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Title card. “A Whole New Hero Of Speed!”

Blaze is a story about a young boy undergoing a sudden transformation and finding himself in another world, written by Magmastone808.

The brave and kind-hearted Ryan is chosen by a mysterious star deity to be the protector of Elementaria; a country from a magical world in need of a hero after the last one died and a notorious villain started to threaten their freedom once again. As to fit in with the residents, he is transformed into an elemental creature and given fire powers to match.

While his memories have been erased and Ryan understands little of his surroundings, his heart for justice helps him take the road he's expected to travel. With his new name, "Blaze", he goes around proving his capabilities as a hero, even earning the king's trust and joining him on his quest of finding and defeating the powerful Razarath.

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Main Cast

Blaze Drip Droplet Terra

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Minor Characters


Season 1 features Blaze's descension into Elementaria. He meets new friends and fights the villainous Razarath as the destined hero of Ostaria.

Chapter 1: The Great Fiery Heart

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Once upon a time, a 13 year old Californian boy named Ryan was about to leave for school, but then stopped by his mother, who wanted him to take out the trash to the back isle first. As per usual, he did not make a fuss about the last-minute chores his mother often gave him, and agreed to drag the heavy bag outside.

“Okay mom, I'm heading out”, he announced, “I'll see you in the afternoon, bye!”

He closed the door behind him and baby-stepped to the trash isle, where he saw a purple light coming from the dark. He dropped his bag and took a closer look, seeing it was some sort of portal. He was amazed to witness something he had only ever seen in science fiction movies and was eager to touch, but as he drew near, the portal's suction disturbed his balance, and Ryan's feet bumped against some pieces of loose trash. He fell, allowing for the portal to swallow him up.
Ryan's fearlessness turned into worry, and he called for help as he drifted further away from the entrance, which was slowly closing itself up. The portal's realm was otherworldly and had no floor or much gravity, forcing Ryan to float around in nothingness, with no grip or control of himself.

While he was trying to find something to hold onto, a star-shaped creature appeared in a burning flash. It spoke to him: “Don’t worry, I have chosen you. A mission awaits; a quest you are destined for.”

Ryan silently stared at the mysterious deity with a puzzled look. It was a giant star with eyes, and not much else, talking to him about some destiny he had to fulfill. If he didn't know any better, this was all a dream and he was still safely sleeping in his bed back home.

“You'll be sent to a world that mankind cannot find and does not inhabit.” the star continued, “You'll be granted a new form and a new life.”

That did not sound as inviting as the star's tone of voice made it out to be.
“H-Hold on!” Ryan shouted back nervously, “You're going to do what? I'm just a kid! I.. I gotta go to school.. M-My mom's gonna get worried, just lemme go!”

The star's giant eyes looked him over, but without the presence of eyebrows, it was hard to see what it was thinking.
“Allow me to erase these worries and take your memories.”

“What?! No, wait!” Ryan urged, but the star did not and engulfed him in flames. Ryan felt the memories of his old life fading, while his body seemingly took in the flames that had spawned around him. His head and torso became one ball of fire, and not even the arms and legs he got to keep looked like the traditional human limbs anymore.

“There will come a time, young hero, that you can go to school again..” the star's voice echoed, “..But first.. save Elementaria, save Ostaria..!” A giant portal opened up below Ryan, whereafter gravity kicked in again. There was a long fall down, until he crashed into a tree and lost consciousness. After an unknown amount of time, he was awakened by a child's voice:

“Hey, are you okay?”

He opened his eyes and looked down, where a small purple creature was standing. Its wide open mouth was like the barrel of a gun and its overall slimy appearance not any more comforting. Ryan let out a loud scream, causing the small creature to jump up in surprise.

“Hey, calm down, why are you screaming!?” it asked.

Ryan looked around the area he crash-landed in. Nothing looked familiar, though his mind was in a daze and he wasn't sure if he could even recall what "familiar" looked like to him. He jumped out of the tree, still avoiding the gooey creature looking at him with raised eyebrows, and walked over to a nearby river to look at himself.
A flaming fireball with a face looked back at him. Had he always looked like this? There were white gloves covering his hands, not unlike those old 50s cartoon characters, and he was wearing sneakers. They looked pretty cool, Ryan agreed with himself.

