Dark-X, real name Dejan Kovačević, is a "Shadowbringer" from Croatia.

He was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and his father is Red StarMan, a Global Revolution Fighters Brigade legend.

He has 3 siblings: Bosnia-Kid, Thunderjolt (a Slovenian Thunder Knight) and Shadow Slayer (a Shadowbringer and Dark-X's rival from Serbia). Dark-X had a happy childhood with them, until one day, hitmen arrived killed both his parents.
After this occurence, Dark-X and his brothers each took a different path, despite being only around 12 years old. Dark-X lived with his uncle and aunt and trained in the dark arts, and at the 16 years old, they traveled to U.S. because his uncle was given a job there. A year later, at high school, he met Razorback, a Canadian parkour fighter and learned a few tricks from him while graduating high school. A few days after his graduation, he met his first love: Caitlynn-X, an British Rockstar semi-fairy. They entered a relationship and went to university together. They joined to the Global Revolution Fighters as a duo.

Created by Dykroon the Cartoon Maker.

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Rockstar couple caitlynn x and dark x by dykroon chan das0row-pre

Dark-X and Caitlynn-X.

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