I am the bringer of chaos to all computers! In the past, I was just an empty shell, now I'm someone who creates illusions, I'm someone who must be feared, I'm a hacker, I'm Cantion!

—Cantion to Ry in Hackers Software 1.2

Juan Kronaine, or "Cantion", is one of the main protagonists in Hackers Software and the leader of "The Hackers Entertainment Software Alliance", created by Ricardo Costa Aruijo.

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Juan was born in 1984, in Aurora, America. In July of 2001, he co-founded THESA with Natan Kronaine, consisting out of family members only. They saw the fun of being a hacker and each made up their own alias, Juan's being "Cantion". They set up and operate at a camouflaged hideout at a cybercafé called "The Scorpion Café".

They shake the authorities off their tails with clever computer skills and have never been caught. Juan developed a variant of WinRAR, able to encrypt data, to archive his organization's most sensitive, but needed data in.

He once came face to face with Ry and ended up in a fight with him. Ry was hospitalized.

General information

Birth: 1984
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Enemies: All enemies that appear in the series
Friends: The Hackers Entertainment Software Alliance
Occupation: Hacker, leader of THESA

Family Information

?: Natan Kronaine, Willam Bucky Kronaine

Comic information

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4
Fist seen: Hacker Software 1.0
Last seen: Execution Point

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