Dim and Jefferson is a series about a mean-spirited genie, ordered to help whoever buys the lightbulb he's trapped in and turns it on.

Usually small children own his lightbulb and Dim uses mean tricks to harm his masters, so he no longer has to help them and still earn points in the eyes of the genies who trapped him. After letting many kids suffer, Dim ends up in the bedroom of a teenage boy named Jefferson, who proves to be a worthy opponent.

Created by Anastasia Stephan in 2010.

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Dim is a black ghost-like genie who doesn't shy away from lethally harming humans. His bad behaviour got the attention of his fellow genies, and as punishment Dim was trapped into a lightbulb and destined to keep being sold in stores and serve the one who buys him.
Dim has to grant his master three wishes or get excused by them; the latter Dim is often trying to get done by messing up the wishes of the wisher and bringing them into desperate danger.

When Dim meets up with Jefferson, an apathetic teenage boy not quickly impressed by anything, he gets stuck with him because of Jefferson's reluctance to make a wish.


Jefferson is a 15 year old boy with not much going on. He is more of a thinker and doesn't say much, yet has a devious side to him and forces Dim to be his prisoner. As Jefferson doesn't trust him, he doesn't give him anything to do, much to Dim's dismay.

Jefferson has brown spiky hair and is dressed in black.

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