Brady Dreyland


Character Information


Brady Dreyland


Bray, or Drey.




19 (Born July 17th)


Angela Dreyland (Mother)-Deceased

James Dreyland (Father)-Deceased

Paxton Dreyland (Older Brother)-Alive



Town of Redding, CA



Brady Dreyland is a student attending Redding High School and boyfriend of Kody Power. Usually seen at the beach, Aunt Sue's diner, or at Redding High School. 

Appearance Edit

Brady is a tall yet muscular male whose hair is a nutty brown. It usually falls in his eyes because of the length of it. His skin is freckled yet has a tan olive complexion. His eyes are a very crystal blue that you could maybe get lost in..

His signature piece of clothing is his denim jacket, as he is usually seen wearing many of the places he goes..

Personality Edit

Brady's personality is very peculiar. He is very playful, but can be serious when he needs to be. He has a very flirtatious attitude that shows through when he finds someone of interest. Usually he is laid back, and very calm, but sometimes he is adventurous and ecstatic..

Synopsis Edit


Brady didn't have an easy and happy beginning. He was born to Angela and James Dreyland. They were soon put in a car crash when he was nine and his brother and him had to go to an adoption center. This time was very hard for Brady, as he felt empty and lost as if he had no hope in his life. Once old enough, his brother moved to New York to pursue his own dream, and Brady moved to the small Town of Redding. This is now where he resides.


Brady has always been a laid back kind of guy with a funny and mischievous personality. He enjoys a lot of the finer things in life, and he is very happy at where he is in his own life at this very moment. .

Relationships Edit

Brady doesn't have very many close friends but he is very close with his amazing boyfriend Kody Power. His brother still keeps in touch with him so that would classify Paxton as a good friend. He has a couple of acquaintances at school as well, since he is on the football team..

Trivia Edit

  • In his free time, he enjoys surfing, or listening to music.
    • He has a secret anonymous blog that he posts heartfelt and secret things on.
  • His eldest brother, Paxton, is a very smart guy. He is usually seen nowadays in Redding with Brady.
    • According to Brady, Paxton is the attractive one in the family. He often displays his envy. 
  • His favorite holiday is April Fools, since he loves playing pranks.
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