Horror Story in Serial Killers is a collection of macabre horror stories, written by Ricardo Costa Aruijo in September and Oktober of 2020.

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Michelle massacres everyone at CDIF (from unknown chapter):

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(Michelle walking the hallways of a hospital)

Doctor Hen: "Michelle? You should be in your room!"

(Michelle draws a gun and shoots Hen) 
(Michelle continues to shoot curious doctors and patients)
(A doctor runs to the front desk)

Doctor Hale: "Call the police! A patient with a gun has gone rogue!"

Desk nurse: "How did she aquire a weapon?"

Doctor Hale: "Does this look like the time to be asking questions?!"

(Scene of Michelle grabbing a grenade and throwing it at the therapy room door)
(Door blows off its lock)

Doctor: "Stop, please! Why are you doing this, we want to help you!"

(Michelle take a knife and runs at the doctor)
(Other doctors grab her hand)

Doctors: "Stop it, Michelle!"

(Michelle steps back and swiftly grabs two pistols)
(She shoots the doctors) 
(Maeve witnesses the massacre, but dares not to intervene) 

Michelle: "There's no place for me here.. I am tired of this shit.. time to leave.."

(Michelle deploys a bomb and installs a bear trap near the front door to ensnare fleeing survivors)
(She walks away, as the building explodes)

Chapter 1:

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Doctor Hale "that is Michelle Ryan and the other is Maeve Hugh they are in the same room." Michelle Ryan "what these fanstamas are doing here should be dead." Doctor Hale "Michelle Ryan also has dissociative identity disorder, one depressive and the other unknown Maeve has TEI Intermittent Explosive Disorder. " (Maeve gets angry out of nowhere and starts breaking everything) Doctor Hen "we are not going to stop her I am going to give the vaccine mixed with water and soothing guards." (Guards holding Maeve and Hen applying the vaccine) (Michelle starts to cry and feel depressed) Maeve Hugh "I am very calm quiet I am at my house I think I pass out." (Maeve passes out) (at lunch) Michelle Ryan "That voice in my head is telling me to kill that girl." (Michelle takes a girl's head and starts hitting the table) Doctor Hale "Michelle she never got to that point to kill a girl." Dr. Hale "Well, your cause was these two things, but I have been studying the case since she was 5 years old." (Maeve gets angry and starts hitting everyone) Maeve Hugh "grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ' Michelle Ryan "ahhhhhhh a voice in my head sent this." (Guards hold the two girls) Maeve Hugh "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." (the doctors put them to sleep) Doctor Hen "So what was that conversation you said about Michelle Ryan when she was 5 in 1982." Doctor Hale "when she was 5 she killed her 6 year old brother she took a knife and cut her brother's wrists." Doctor Hale "I don't see the way out unless we dope them Maeve and Michelle." Doctor Hen "I also see no other way out."

Chapter 2: "Holocaust"

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Michelle Ryan "I am doped more I want to kill someone I am in effect of a substance more I want more I want to kill someone." Dr. Hale "The two dope Maeve seem to be calmer but Michelle is thinking her intentions are evil." Dr. Hale "she may have a desire to kill someone." Micelle Ryan "I can’t even move directly, we’ve stopped resting immediately Maeve isn’t even feeling TEI problems.” Maeve Hugh "I want my TEI problems more I can't even do anything we dope with a very strong drug." (Michelle tears two tears) Dr. Hen "even the doped Michelle she still managed to cry her depressed personality I still managed to react." (Nurse arrives in their room) (Michelle manages to wiggle her foot and drop an iron stick and falls on the nurse's head) Dr. Hen "that her killer instinct dominates the desire to kill is great." (Dr. Hen dops her again) (Meanwhile at the 500th street house)

Mother "Macchio Jobs where are you my son."

(Mother entering his room and seeing a body with insolent tape)

Mother "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my son is a murderer."

(Jobs killing someone with an ax)

Jobs Macchio "I have to hide the evidence of the crime, another body I hid in my room."

Jobs Macchio "I am going to bury this body I like to kill because it is fun horror movies do not create killers are the serial killers kings who inspire."

(Jobs coming home)

Mother "please I want my son to do therapy he is going through terrible moments."

Macchio Jobs "I'm not going to be in therapy."

(Jobs picking up a gun and shooting his mother)

Officer Gideon "then there are murders on the streets 200,300,400,500 but we have no evidence of who did it."

Official Gideon "CDIF yes of course two killer girls Maeve and Michelle."

Chapter 3: "Holocaust"

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(playing music box)


Vincent Grint "this house is haunted for such a carrier of chaos."

Max Grint "Brother, it's not the Ryans' house."

Vincent Grint "calm this is shaking the fifth floor always shakes people this will fall."

(Vincent and Max falling and seeing a monster)


(Vincent waking up and sighing)

Vincent Grint "It was a dream."

Vincent Grint "Mother, Father, Brothers."

(Vincent making banana smoothie)

Michelle Ryan "a mere descendant of Cain and Abel and also of Romeo and Juliet."

Michelle Ryan "the Grint family and the Ryan family had two members who fell in love with my cousin Vincent's mother and a son of the Governor Grint Vincent's father."

(Haunted house, Alternative Reality)

Jobs Macchio "one thing when we died together in that accident in this haunted house, knows that we ghosts have nowhere to go and we link to something in our home that we live with my stepmother and my father."

Michelle Ryan "you know, that I love you so much."

Jobs Macchio "the more our universe can go into extinction with its otherworldly counterpart the more it has a savior that will prevent holocaust."

Michelle Ryan "Vincent Grint."


Vincent Grint "Doctor Hale."

(Doctor Hale entering your electronic wheelchair)

Doctor Hale "let's chat talk is how young people talk today."

Vincent Grint "YES!!!."

Doctor Hale "when I worked at CDIF on sisters Michelle Ryan and Maeve Hugh in 1989 Aleister Rasputin deleted me from reality and you restored me in 2008, I became paraplegic when I fell off a ladder but I offered to be the family doctor who adopted me as Doctor Hale the new."

Vincent Grint "I am a savior She is a carrier of chaos."


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