Hybrids Among Us is a fantasy story about the rise of supernatural hybrids, mainly created by science, and focusses on the ancient vampiric Costa Araujo family.
These hybrids suffer under their nature and can barely control their inflated instincts, which their surroundings are also heavily affected by.

Written by Ricardo Costa Aruijo in September of 2020.

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Story Excerpts

Júnior describes his love to Sidney (from unknown chapter):

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(Júnior and Sidney in the middle of a conversation)

Júnior: "That story came from my best friend."

Sidney: "You and your friend are very much alike. Physically, mentally.. I remember the beautiful words he said to my sister."

(Júnior brushes his fingers through her hair)

Júnior: "YOU are beautiful.. beautiful and wonderful."

Júnior: "With you around, everything changed for the better. Life has color, sadness disappeared, and there is only room for joy, hope, and love. Your smile is a ray of sunshine, your presence a gift to anyone who gets to enjoy it. I love you more than words can say.."

Júnior: "You won my heart and since then it's been completely yours. You took a piece of me, but I believe you gave me a piece of you too. One beautiful heart we share, as for the most passionate love. Thank you for choosing me. You've made me the happiest person in the world!"

Júnior: "I love you."

Sidney: "Junior.. I love you too."

(They kiss passionately)

Ricardi VS Big Beast (from unknown chapter):

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Zaga Monteii: "Here's number 14. Let's go."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "My thanks. Let's keep our guards up, though, I'm getting an odd scent."

Big Beast: "Ahh, Zaga..!"

Zaga Monteii: "..."

Big Beast: "Can't I even turn my back without you running off to some other guy? That's interesting."

Zaga Monteii: "You got it wrong, Big, this guy's here for you!"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "There's that scent again.. This is going to be bit of a problem; he's been infected by a werewolf."

(Big Beast throws a lamp and Ricardi dodges)

(They fight)

(Big Beast holds Ricardi by the neck)

(Ricardi sticks his claws in Big's eyes)

Big Beast: "YAAAHH, my eyes!"

(Ricardi picks up his eyeballs and throws them to the other side of the room)

Annie Specht: "Yuck."

Zaga Monteii: "Morbid."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "This brute's mouth smells like the blood we found, he's definitely one of the co-owners of the Back Street Walker Nightclub."

(Cell phone rings)

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Hello?

Marines Costa Araujo: "Son.. Am I interrupting? What's the status?"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Hi, mother. Um, I managed to get one of the club's co-owners."

Marines Costa Araujo: "Good, good. You've done well, that'll be all."

(Ricardi hangs up)

Annie Specht: "..She has good timing."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "She's my mother."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "..But.. Everyone, look over there! Is that a picture of Cora? What's it doing here?"

Annie Specht: "1845, it says. Could be, but she looks off.."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "I recognize that old man next to her, that's Valder Morbius, the wizard. This makes no sense."

Annie Specht: "This looks like Cora Steiner, but it's not her. She was pregnant at the time this photo was taken and this woman isn't.."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Someone set me up, clearly. It wasn't Big Beast, he's just an accomplice, but Valder and this stranger are a different story..!"

Annie Specht: "Then let's see what this other story's about!"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "I love you, Annie."

(Ricardi gives Annie a kiss)

Ricardi VS Samuel and Padeca (from unknown chapter):

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Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Let go of my two daughters and wife, otherwise I will kill you!"

Padeca Costa: "A dog protecting a dog and her pups..! The only thing I've seen in my life that's more pathetic than that was the birth of the pup I forced upon her!"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "..I don't know why everyone looks up to you, you are an empty shell! Know that if you touch them, I will kill you!"

Padeca Costa: "I never seen something like this.. becoming a father changed you. I asked you to kill Cora Steiner, you refused, then your mother had to instead.. and the baby she carried inside."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "I'll maul you to death!"


Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Your death will be my revenge for all the pain you've caused me!"

(Fangs appear)

Padeca Costa: "AAH! You have so much strength, moreso than the jester! Aaaaahh, aaahahahahahahahahahahaha, you broke my arm, my bone is showing! Nhhhhh!"

Samuel Costa Araujo: "What are you doing, little brother!?"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "You! You also participated in Cora's murder..! I'll kill you!"


Samuel Costa Araujo: "Who said I participated in the murder of Cora?!"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "The Lady of the World of Peace said so!"

(Ricardi breaks Samuel's arm)

Samuel Costa Araujo: "Aaaaaaagh, Ricardi! My arm! You can see my bone! Ricardi, what the-!"

(Ricardo turns on a drill)

Samuel Costa Araujo: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stop, stop drilling me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Chapter 6:

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(Maninho wakes up in another city)

Maninho Costa Araujo: (To himself) "..Where I am? Is this Bodie City in Salvatore..? This place has been a ghost town since 1945, what am I doing here? Thankfully vampires can fly, time to get out of here!"

(He gets up and flies to the capital of Salvatore)

(Scene changes to the capital, where the rest of the crew is)

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Did you know me and my family founded Salvatore, Annie? Of course, the Dwaynes were there too."

