My Death Note OC

First made picture of Darlene

Darlene (ダリン, Darin), whose real name is Lucinda Tailor (ルシンダテイラ, Rushinda Teira), is a fan made character from the Death Note series. She is Lind L. Tailor's daughter. She swore on her father's grave that she wound find and kill Kira for writing his name in the Death Note. She joins the Kira investigation and works closely with L. Darlene is a visible nuisance and often rambles about how L could pass as "emo" which visibly annoys him. She has evidently impaired vision and has to wear glasses whenever she reads anything or examines a corpse. During her free time she listens to music. She portrays high interest in victoriandustrial and violindustral genre music. She owns a harpsichord, electric violin and piano. She considers Emilie Autumn to be her Idol and her "musical god" (even though she is a christian and does not worship Autumn as a god) and often dresses as she does, dying her hair in elaborate colors. She is primarily gothic and often referred to as "emo" because of her attire. Later Darlene decides the Kira case has become to complicated and cites "Anyone of you could have killed my father! I'll never find out who killed who, so I'm gone!" abandoning the case. Darlene went on to start a smaller case to unmask the JigSaw killer, whose name is a misnomer, as this person has killed nobody and has set up challenges for them to kill themselves. Later she felt bad that Kira, having so many followers, was vastly protected and now Darlene now felt that she had lost her only chance to avenger her father, and committed suicide by taking an opiate overdose and falling out of her bedroom window. Mello, having watched her kill herself and knowing Matt was dead because of this mess, spiraled into extreme depression, which took his will to live, leading to his death. At her funeral, Joy, her little sister, cited "Darlene was a prick, and a bitch, but I wouldn't trade her for anyone else in the world..." and walked away. Darlene is voiced by Satsuki Yukino in the original, Lucinda Taylor in the english dub, and Emanuela Pacotto in the italian dub.

Creating DarleneEdit

According to Lucinda Taylor, the creator of Darlene, it was not that difficult to create her since she was made from plot holes and unmentioned detail. The main inspiration for Darlene was Nina Forester, from the anime series Monster. Taylor claimed that one day she was bored and made a video addressing the JigSaw murders under the alias of D. D was the beginning of her username on YouTube. From there, the idea grew. After seeing the second episode of Death Note, it occurred to Taylor that Lind L. Tailor and herself had nearly the same surname. She decided it would be a good way to link them.

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