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Greg Hong, nicknamed "the weak", is a minor character from Andy, created by Magmastone808.

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Who Is He?

Greg was introduced in season 2 and is a friend of Jonah, Mike, Matt, Jessica , and Cynthia's. He has a condition called "asthenia", but managed to join his friends on their dangerous expedition.

Greg is of Chinese descent and has black hair, dark eyes, wears a blue jacket, indigo pants, and a purple cap with an abstract fire patch on it.

What’s The Story?

Greg, as shown his nickname, is very weak and not strong even lift something. As then when he felt weak he didn’t wanted to stand up, as sometimes is not shown in class but this time, Greg was with his friends and as then disagreed with expedition that will turn into a nightmare. As then he felt better and better as then he agreed to go! But as then he survived multiple dangers.



Greg is clever and a real problem-solver.

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