Birth Name:Lucile Azure/ Age:22/ Hair Color:Purple/ Years Active: 2014-Present

Character BioEdit

Mina Azure Is The Dj From FCP (Future Club Penguin) . She was Born In FCP in April 1st 2020. The FCP party in 2014 was taking place in the time 2023 so that would make Her in her early 20's. When she was 7 Years Old she got a Toy Named "Dj Scratch 2000 4 Kidz" She made lots of silly sounds & off beat tunes to get her used to it. so then she made a tiny little song and her parents where shocked about how amazing it was. so they sent her to a Dj school to learn to be a better dj. when she was 13 she made a song named "Patricks Jig". right after when she finished making the song she met Gary, A mad scientist that traveled into the future world Lucile lived in, they became best friends. when she showed gary her song he was very impressed of it. So before he left he got a copy of the song and went back to 2009. when he returned to original cp, cadence needed one more song for her new game " Dance Contest" for the party she planned named "the dance-a-thon". gary gave her the CD and before they knew it the song was a hit.

[If the video Is not working Above Here's The link]

Anyways. a few years passed by & when she was 23 (now) and cp made a Halloween party, she decided to use "sound studio" more. she has not uploaded the Halloween album yet! but it will be on her youtube channel soon! (P.S. the pony cello player Octavia will be in 2 of her songs!)

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