" You wanna fight, YOU WANNA FIGHT! I'm not scared to use this slingshot I found on the ground... for some reason! "
- Gregory, Journeys Beyond. Gregory is a young square and the tritagonist of Journeys Beyond who decides to wander off along with his friends and then discovers a hidden land known as Fastasica, which was known as a "myth" according to others.


Gregory is a maroon square with hazel eyes. He would be wearing a blackish-grey backwards, with a darker shade of red hair sticking out.


Gregory is quirky, self-willed, disobedient, and sort of a troublemaker, with a sometimes selfish attitude. On the bright side though, he is adventurous, fearless, bold, and quick-witted. He is also a daredevil and likes to dare others to do certain things. Due to his lack of listening, he doesn't like having to take advice from others. Because of this, it can cause a problem and it could take a while for you to take his attention.

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