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Chouchou De Vries

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Chouchou De Vries



Chowder Cheese (Gonz)






Anthony "Tony" De Vries (father)

Louise De Vries (mother)

Blythe De Vries (older sister)

Poppet De Vries (younger sister)



South Aires High School



Chouchou De Vries, or better known as "Chou", is a student attending South Aires High School and the main protagonist.

Created by Murphy Smith.

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Chou is a Caucasian female with a short stature and rectangluar body shape. She has long, slightly wavy, dirty-blonde hair and brown eyes. Freckles are scattered across her shoulders, nose, and back. 

Her extremely eccentric sense of style makes her stand out a lot. She often wears very odd, colourful clothing with unusual combinations, never wearing the same outfit twice. This only extends to her hair and makeup on special occassions, mostly due to her laziness. 

Her disposition is very serene and distracted, and Sara describes her presence as if "Chou was always sleeping with her eyes open." 





Chou was born to a suburban upper-middle class family and lived her life primarily in Las Vegas. Being the middle child, she generally didn't receive as much attention as her talented older sister, Blythe, and spoilt little sister, Poppet. This was not helped by the extremely busy schedule of her parents from birth to present day, claiming to have spent more time with the family's nanny than her parents. 

In elementary school, Chou didn't have much friends. She was introverted, blunt, and her weird behaviour repelled many people. Her desire for uniqueness even resulted in her refusing to go to a private school on the basis that she had to wear uniforms. Within a month of Chou's zero attendence, Tony and Louise eventually gave in and enrolled her to a public middle school (and eventually, a public high school).

Even in high school, Chou never had the urge to make new friends, often described as "the basket case", referencing the Breakfast Club, depsite coming from one of the wealthiest families in the school. Her grades were low in many subjects due to disinterest and poor work ethic, and was low enough for English to have fail (this may of been he general disinterest in books, movies and fiction).




  • Her mother, Louise, is similarily eccentric to Chou. She was the one who named Chou and Poppet.
    • Despite the similarity in personalities between mother and daughter, Chou urges they are very, very different. 
    • Louise blatantly states Poppet is her favourite child. 
  • Chou believes that her parents do not love each other anymore.
  • She is an extremely fast sprinter. No one knows why.
  • A running gag is that Chou is a big glutton. She eats anything and everything except for vegtables.
    • This causes her diet to be rather unhealthy. 
    • She has a high metabolism, maintaining an average weight despite the excessive amounts of food she intakes.
  • Chou's ears are not pierced. She didn't like wearing earrings as a child so the piercing quickly closed up.
  • Despite Chou's family being mostly Christian (Blythe is an atheist), she is often ambiguous about her religious affiliations, following mostly unpopular eccentric beliefs.