Annie Specht: "I see."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "I hope you understand what I'm telling you."

Annie Specht: "Yes."

(Ricardi clears his throat)

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Good.. I've never told anyone else about my hybrid nature.. but it's fine. Everything is fine now.. except for my missing daughter, but.."

(Annie caresses his face)

Annie Specht: "I'll find our daughter and take care of her as well. Thank you for sharing this with me."

(She gives him a kiss)

Marines Costa Araujo: "We'll keep our eyes open for the girl, but we've come here to find Marcellus."

Annie Specht: "Marcellus?"

Marines Costa Araujo: "Yes. Our brother, Ricardi's twin.."

(Marines wipes his forehead with a trembling hand)

Marines Costa Araujo: "Before we do so, though.. I'm feeling a bit under the weather. It's been a long time since I've had blood."

Ricardi Costa Araujo: "Don't speak of blood in my presence, please."

Maninho Costa Araujo: "..."

Clebi Costa Araujo: "I know, we're all hungry, but we have to wait a little longer before we can feed."

Annie Specht: "I noticed there're few animals in the area."

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Indeed, it's been like this for years. Back in 1909, there was an extreme famine the hybrid residents of Salvatore were struggling with and the area never really recovered."

(Ricardi suddenly speeds away and disappears into the forest)

Annie Specht: "..Ricardi? Why did he run off?

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Oh boy."

Maninho Costa Araujo: "I smell it too..!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Calm yourself, Maninho!"

Maninho Costa Araujo: "But I'm so hungry and there's a human..!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "You smell nothing..! Sit down!"

Annie Specht: "I-Is Ricardi going to attack someone? I have to go after him!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "No, it'd be better if you stayed here. Ricardi is nothing but a common monster when hunger takes over, he'll turn against you."

Annie Specht: "Every monster possesses humanity and everyone has someone or something to hold onto! I'm going after him, he'll come to his senses when he sees me, he needs me!"

(Annie runs off)

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Hold on a minute..!"

Maninho Costa Araujo: "You think she'd be saver around me, Clebi? Heheh! Heh!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Maninho, SIT DOWN, I said! Your mind is starting to deteriorate, don't do anything you'll end up regretting!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "..Darn it all."

(Clebi watches Annie disappear out of sight)

(Scene showing Ricardi's fangs in someone's neck)

Unknown victim: "W-What am I doing in a forest.. who are you..?! Release me, help!"

Ricardi Costa Araujo: (In his mind) "Go ahead.. Fear me.. My claws are made for killing.. It just happens, every time again."

(Close-up of Ricardi's fangs)

(A memory intrudes his mind)

Ricardi Costa Araujo: (In his mind) "Who.. who is this woman I'm remembering..? Annie.."

(Close-up of Ricardi's fangs)

Ricardi Costa Araujo: (In his mind) "My instincts are taking over..! What am I doing?! Annie, where are you? Help me, this murderous hunger is dominating me..! Please..!"

(Close-up of Ricardi's fangs)

(Scene goes back to the crew)

Maninho Costa Araujo: "Raah, I can't wait any longer, I want.. NEED to kill everyone in Salvatore!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "Shut up, fool!"

(Manhino grabs his head and falls to the floor)

Maninho Costa Araujo: "Ugg, my head..! Anatasha.. my lost bride.. help me.""

Mutley Costa Araujo: "Hahahahaha, the blood is taking me over!"

Marines Costa Araujo: "Is everyone losing their minds around here? Have some restraint, stop riling each other up..!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "It's like they're possessed!"

Mutley Costa Araujo: I'm...trying! Aagh, Amara, my beautiful Amara, help me with this damned hunger! I need you!"

Samuel Costa Araujo: "Hahahahaha! Blood! I need blood! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Clebi Costa Araujo: "You shut up, too!"

Samuel Costa Araujo: "I'll take any of you if I have to!"

(A wolf then shows up and growls at Samuel)

Samuel Costa Araujo: "Who dares..!"

Samuel Costa Araujo: "..Corinha? Is that.. You're alive? How!"

(Scene of Robi and Samara making out)

(Robi stops)

Robi Fonseca: "This can't go on, I am sorry. I discovered I'm a Dwaynesian descendant, Samara. My parents informed me. In fact, I'm a pure blood; they appear to be distant cousins."

Samara Forbes: "..If you're telling me this, that means you don't plan on staying committed to me, doesn't it? How long have you known? Has your love been an act all this time?"

Robi Fonseca: "I wasn't sure how to break the news to you."

Samara Forbes: "Puh!"

(Samara pushes him away)

Samara Forbes: "If this is how it is, then bye, Robi."

Robi Fonseca: "It is how it is. I'm destined to be with a queen. I am sorry."

Samara Forbes: "Keep your pitiful sorry..!"

(Samara gets up)

(Meanwhile, in the World of Peace)

Leonor Amani: (To herself) "Robi Fonseca... Mother, why can't I leave this world and be with him?"

Leonor Amani: "One day, I will meet my lover."

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