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Blaze, originally named Ryan, is a fire-type Element and the titular character in Blaze, written by Magmastone808.

The character was designed in 2018, but made his first online appearance in 2021.

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Who Is He?

Blaze used to be a human boy from Earth, but was turned into an elemental fire creature and teleported to Elementaria. He's considered a hero by all, but is not a solo crime fighter, as he has allies and friends who help him take on evildoers. His powers are mainly fire and speed related.

Blaze is described to have the fiery passion and the heart of a true hero. Having that said, the people of Elementaria call him "Great Fiery Heart".

What’s The Story?

Blaze, when still a boy named Ryan, was a good-hearted person with a healthy amount of curiosity. One day, his mother asked him to take out the trash before school, and in the the garbage isle, he spotted a portal to another world. Curiosity got the better of him and he fell into it after a clumsy trip. He yelled for help, but nobody heard him as he got sucked in, whereafter the portal closed.

A living star appeared, who informed him of his fate as the saviour of another world, then changed his form into something more appropriate for that world. Though Ryan was told what to do, the star erased his memories to help him more easily accept his destiny and not linger on his past life, which ironically led to Ryan not knowing what to do when he landed in Elementaria.

Nevertheless, his meeting with the young Drip started a chain of events that happened to push him into the right direction, and his journey to becoming a celebrated hero began.


Fire Fist

Blaze can cloak his fists in fire and land powerful punches.

Fire Speed

Blaze can run at the speed of sound, but prefers to only go as fast as a cheetah, since this ability drains his energy. It can cause him to faint if not careful enough.


Blaze can create fireballs inside his hands and throw them at targets.

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