Basic Profile
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Name Jack Blackwater

The Blackwater

Captain of Ivory


Old City, Jerusalem

21 January 1013

24 December 1035 (revived by Hermione)


24 December 1035


Unknown (1000+)

Status Undead

Human (former)

Blood Vampire


Knight (former)

Pirate (former)


Physical Appearance
Height 187 cm
Weight 80 kg
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Light Brown

"The noble Blackwater. How can a soulless being like you be so human than them themself?"

"Trust me, I'm more sinful than you perceived, Morgan. The day I let my family die, the day that I was reborn, the day that I slaughtered they who hurt my family, is the day that I let my demons took control over me and it never left since then."

— Jack and Morgan in Ivory


Jack is an attractive man, has a well-groomed, short light brown hair and a quite delicate yet masculine face. As a former warrior and knight, Jack is also well-built. His physical appearance is that of a young man in his physical fit altough he is more than 1000 years old.

Jack's clothing style is casual, ranging from shirt, long sleeves, or sweater with jeans. Though he can use more refined clothes if the situation demanded it (eg: party and ceremonies).


Growing up as the childern of a withc isn't easy, but Jack managed to do it for 15 years, acting as a backbone for his mother and 2 younger siblings since his father left them. He is strong willed and a quick study at what he does. He hardly giving up to situation and prioritize his family above all. His love to his family is as strong as he resent his biological father. Jack is also a loyal and good friend, brother, and father.

Background StoryEdit

(to be continued soon)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Vampire Physiology
    • Enhanced Strength: Jack is supernaturally strong and can easily overpower most humans even other normal vampire in a power contest.
    • Supernatural Speed: Jack can moves at higher speed, mostly like dissapearing and appearing instantaneously like mist. The fact is he can moves near the speed of sound.
    • Enhanced Durability: Jack's physical durability is exceptionaly high thanks to his unique physiology. He can withstood quite a number of beating or falling from extreme height.
    • Enhanced Sense: Jack's senses has been physically improved. His sense of hearing and sight is more acute after he was revived. His sense of smell is somewhat like normal humans except for blood.
  • Immortality : Unlike any other vampire, Jack was not bitten. He was turned through the use of Blood Immortality Spell, causing him to transcend into a new kind which doesn't age anymore. He also showed to be unafected to what would kill normal vampire (eg: direct sunlight, wooden stake, vervain, and silver). One and only thing that can kill Blood Vampire appears to be piercing his heart with White Oak Ash Dagger and forcefully takes his heart out, severing it from it's aorta as stated by The Prophet, Feline.
  • Daywalking : Jack is unique as a vampire as he can walk around in direct sunlight without disintegrated. Though it appears that his power at sunlight is notably reduced when he wasn't affected by it.
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