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Farah Earthglyph
I advance Road where Myself is believed to be right!

—Farah Earthglyph

Farah Earthglyph is a Main Protagonist of the Fan Fiction Novel Demon of the Genesis.


Popular Idol of Planet Agastor. One day, Devil attacked Devil on the way back to Concert and dropped Life, but Resuscitation with River Styx signed an agreement to become "God Killer" of Galatia. Also, it seems that Ability is being powered up by Galatia. It is said that "Marionet" is not Agastor Alien, Angel or Devil. To show that, Right Cheek scratches and Left Arm and others have Purple Glow Line appear. Therefore, part of Action is under the influence of Galatia, there are cases where Body is manipulated forcibly. Because of its special position, it will be swayed by other Alien speculations. Weapon was Rapier awarded by Galatia.


Planet Agastor's Girl Farah Earthglyph still boasts Overwhelming Popularity, Top Idol. We successfully brought Great Success to Planet Agastor 's largest Concert. On the way back, suddenly it appeared by Devil who appeared and dropped Life. Farah, one of the Soul wandering around Underworld, enjoys Charon and Encounter at River Styx and crosses the River, but he calls himself Devil and calls Tomboy's Girl Galatia at Confidenceist who is self-proclaiming himself, and with Galatia's "God Killer" Choice to resuscitate in exchange for that Agreement. At the same time it is heard that "Evil God Coalition is doing the World Conquest Dishiness".


  • Mugen Souls Style or Megami Tensei Style Original Character
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