While he was checking himself out, the gooey creature decided to approach again.
“Hey-um.. my name is Drip! How about yours?”

Ryan thought to himself, but no name popped up. He wondered if telling the stranger he didn't remember was such a good idea, though, as it had been looking at him with skepticism the entire time. The prior screaming in its face probably offended it somewhat, and since it obviously wasn't dangerous, maybe it was best to stop acting like a madman.
Ryan scratched his head, while the hot flames danced between his fingers.

If I don't remember my name, I might as well make one up..
Let's see, what would be a cool name for someone like me?
I’m a fireball.. so, what about.. "Flame".. "Scorch".. Hmmm... "Blaze"? Yeah, that sounds good, okay!

“Well, my name is Blaze!” Ryan replied determinedly.

“Oh okay, you CAN talk!” Drip grinned, “I've never seen you before. You from around here?”

“..I don't kn- uh.. No! Obviously, w-would someone who lives here act like me?” he clumsily corrected himself.

“True.. you are suspicious.”

“I'm not suspicious!” Ryan gulped, “I promise, I'm just a foreigner passing through!”

“Relax, I didn't think you were a villain or anything. Nice shoes, by the way.”


Drip then turned around and faced a village that could be seen in the distance.
“This is Elementaria!” he said, “Alot of people live here, but they're scattered around the place. You're lucky to have landed near my home.. you look like you need a doctor and a snack!”

“Oh, but I'm not hurt.”

“Just to be sure.”

On their way to the village, Drip kept asking personal questions, like his age, home, and interests; all questions Ryan struggled to answer. It didn't take long for the vigilant Drip to understand his newfound friend was suffering from memory loss, but he gave the serious problem a benevolent approach.

“It’s okay, Blaze.” he reassured him, “You don't have to tell me.”

Ryan returned an awkward smile, but agreed that it was likely best to stop talking. None of it was jogging his memory, anyway, he needed more time..
And so, the questioning came to an end and they finally reached the village.

Chapter 2: The Quest Begins

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When Blaze and Drip were walking they found the village, Blaze said “ Wow! That’s a neat village! “ and Drip said “ Yeah! It is really great even it’s my hometown! “ and then they walked to the village. Blaze was amazed of what he saw, he saw farms, animals, houses and even a castle! Then when he was in the middle of the street he saw something moving in a dark alley. He saw a female water type being robbed by some dark type thieves. Blaze said “ Hey! Leave her alone! “ and then the leader of the group said “ Why don’t you make me? “ and then Blaze showed a little fear the leader but then the leader wanted to attack but Blaze didn’t plan something to defend himself, even Blaze lost Drip because of this. But Blaze didn’t have a choice and just had to fight the leader of the thieves, then the leader first attacked with fast attack punch and Blaze had no idea of what to do but he dodged the attack and then another and another until Blaze had an idea, then Blaze punched the face of the leader and then the leader surrendered and left with its gang. And then the girl hugged Blaze and she said “ Thank you for saving me, how could I ever pay you? “ and Blaze said “ no need to thank me and I don’t really need a reward “ but then the girl kissed Blaze as a reward and then she said “ Oh my name is Aqua, but you can call me Droplet “ and Blaze said “ Oh my name is Blaze! “ then Drip finally found Blaze and he said “ Finally I’ve found you, I thought I’d lost you “ then another person came he said “ Droplet! Oh man I’m sorry I lost you without noticing Droplet, man I’m sorry “ and then he said “ Who are they? “ then Blaze said “ My name is Blaze this is Drip “ then he said “ Oh well my name is Terra! “ and Blaze responded “ Oh ok! “ then a trumpet sound came in!

