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Dax's detectives is a story about a group of detectives that solve mysteries, created by Mochiiandsoba.

One day, a poor and anti-social girl named Kim shows up to join the organization, and she and the other newcomers are immediately trained to become real detectives by their leader and teacher, Mr. Doug.

Their goal is to capture a villian named Shiko, who turns people into aggressive monsters and turned a girl named Mino into a powerful villain. Kim and her team must stop Shiko from transforming anyone else.. Will they succeed?

The first chapter was uploaded at the official website on October 9, 2020.

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Kim Lawrence

Kim Lawrence.

Kim Lawrence is the main protagonist.

She and her mother live in a house they built themselves from tree trunks. She joined the detectives because her mom urged her to when reading about the organization inside a magazine. There Kim met Benny and Alec.

She has social anxiety and gets really nervous talking to people, so usually doesn't. She prefers to stay at home. She has violet eyes and black hair with purple pins.

Nickname(s): Kim, Kimmy
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 2nd
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Family: Unnamed mother, Ace Lawrence, Tiger (cat)
Occupation: Detective in training
Affiliation: Detective Headquarters
Status: Alive
Likes: Cats, roses, rain, music
Dislikes: Smart people, guns, bees

  • Dax Doug
  • Benny Brown
  • Alec Hernandez
  • Shiko
  • Mino
  • CJ
  • Charlie Doug
  • Carla Jackson
  • Millie Sandy
  • Logan Wastson


  • The cover image is a collaboration between Mochiiandsoba (left side) and Mellomelaa (right side);

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