God is an atheist

Anastasia and God (2011).

God is an Atheist is a comedic comic series with the purpose of questioning well-known religious standpoints.

The comics are drawn with Flash, though not animated, and always opens with a random event, where one or more Christians are in discussion with each other or the atheistic main character. Then the conversation switches to her and God talking about whatever just happened, or something entirely different.

Artwork was first released at Deviantart, on May 5, 2010. Created by VampireMeerkat.

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Recurring Characters


Anastasia is the main character of the series.
She's an atheist who often hangs out with God and talks with him about contradicting elements in religion, basically asking for an explanation from him.


God is the second main character of the series.
He often lets out his frustration towards his followers, but is always ready with an excuse for his actions whenever Anastasia asks for it.

He has said the "real" God to be a woman who can only be approached after you're dead, and that he is basically her secretary, "answering the calls".


Jesus is God's son.

Jesus appears to be a demon-like boy around the age of 18, who has the habit of chasing girls off-screen. Though, whenever he shows up in the comics, he appears passive and silent.


Satan is a stereotypical nerd who is jealous of God's fame. His son appears to be Bill Gates.

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