Life starts out like some generic recipe for a bland dish, but if you put a lot of heart into it, then it doesn't matter how the meal ends up as long as you have placed your efforts over expectations for it.

—Jamie to his sister during the first day of culinary school

I'm no hero like my old man, but with the some interdimensional nutjobs going loco against reality? This is one thing I must do as the son of the Trollhunter - a true hero.

—Jamie Lake

Jamie Lake

The Great Deceiver (by Pantheon, especially Armadura)

Full Name

James Hisirdoux Lake III


James Lake Jr. Jr.
Hotshot (by Sherman)
Kid (by his father)
Mijo (by his mother)
Big Bro/Bro/Grande Hermano (by Petunia)
Mr. Lake/Señor Lake (by Aeon)
Lambchops (by Kresnik)


Gordon Lakeman (Infiltration alias)




Scarborough Thyme & Fair Rosemary (Short swords)
Throwing knives
Kitchen knives (Formerly)








Earth (Arcadia Oaks, USA)











Hair Color


Eye Color

Reddish-Orange (Quickening activated)

Professional Status

Dimensions Inc.
Team Tarron


Culinary student

Personal Status



Jim Lake Jr. (Father)
Claire Nunez-Lake (Mother)
Barbara Lake (Paternal grandmother)
Petunia Lake (Younger sister)


Mediterranean & Asian cuisines


His cooking skills being criticized (Somewhat)
Soft drinks
Not being payed
Cheesy stories
Being called "Grande Hermano"
Being compared to his parents


Interior decorating

Music Theme

Veiled In Black (All Arrangements)

Voice Actor

Nathan Sharp

Jamie Lake is the main protagonist of Riftwalkers. Originally a culinary student passionate in his craft and living a normal life aside from the usual weirdness Arcadia goes with, he gets to follow in his parents' footsteps in defending the world when his encounter with a certain Corrina reveals to him several realities, including his, are on the verge of being converged.

Jamie embarks on bizarre adventures in and out of Arcadia, encountering and fending off an assortment of creatures displaced by rifts caused by the looming convergence and foiling whatever schemes Pantheon has from taking advantage of the crisis.

He currently lives in an apartment somewhere in Arcadia with his younger sister, Petunia.


General Appearance

18 years old. Jamie is a young man of fair complexion with a slim yet standing at above-average height with a svelte physique he steadily maintains after practicing martial arts since he was a child. His black hair is kept in a disheveled, somewhat spiky manner to show his slight neglect for personal hygiene and has his mother's brown eyes.

Primary Attire


Alternate Attire

Jamie sports an orage mock turtleneck sweat, with a brown apron worn over. He still keeps the dark pants on and ditches his sneakers in favor of flip-flops. He usually wears this in his home.


NOTE: Anything written in "Italics" is meant to happen sometime in the future.
He may act like a buttsnack, but with all the mischief he pulls on others, he does have his father's gentle heart.

—Corrina to Tehz-La, about her teammate's genuine duality of his attitude.

In contrast to his parents' gentle and kind nature, Jamie is rather hot-headed and impetuous, as well as narcissistic, with staunch dedication in his ambition to become a chef in the same level of recognition as either Ramsay or Child. Most of the time, he sees cooking and preparing food as a work of art, giving whatever meals he's coming up with utmost dedication, ensuring that they come out as exactly as what he had envisioned.

For all of his haughtiness, Jamie's strong sense of pride stems from his fear of being compared with his father and might not be able to make his own mark, making his egoism his defense mechanism from his fears. Jamie rarely shows this vulnerable side of him, even to his closest friends and younger sister, although she did suspect him of his insecurity by observing his body movement. He drops the witty braggart facade when his enemies provoke him with remarks in regards to his own reputation compared to what his parents did. As the series progress, he gradually accepts the fact that while he may not become like his parents or achieve what his parents did, he is looking forward to accomplishing what he feels is right not for himself, but for those whom he deeply cares for, no longer caring if it builds him reputation or not.

He genuinely shows sympathy for the brainwashed Trolls forced to fight under Pantheon's control, describing their plight as a total nightmare. Unless they are hostile from the start, Jamie is usually the one pleading for alternative solutions in dealing with interdimensional beasts creeping into their reality aside from killing it, as he did so with a Mimic that possessed the park statue. As a culinary student, Jamie has grown to appreciate the various cultures the meals he had prepared originally came from.


Kitchen Knives (Formerly): During his first days working as Riftwalker, Jamie wielded a pair of kitchen knives as his primary weapons. They were unable to land effective hits on armored opponents before they were sharpened with a special whetstone Jamie was given to by Mel, increasing their sharpness to greater heights.

They were eventually discarded and replaced with a pair of retractable short swords, eventually nicknamed Scarborough Thyme and Fair Rosemary.

Scarborough Thyme & Fair Rosemary: ....

Throwing Knives: ....

Notepad: Jamie has a notepad to jot down important information. He also uses it to remind him of what tasks he is needed to finish, from mundane grocery shopping to scouting in and out of Arcadia for any rifts.

Powers & Abilities

Whoever thinks the fastest is the one who gets to be the winner.

—Jamie's motto in battle

Above-Average Condition: Even before practicing Quickening-based breathing patterns and becoming a Riftwalker, Jamie is slightly stronger than an average person thanks to his experience and training in martial arts.
  • Speed & Agility: .....
  • Reflexes: .....
  • Strength: ....

Martial Artist: ....

Dual-Wielding Proficiency: ....

Tactical Intelligence: ....

Culinary Artistry: ....


Now you see me, soon you won't.

—Jamie Lake

Jamie inherited his mother's affinity with shadow magic and it is then manifested into his Quickening.


  • Respiratory Attacks: Jamie can lose access to his Quickening and its enhancements if his breathing has been disrupted. Additionally, Jamie will gradually weaken if his breath hasn't been corrected. Additionally. if Jamie is hiding within the shadows while suffering from a serious injury, he is at risk of being stuck.
  • Durability: Jamie's agile and limber build makes him physically weaker compared to his teammates. During an undisclosed mission, he had three ribs nearly broken after being hit by the tail of a yet-to-be-named large creature. His collarbone has been broken by a swift hand chop courtesy of Armadura. Jamie was immediately defeated in his first confrontation with Aeon.
  • Narcissism: Jamie tends to gloat if he manages to outsmart his enemies. He also accidentally gives out a brief explanation of what he did to whittle them, providing clues to whatever enemy he pulled a fast one on for them to come up with countermeasures.
  • Insecurity: Although he won't admit it, Jamie has shown issues when it comes to living up with the reputation his parents had accomplished, especially Jim. He becomes noticeably antsy whenever responding to remarks or comparisons with his father, dropping his clever and cunning facade and rushing in towards whoever made the comment out of frustration. This also developed a fear of being compared with his father that his initially brash and cunning attitude is just a cover-up, akin to a superiority complex.
  • Seafood: While this isn't exactly a weakness, some of his enemies were able to pick this up and managed to use it against him by exploiting Jamie into eating meals containing a bit of seafood.


  • His weapons are a reference to "Parsley, Sage Rosemary, and Thyme", an album by folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel.
    • The first half of their names are a reference to Scarborough Fair, a ballad that was popularized by the aformentioned duo.
    • The name compliments Jamie's culinary career as thyme and rosemary are herbs often used in culinary uses, as well as having medical applications.
  • Jamie's middle name was named after the wizard of the same name who aided his parents.
  • Jamie is allergic to seafood.
  • It was Jim's suggestion of introducing Jamie to martial arts in case there are times he needs to defend himself, especially with the weirdness Arcadia's been accustomed to.
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