It was an announcement of the King of the village and land the King said “ Hello residents of this village, I have bad news, Razarath is broken free from its prison! “ and everyone was in shocked and scared of the bad news then Blaze confused of who and what is Razarath. Then the King said “ I know as I King I need to chose the chosen one to go on a quest for me and the rest of the world to defeat Razarath and his evil minions! And then Blaze thought of it and said to his mind “ Should I be the chosen one? Or not? Hmm if I defeat this Razarath then maybe just be a hero!? “ and then the King looked at the crowd and was looking at who might raise their hand or spoke. Then... Blaze raised its hand and shouted “ I will be the chosen one “ and the people confused and in shock to hear a young element wanting to defeat a mighty conquer. And then the King thought it was a joke but then saw that he wasn’t joking and then the King let him into the castle. When Blaze saw the King the King said “ Look, I want you to defeat this monster “ then Blaze said “ Ok but who is Razarath? “ and the King said “ Oh you don’t know? Well, was a mighty conquer but then defeated by the Star and then Sent to the prisons in the depths of Earth “ then Blaze understood that and then the King said “ Ok I need you on a quest if you heard to defeat Razarath once and for all for the safety of Elementaria and the world, but first you need a team to defeat you know “ and then the King said that Blaze should choose a team and then already Blaze chosen Droplet and Terra and Drip but the King didn’t allowed Drip because for a special plan and because he was little and couldn’t participate so Blaze accepted it and Blaze told about the team to the King and the King was satisfied. So first he went to Drip and had confess to Drip that he can’t go with him but then he said “ It’s fine, because you are all on your own “ and then Blaze understood

And then Blaze and his allies packed their bags and left the village and went on a quest to defeat Razarath!

Chapter 3: Deadly Enemies, Bosses, and Rivals

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After Blaze and his team packed their bags, they’ve left the village and left to defeat Razarath. After so many hills and forests, they went to this forest next to Green Windy Hills, called “Green Forest”. They traveled until they stumbled upon some huge animals trying to devour the younglings of a bird creature. Droplet said “Guys, we need to help the mother! She can't take them on!“. Blaze looked at her and agreed it to be the right thing. Then Blaze had an idea were Droplet protected the babies and Terra and he fight the hunters so he did but he didn’t have any powers but then Terra was in trouble then he had a feeling of braveness then he found out that his power is fire and speed so he quickly run and punched one of the animals that wanted to eat the babies with his fire fist and then the mammal hunters ran in fear and at that point Droplet and Terra saw that and they were amazed and shocked about the ability of Blaze and then the mother of the babies thanked them and so they headed to the quest.

then when they were lost in the forest but they noticed that the trees looked dead and without leaves, afterwards they saw an abandoned shack then Blaze wanted to see what was in their then the shack started to shake and then there was a huge entity that looked like a puppet and Blaze said “ At yo what the fudge?! “ and then Droplet said “ It’s Puppet Jack, he is a ruthless boss in this forest! “ and then Puppet Jack said “ HEy KiDs, LETs plAy a GaMe Of DeaTh!! “ and then the team started to feel fear in Puppet Jack but they didn’t have no where to run because now there trapped with the Puppet’s minions. So they didn’t have a choice and fought Puppet Jack and his minions. As a long battle still in hold, the minions were defeated and Blaze did his final Fire Fist right in the face of Puppet Jack and the Puppet shrunk into the shack and after that the shack exploded. Afterwards Blaze and his friend wanted to rest, it was nighttime and they’ve found a perfect spot to sleep and eat but then something happened.

A dagger from out of nowhere and then missed in the spot, then Blaze saw in a cliff that the person that shouted the dagger was a female dark type, she said “ Hey! You why don’t you fight me? “ and after that Blaze confused of what she said she pointed at Blaze as her target and then jumped and first direct wanted to kick Blaze and in time Blaze reacted and dodged the attack and Blaze didn’t wanted to fight because she was a female for some reason but he didn’t have a choice so first wanted to punch her but missed and afterwards she vanished and then surprised kick him and Blaze into the ground went face first. Then Blaze had an idea so he stand still, then waited until she’ll attack and Blaze saw her and then he said “ BOOYAH!!! “ and then Blaze used Fire Fist and punched her in the face and she flew into a tree she recovered from and she said “ Nice! Finally a good and strong opponent now if I introduce myself I am Daku and I’m now your rival and enemy! “ and Blaze said “ What? That doesn’t make sense I didn’t even do nothing to you? Except hitting you I guess but still!? “ and Daku said “ too late I just wanted to find someone to fight and be my enemy! So buh buy! “ and then she vanished into thin air. And Blaze finally tired he ate and then when to sleep with his team at night in rest.

