Dark-X is a shadowbringer croatian original character created by Dykroon the Cartoon maker.


Dark-X was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where he lived since childhood, his father is a Red StarMan, a GRF Brigade legend, Apart from Dark-X, Red StarMan had 3 children: Bosnia-Kid, Thunderjolt (a Slovenian Thunder knight) and Shadow Slayer (a shadowbringer, Dark-X's Rival from Serbia), with them, Dark-X's childhood lived a happiness until one day the hitmen arrived who tried to kill Red StarMan and they did it. After the death of his parents, Dark-X and his brothers took their different paths at 12 years, Dark-X lived with his uncle and aunt to training dark arts, at the 16 years old Dark-X, his uncle and aunt traveled to U.S. cause his uncle managed to look for a job. A year later at high school he meet Razorback a Canadian parkour fighter to learn street arts and even managed to graduate high school, from there he met his first love: Caitlynn-X an British Rockstar semi-fairy, days later of his graduation, Dark-X and Caitlynn went to the university and from there, they had a romantic relationship. both of them joined to the GRF Brigade.

Rockstar couple caitlynn x and dark x by dykroon chan das0row-pre

Dark-X and Caitlynn-X

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