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Go! Go! Angel Girls!, or Go! Go! Dreamy Girls!, is an animesque semi-crossover series, created by Medea in 2017.

It stars Tara Sachs, a young and positive-minded girl who frequently finds herself in many mysterious situations, together with her cousin, Tatiana.
Season 3 mainly revolves around her visiting existing Nintendo video game properties, mainly with her friend Anna.

Go! Go! Angel Girls! is set up as a fake television series and thus has many details about its supposed format. For example, the art style is described to be a combination of anime and CGI; where the regular "episodes" are 2D animated, while the intro and end credits are imagined to be 3D.
There are also multiple international releases taken into consideration, where each has its own settings to better match the culture and is spoken in its respective language.

The series argues to have ran from August 2012 to August 2017, and consist out of 12 seasons and 10 movies.

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List of Seasons

Season 1: Go! Go! Angel Girls!

Season 1's preview image.

The very first season of the series. Tara Sachs, a young, unique 10 year old girl, goes to fourth grade in "Golden Light Elementary School". But her arch-nemesis since kindergarten, Helena Taymore, plans to cause havoc in this peaceful school. With Tara's classmates and her new friends, she gains the courage to face Helena for the first time and learn as much as possible.

The main cast:

Season 2: Best Summer of My Life!

Season 2's preview image.

The second season of the series. Now that fourth grade is finished, Tara can relax and have an outstanding time for the summer! Some of her ideas, such as a rollercoaster was inspired by the Phineas and Ferb TV show. But at the beginning of the vacation, she meets 3 Angels who inform her that she is a chosen Angel warrior to protect the rights of children and saving keystone species of being threatened. She also needs to gather companions to fight alongside with her.

Tara, Tatiana, Shelby Joy, Anna, Capucine and Tina gain their magic for the first time.

Newly introduced characters:

Season 3's preview image.

Season 3: Adventure to the Meaning of Power!

The third season of the series. Tara cannot go to 5th grade on her own. Her parents have to work from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. So Tara has no choice but to sign a waiver for independent studies. On the first day, she finds a glowing portal, and enters it. Leading to a mysterious world, somewhat very extreme and thrilling and even such fan-fiction will happen.

Season 4: Wonder's Beyond!

Season 4's preview image, with Lucy and Molly.

The fourth season of the series. Tara spends another summer vacation with 2 new neighbors from Chicago. Lucy and Molly Pala. They become new companions and are chosen to be Angel warriors. But then, the angel's new enemies, The Angels and Devils of Darkness have stolen halos from the Citizen's souls and spirits which the townspeople have their energy and good will drained. If the halos aren't returned soon, There will be no stopping the Dark Realm! With the Pala sisters right by Tara's side, Only the angel warrior's can stop the Dark, Evil Realm!

Lucy and Molly are the main protagonists in this season. They gain magic and 3 more girls are chosen as angel warriors.

Newly introduced characters:

Season 5: Taking Chances!

Season 5's preview image.

Now that the Dark Realm is no more, Tara can now focus on school! She is now in 6th grade. She is very nervous, and she also knows that 6th grade is not going to be like what she expects.

Newly introduced characters:

Season 6: Anything Goes

As 6th grade almost comes to an end, where else would a fire devour a school and took a week to rebuilt, a teacher wanting to go to extreme lengths to prove an innocent student bad, and with Tara singing one of her most #1 Fav songs in 2015?! She has it all!

Season 7: Let's have fun!

With 6th grade finished. Tara celebrated her 13th birthday and became a real teen! But she has been warned that most teens lives (including Tara's teen years) will be uncontrollably stressful. Even She confesses her feelings to Geoffrey after he accidentally reveals a mortifying and frustrating secret for years.

Season 8: High Class Intentions

7th grade just began! Tara's brain is fired up for more studying! But she is very unaware of a lunatic USA candidate who plans to take control of her country, education and environment...

Season 9: Double Take

Halfway through 7th grade, Tara learns about the Republican US canadite and sets out donations for him to lose on November 8th.

Season 10: Just a Bit of Fun

Tara tries to calm down and enjoy summer vacation, but she is completely overwhelmed by the year 2016's worst events including Christina Grimmie's death, French citizens killed in Truck attack during Bastille day and even Bombing in Brussels airport.