Chapter 4: Weird Sleep and Elf Land

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After the battle with Blaze and Daku, the gang went to sleep except for Blaze because he heard and ambience and then saw a light in the forest and he went to investigate. Then he saw sacred stone with blue light lines in it, he went to touch the stone and then Blaze touched it and the light was gone and afterwards a red light surrounded him and made him go to sleep in the sacred stone place. Then he dreamed and then he saw infront of him a women in light and she said “ Blaze, as you know your quest is to defeat Razarath right? “ and Blaze said “ Yeah? Why? “ and then the women in light said “ you may not know me but I am a healer and the place in the stone is my place for healing and recovering from death. “ and then Blaze said “ wait am I going to die and what happens if I die “ and then the women in light said “ in the future you will know that “ and Blaze said “ In the future? But but.. wait, Who are you? “ and then she said “ my name is Aurora “ and Blaze said “ umm cool so when I will wake up? “ and she said “ Right now... “ and then Blaze worked up from that and it was morning already. So Blaze went to his friends woke them up, and then they packed and went to the quest.

Along the way Blaze told about the dream and all that and his friends found it interesting. Along the way Blaze and his friends saw a large city, it was an elf city! Then Driplet found out that they are in “Elf Land” and they left Elementaria. So Blaze found the ideas to go there and see answers if they have tips to defeat Razarath so they did and then entered but then the guards saw them and told them “ HEY! What are you elements doing here!? “ and Blaze said “ Oh um, we’re here to see if we can see the king? “ and then the guard said “ hmm, oh well you can see the king “ and then Blaze and his friends went to see the king of the city called “Mondurserat” and the city called “Mematoruh”. Blaze went to the castle and then the guards stopped them from doing that but then king shouted “ Let them!” And Blaze first to see the King Mondurserat and then Blaze, Droplet, and Terra bow down the King for respect and then Blaze first said “ Umm hello King Mondurserat, I’m just here sent to quest from King Ele and I’m just here to say we want tips to defeat Razarath, if that’s ok? “ and then the king said “ Fine, I will tell you to defeat Razarath is in with in you, your hearts! “ and Blaze confused he said “ well how my heart is going to defeat Razarath? “ and then the king said “ not physically, but just you you may attack him with powers but your hearts are most important. How? You may ask well I know you are curious, brave and even bold as being a hero like yourself child, but you need to know that you are the key to victory for us elves and all of the tribes in this world. “ and Blaze amazed he said “ Thank you! King “ and then they left with a goodbye. When they’ve left the castle they saw a thief and a elf women trying to stop him because he stolen money from her and Blaze tried to stop him, as soon he ran he didn’t notice when he ran, he was at super speed. And in the matter of seconds the thief saw Blaze and in one second Blaze captured the thief with a rope and the the elf women thank Blaze by saying “ Oh thank you so much element please take this as a reward! “ and Blaze said “ No thank you but more likely here is your money back “ and the women said “ oh I guess but thank you so much and please take care elements “ and then Blaze and his gang peacefully left the city and then left to the quest.

