Our crude society loves nobody, Katey, Cora, my dear uncle's daughters.. This is wisdom your father taught me.

— Gerina Morpheus

Gerina Morpheus, or Gerina Costa Araujo, is one of the main female characters in Hybrids Among Us and an "improved hybrid", created by Ricardo Costa Aruijo.

She started off slightly antagonistic, but later becomes an ally to Ricardi Costa Araujo.

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I'm an improved hybrid, nobody can kill me, hahahahaha!

Gerina is the daughter of Marcellus Costa Araujo (Mark), the separated twin brother of Ricardi. She used to be cursed by Marcial and age/mature rapidly, but the spell was broken after his death.

She had a short romance with the owner of a bar, the vampiric German Nazi, Victor Salas, but then killed him and took over his establishment.

After getting tutored by Ricardi, her plans in life became more set in stone; and she works to set up her own reign and become the "queen" of all hybrids.

General Information

Birth: 2005 (13 years old; looks 18.)
Species: Improved hybrid
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Occupation: In search of becoming the queen of original hybrids

Family Information

Grandmother: Marines Costa Araujo
Grandfather: Padeca Costa
Father: Marcellus Costa Araujo
Uncles: Ricardi Costa Araujo, Samuel Costa Araujo, Mutley Costa Araujo
Nieces: Cora Costa Araujo, Katey Costa Araujo
?: Maninho Costa Araujo, Clebi Costa Araujo, Mark Costa Araujo

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue (human), red (enhanced hybrid)

Story Information

First seen: Hail to the Queen
Last seen: Remember Your Humanity, My Daughters

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