Season 11: Born Unlucky

On November 9th 2016, Tara and her mother's worst nightmare of Trump winning the election came true. Since that day, Tara has been suffering from the worst depression a teen has ever had. How will she overcome it?

Season 12: That's our Life!

The 12th and final season of the whole series. Tara's severe depression has got the better of her. She coan't forget all the bad stuff that happened around the world. She struggles to get out of bed, Wants to be alone for a very long time, and even gets uncontrollably violent to lunatic Trump fans outside of town. Her family and friends are fearing for her life. Can they get her help and save her from severe depression?


Seasons 1 to 4 is suitable for age 10 and up, seasons 5 to 7 is 12+ because of middle school issues and health subjects, while seasons 8 to 12 gets a teen rating for the partying, drugs subjects, depression, suicide, and mildly revealing clothing.

Below is the overall score:

  • Education 5/5; Many life lessons about school, the environment, and equal rights for all walks of life.
  • Positive Messages 3/5; Tara motivates the viewer to see the best in themselves and others: You cannot judge by color or disabilities, should care for mother nature, and she praises school and the act of studying. Tara has CIPA, but refuses to let it dominate her existence and encourages those with their own issues to value what they have and always move forward. At the same time, the character is politically aggressive and holds partisan views that should be neutral or left unspoken in a children's show.
  • Violence 4/5; Most episodes include mild violence such as kicking, hitting, mild threats, and comical beatings with non-weapons. There is also blood and bruises shown. There are few and rare episodes that include gore and deadly torture.
  • Sex 3/5; Tara and her boyfriend are shown to kiss, few characters wear mildly revealing clothes, songs include some "sexy" words, and there are some revealing bathing suits.
  • Language 3/5; Opening and ending themes sound very rarely include the phrase "Oh my God", but this is not said in the episodes themselves. There are insults such as "butthole", "lunatic", "mental", "dipstick", "stink of stench", "loser", "sucker", "freaky", "suck it", "heck", "son of a pea brain" and "oh my goddess!".
  • Consumerism 1/5; All products in Fundale are made-up and not real products for sale, and when Tara travels, all existing products are hidden.
  • Drinking, Drugs and Smoking 2/5; Opening and ending have words that refer to drinking and cigarettes, including the line "getting drunk on the past we were living in", but no one gets drunk or ever takes any kind of drugs. Adults are shown to drink one small cup of wine in one episode.

Video Games

Go! Go! Angel Girls! has a collection of musically themed, fake video game releases, with songs from the "All-Star Music" series. Players can choose a song to play, then pick "Band" or "Dance" to either show a video of Tara and her friends performing with instruments, or dancing during gameplay.

List of video games Release date
All Star Music! 2012
All Star Music: Best Songs For Kids! 2012
All star Music: Preschool Fun! 2012
All star Music: Groove Superstar! 2013
All star Music: Remembering the Retros 2014
All Star Music: Dance Heroes!
All Star Music: Singing Super Star Ultra!
All Star Music: Teens of of Rhythm & Dance

International Titles

Country Title
United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada Go! Go! Angel Girls!/Go! Go! Dreamy Girls!
Sweden Gå! Gå! Drömmande Tjejer!
Denmark Gå! Gå! Drømmende Piger!
Norway Gå! Gå! Drømmende Jenter!
Iceland Fara! Fara! Dreymandi Dtelpur!
Germany and Austria Gehen! Gehen! Verträumte Mädchen!
France Aller! Aller! Filles Rêveuses!
Spain Vamos! Vamos! Chicas Soñadoras!
Finland Mennä! Mennä! Unelmoivia Tyttöjä!
Poland Iść! Iść! Marzycielskie Dziewczyny!
Italy Partire! Partire! Ragazze Sognanti!
Romania Merge! Merge! Fete Visătoare!
Netherlands Ga! Ga! Dromerige Meisjes!
Portugal Ir! Ir! Meninas Sonhadoras!
Japan Iku! Iku! Yume No Yōna Onnanoko! (行く! 行く! 夢のような女の子!)
South Korea Gada! Gada! Kkumkkuneun Sonyeodeul! (가다! 가다! 꿈꾸는 소녀들!)


  • The show's logo had a different design at first.
  • Golden Light Elementary School was only going to star and show a few students.
  • There were originally only going to be 4 seasons.
  • There weren't going to be any intro or credit songs in the series' first mockup.
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