, he's more "hunter" than the Trollhunter himself. ”

β€”Isaac, describing Jamie's acrobatic finesse

Athletically-Enhanced Physiology: Jamie is known to be quite nimble and swift by his friends and family ever since he was just a child. He can slip by and navigate the streets of Arcadia through every nook and cranny for him to get to his destination as quick as possible. By the time he turned 11, it becme natural for him to explore the natural elements of nearby forests such as jumping from tree to tree or scaling large boulders or cliffs. Additionally, he managed to hone his physique to a level where he is more capable than an average person when it comes to physical prowess, speed, agility, and stamina.

  • Acrobatics: Jamie is quite skilled in performing acrobatic and physically-tasking feats which he makes use of it in navigating throughout his surroundings by slipping through urban and natural obstacles with little to no difficulty. In his formative years, Jamie used chairs, fixed objects or rough edges on the walls, and ledges of cabinets to reach and grab something he wants, although he must do so without the presence of his parents.
  • Speed & Reflexes: Jamie is remarkably swift in both his movement and his reflexes. He usually displays his heightened reflexes in avoiding incoming attacks by the school bullies then counter their actions in striking their soft spots. He can fluidly outrun most target in pursuits and if Jamie is being pursued, he can cover up distances using his freerunning abilities in a chase to give him the slip from his pursuers.
  • Stamina: Jamie has naturally extended stamina developed from his athletic lifestyle, capable of going on for hours before succumbing to exhaustion.
  • Strength: Even though physical strength isn't something Jamie is known for, his strikes are tad higher than that of an average person's. At best, he can subdue human enemies, including those taller or physically stronger than him, with swift blows to their vital points, such as their neck or chest. He can also perform chokeholds or other strangling techniques to send an unsuspecting target out cold for minutes.

Stealth: ....

Skilled Combatant: ....

  • Whip Proficiency: ....
  • Martial Artist: ....

Survival Expert: ....

Culinary Artistry: ....


  • Durability: Jamie can be described as what is called a "fragile speedster." His agile and limber build makes him physically weaker compared to his teammates and taking too many hits will result him writhing in pain.
  • Insecurity: Jamie can get tense and antsy whenever someone compares him to his father. In certain occasions, he can let his frustration cloud his mind, blow off his stop and charge head-on towards whoever made the comparison.
  • Narcissism: Jamie tends to gloat once he has outsmarted his enemies. He also accidentally gives out a brief explanation of what he did to whittle them, providing clues to whatever enemy he pulled a fast one on for them to come up with countermeasures.
  • Seafood: While this isn't exactly a weakness, some of his enemies were able to pick this up and managed to use it against him by exploiting Jamie into eating meals containing a bit of seafood.


  • His Production moniker refers to his penchant for trickery and mischief, even during combat.
  • Jamie's middle name was named after the wizard of the same name who aided his parents.
  • Jamie's fighting style based in maneuverability, speed, and stealth were inspired by the playable characters featured in the Assassin's Creed franchise.
  • Jamie is allergic to seafood.
  • Jamie usually holds back during gym class to give his fellow classmates a chance but doesn't do so when it comes to dodgeball.
  • It was Jim's suggestion of introducing Jamie to martial arts in case there are times he needs to defend himself, especially with the weirdness Arcadia's been accustomed to.
  • Jamie first shown his preference for dual-wielding when he was just five, using two wooden sticks whenever play-fighting with Jim, who wielded a wooden sword.
    • Jamie also lost to his father numerous times during their mock fights because of his formal mastery in swordplay.