Chapter 5: Underwater Adventures

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After leaving the city, Blaze and his friends went to the quest to defeat Razarath. But then they saw a beach it looked interesting to Droplet but then out of nowhere a huge sea monster roared into the surface showing its dominance to the sea and then the sea monster saw the gang went after them even Blaze said “ Uuuhh, so why is it after us? “ and Droplet said “ It’s the Vastollante! “ and Blaze said “ Vasto who? “ then Droplet said “ Vastollante! It’s the most ruthless sea monster from the monster tribe! “ then Blaze said “ then what is he here instead of being in the monster tribe? “ and Droplet answered “ well he can migrate into any sea and even to any tribe “ and Blaze fascinated by the creature he said “ huh neet, but let’s get moving until we become his food “ and then they discovered a house and then Terra said “ hmm why is there a shack in the middle of nowhere? “ and everyone confused they went to see the house and they saw an element and Droplet knew this person because he was a notorious sea explorer and Droplet not believing in her eyes she went to greet him by just being excited and saying “ Oh hi I’m your biggest fan!!! “ and then the element said “ oh boy, what a fine element lady you are hoho “ and Blaze said “ ok so who are you? “ and then he said “ well if you don’t know me I am Bruce the sea explorer trying to find the amazing stuff that is our oceans and seas! “ and Blaze understood then Bruce said “ hmmm I was trying to find this giant creature known as Vastollante, do you kids happen to stumble upon it? “ and Droplet said “ Yes yes yes we saw it, what do you want for us!! “ and then Bruce said “ oh goody I was just saying if you can just grab a stone for me “ and Blaze said “ What stone? “ then Bruce said “ oh I need it for my collection and this stone is the last one, please I’ll pay you a power up or an energy power, just please give me the stone “ and Blaze said “ Oh umm well we are busy for a quest and we need to defeat Razarath! “ and Bruce said “ oh well then, oh I haven’t even tolled about a tip to defeat Razarath? Do you guys want a tip or maybe not? “ and Blaze said “ oh fine I guess “ and then they got instructions to just swim into the ocean into the sea floor and then grab it to Bruce and even they got warned that the Vastollante keeps that treasure so they need to be careful and they head of into the ocean. But then Blaze said “ wait, what about a suit? For Terra and me? And then they got suits and just head off to the ocean. And Droplet saw the beauty of the ocean but they need to be quick so they went to the sea floor and saw the stone glowing blue. And Terra head first went to get the stone, until a giant figure saw him, it was the Vastollante and Terra terrified he went quickly and grabbed the stone and Blaze distracting the sea monster until Vastollante didn’t focused on Blaze and then Blaze turned his back and he said “ huh, what the WHAT!!! “ and then another sea monster has appeared and then the Vastollante and the sea creature battles and the gang swimming into the surface they’ve survived and then went to the house. And Bruce amazed that they found it and then as he promised he said a tip to Blaze and his friends, he said “ ok I will tell you, the way to make Razarath a little confused is to run around in circles and it will make him dizzy alright you got it? “ and Blaze said ok thanks! And the Gang went off to the quest finally from a great sea adventure!

Chapter 6: Final Fight for a Young Hero!

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After the long way to Razarath’s lair, they’ve found it which was a castle with dark brick made of blackstone. Blaze said “ Wow! So that Razarath’s lair? Hmm well what are we waiting for? “ but then Droplet said “ Are you sure because you know Razarath is really strong and hard to defeat you know?! “ and then Blaze having a doubt he knew he could be in trouble but then a trumpet sound came from the castle there was a huge army of Monsters and Blaze said “ Uh Oh! This is going to be bad “ but then they’ve heard some marching and it was the army of the Elements and Drip was there too with King Ele, and Blaze astonished by the army he knew it was a battle between the Monsters and the Elements. And then a trumpet from the Elements burst loudly and then it was war now. The armies clashed to each other Monsters biting and colliding and Elements attacking and slashing, and Blaze saw there was a some kind of fierce force field so he got an idea but then he saw a Monster wanting to attack Drip but then a dagger from out of nowhere been thrown stabbed the Monster and then it was Daku who threw it and Daku with a smile she then disappeared from their and Blaze thankful for Daku but now he had no time so he planned to get on top of a Siki which was a giant bird. So then he ride it and then jump from the sky to break the force field and it worked with his fire fist and Blaze said “ Wow my planned work, now I need to get inside! “ so Blaze then landed and went to the front gate. And then he walked in a dark area were he finally met Razarath, Razarath said “ So, you are Blaze? Ehe your not even powerful to defeat, you are just a worthless element trying to defeat just like last time with Ele’s father huh?! “ and Blaze did knew what to do but just stand but the he had enough and then first attack wanted to punch him but Razarath was stealthy and dodge the attack and grab Blaze and thrown him hard into the ground having an immense pain to Blaze. But then Blaze ran in circles trying to make Razarath dizzy but it didn’t worked and Razarath punched Blaze and Razarath punched again and again and again leaving Blaze injured but then his friends and helped Blaze but Razarath attacked them both leaving them weak and worthless then Razarath said “ you all are weak, you elements can’t defeat me, NONE OF YOU!!! “ and Blaze had enough so he attacked Razarath from behind and Razarath with no bruise grabbed Blaze by the leg and hurting him by colliding Blaze into the ground left and right just like a hammer. And Blaze thrower into the wall. And Blaze thought “ What you should I do, I’m injured and my friends are tired and hurt, maybe I’m a failure “ and then a voice in his mind said “ Hey, don’t say that you have a great fiery heart you got this I know you can Blaze! I know you can and with my power I will give a special power up! “ and Blaze confused of what power up it was he grabbed the power up and then smashed it and became powerful Razarath confused of the light shining trough Blaze Razarath knew it could be his end. And Blaze seen powerful as before with new abilities and strength he first attacked Razarath by dashing trough Razarath with lightning speed and then punching him into the ground and then a portal appeared and it was the prison were Razarath used to be so he grabbed Razarath and then went into the portal but then Razarath punching him with force and Blaze kicking him. Blaze then saw the cage of threw Razarath with a huge Fire Fist and first into his belly. And Razarath roaring from defeat and then he got locked up.

