FreedomBound follows the story of a young teen, Eren Wilson, who's always wanted to live up to his dream of living a normal life. The only problem is, he's half-demon. Keeping this a secret for five years has been a challenge, and so one day he accidentally loses control in front of his mother. Eren is taken to a hospital were other humans like him are kept with special abilities. He is later taken to a strict boot camp that uses the kid's abilities for the military and for the protection of the world. Their enemy? Demons called Morsani. Lead by Vitalia's (a.k.a Earth) Goddess of Death, Mors. Eren's only way of living a normal life now is to be granted freedom. But in order to be free, he and his troop must get rid of all the Morsani army and population, their goal is to kill all humans or turn them into Morsani.

This series is created and illustrated by Mel, username mellomelaa. Series created in 2019.

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  • Vitalian (Human)
  • Atroxi
  • Morsanian
  • Godspectrum


  • FreedomBound is based on Japanese anime influence
  • Mel wanted to give FreedomBound a Japanese name: “Jiyu no Mokuhyo“ meaning “freedom is our goal” and abbreviates it to JnM for short
  • Mel plans on making FreedomBound a webcomic or a comic book in the future
  • The original plot for FreedomBound was for Eren, Abby, and Cole to survive the adventures of a wacky high school, but the idea was later thrown away because she thought it was too boring
  • The author of FreedomBound is related to the author of Dax’s Detectives
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