I have done this to my humanity!!! I was not collected, I was someone troubled!!!

—Erick Coven in The Vampire and the Stake

Emmauel "Erick" Coven is a vampire and the main protagonist in the Hybrids Among Us spin-off, New Blood, created by Ricardo Costa Aruijo.

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Erick was born with the last name "Fitzgerald" in 1850. He has an older brother, Alddair Morrons. He met a lady named Emily Dodgers in 1872, who was an Original Vampire. They fell in love, and in order to give him immortality, she bit him. He transformed into an vampire, though slightly different from the other vampires in the Coven family.

In 2010, he met Ricardi Costa Araujo, the Original Hybrid. Erick wanted to become a hybrid too, not understanding the severity of stating such a wish, and the two had a bad start because of it. They fought alot, but later became friends.

A year later, he met a beautiful young girl, Melissa Emery, who helped him control the vampiric thirst he had never been able to shed.

Basic Information

Birth: March 16th, 1950 (Age unknown/roughly 600 years old)
Status: Alive
Supernatural Status: Transformed by Emily Dodgers
Species: Human (previously), Original Vampire
Gender: Male
Occupation: Theater Actor (former)
Likes: Gideon Emery


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