"I can't go light speed, but I can go Hyperspeed." Edit

Backstory Edit

Hyperspeed was a normal kid, until he found a crashed alien ship, deep in the woods of his home. Exploring the insides, he manged to unknowingly make his way to the engine room. There, he was poking around and accidentally dislodged the fuel cells. These cells broke and leaked all over the room. In a panic, he tried to leave, but accidentally slipped and landed in the fluid. This liquid reacted with his cells violently, causing a violent alien mutation to occur. His skin and base clothing, not his jacket, gained a protective blue shell, turning his whole body a deep blue. His eyes lost their pupils, and he gained super-speed powers after absorbing what he later learned was a special fuel used to break the limits of speed and reality.

Personality Edit

Hyperspeed is very cocky and headstrong, usually always believing he can take on all odds. Despite this, his heart of gold shines through more times than not, always ready to risk his life and even his powers to save innocents.

Appearance Edit

Hyperspeed's entire body is covered in a thin dark blue shield, which he cannot get rid of, nor can it be cracked. It covers everything from his shirt, pants, and shoes, to his hair and skin. His eyes are completely white.

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Speed: Hyperspeed can easily move faster than most super powered opponents, overtake military aircraft, and even outpace Gods. They can easily break the sound barrier, and usually do so on casual running, and if he pushes himself enough, he can even break the time barrier, able to leap in between dimensions and different places in time.

Superhuman Durability: Thanks to their shield, Hyperspeed's body can tank more than a normal human, even able to handle the friction of their speed.

Energy Constructs: As an after-effect of his running, Hyperspeed creates walls of blue energy, which start out as solid, but quickly disappear. Thanks to his speed, he can create simple things like walls and bridges.

Trivia Edit

Hyperspeed's body now naturally recreates and produces the hyperspeed fluid that lets him run so fast.

The effects the fluid has on the spaceship are also shown on Hyperspeed: Creating a speed to resist the air friction, and sudden boosts of speed without any extra effort.

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