Alice"Hubby"Hubbert is one of the main characters of The Venusian Twins series.

Early Life Edit

Hubby lived at Las Vegas with her mother and his younger brother as a 7 year old girl, they moved to Pacific Palisades, in Los Angeles, California to start a new life, she looked at a tree and thinks somebody is living in there, Hubby tried to find it,but, to no avail, she ended up stuck in a twig for days.

Meeting Shelly Edit

After being left behind by her mother, Hubby was found by Shelly, a nerdy brunette and became best friends and fascinated with aliens, Hubby loves to wear hoodies and jeans with colors, the two girls tried to show their classmates a image of planet venus,but, it's unsuccessful.

Meeting Lilly Edit

Appearance Edit

Hubby is a young girl with red hair, blue eyes, she wears a blue hoodie with green jeans and pink and white shoes, she also wears a white undershirt.

As a adult, Hubby wears a new outfit, consisting of a blue denim jacket and jeans, a green-striped shirt, gray socks and pink high heels.

Adult Hubby


Unlike Shelly, who is nerdy and smart, Hubby is friendly, clumsy, naive and selfless.

Hubby's "Lose Pants"Edit

Hubby's "Lose Pants" is a reccurring theme of The Venusian Twins series, she always loses her pants, when bad guys tried to attack her, There's a list of "Lose Pants" themes.

Lilly and Tilly - The Venusian Twins

Hubby gets her pants pulled off by a evil venusian, while struggling to hide.

The Venusian Twins 5: The Clone Attack​​

Hubby tried to stay away from Clone Hubby, when Lilly and her three friends appeared, The Evil clone pulled the real Hubby's pants off.
The Venusian Twins 6: The Human Kidnappers
Licette accidentally pulls Hubby's pants off, when she tries to save her from getting abducted by Jovians.
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