Shankhar Singh Pathak, (in hindi: शंकर सिंह पाठक) or better known as "Brahma-King", is a Brahman Monk Fighter, created by Dykroon the cartoon maker.

He was born in the Downtown city of Bangalore, India, and is a GRF member who survived an assassination when he was still young. Brahma-King is not the only one who are survived; Lunar Vizier, Wong Quan Feng, and Celtic fist Jack managed to save themselves when the massacre was happening (which the master of Kamikaze-Kid, the parents of Dark-X and the father of Caitlynn-X did not suffer the same fate). In his youth he trained from the Punjab Palace to the Himalayas with his master, Sukhwinder Patel (an old hermit) and his training mates, Sinhabahu-Man (his first friend who was a kid and now a local hero from Sri Lanka) and two yetis from Tibet. Years later, Brahma-King has a son called Rajesh Singh, he wants to follow in his father's footsteps to join the Brigade. Now, Brahma-King wants to revenge Red Star-Man's death and preserve the justice around the world.

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