and Blaze closed his eyes and went into his normal form being in the shadow realm of cages he fainted. And then Droplet was their to get him up she grabbed Blaze and then flowed up to the surface and then escaped and the portal closed then the war was finished the Monsters lost and the Elements won, but then they saw Blaze fainted and Droplet in tears thought Blaze was dead and putted Blaze the ground laying and Droplet Crying she went to kiss Blaze in the mouth and Blaze worked up being kissed by Droplet and he said “ Droplet “ and Droplet happy she was crying in joy for Blaze to be alive. And then Blaze kissed her back and they kissed as being loved ones and Terra happy to he rushed and hugged Blaze and then back and the three happy together and the whole army happy about the good news and everyone cheered and celebrated. And Drip then rushed too and said “ Blaze I’m so happy that your alive! You saved us all, you really are hero “ and then King Ele said to Blaze “ Blaze I’m astonished by your victory, I’m proud of you, you have a Great Fiery Heart “ and Blaze happy he then stand upped said “ Thank to all of you people, we finally defeated Razarath and we did it! “ and Blaze cheered to everyone and everyone back as they were happy.

As everyone went home for celebration he went back to the place were he first woke up from this world and he wondered by saying “ I did it, I’ve made my quest complete and then saved the world from reign of terror but what about me is their really something if I can go back? “ and then the Star named Staria appeared and said “ Blaze you’ve done quest and completed, do you wish to go home? “ and then Blaze not sure of what, but he said “ no, I’m going to stay I prefer here “ and then Staria said “ very well, you can go back otherwise but still can go back here to this world if your fine with it, it’s your choice” and then Staria disappeared and then Blaze walked onto the tree and rested there for the night and everything was very done. For Now.

Season 2 has Blaze and his friends deal with the aftermath of Razarath's defeat; and a new threat that seeks vengeance.

Chapter 1: Life in Ostaria! (Also Succubus)

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Elementaria, a place were elements live in harmony and one of the elements saved the world from Razarath’s reign of terror. Blaze the fireball was the hero of Elementaria and now he is going to be crime fighter and a protector of the land. In the forest Blaze was running in the speed of sound trying to do some records Droplet said “ keep it going Blaze “ and Terra said “ yeah! You got this! “ then Blaze ran as fast as he can doing a race around the world afterwards Blaze got tired but then he kept going and going until he fainted Droplet ran were Blaze was and Terra ran too as they saw he was fainted but then Blaze woke up in a great mood he beaten his record of being the fastest.

But then Blaze got called to by Drip he said “ Blaze! You have see this and then the group ran of what news was. And then King Ele was their stopping by to Blaze and he said “ Blaze! I got you big news you are going to do a speech to all of the tribes and Blaze said “ umm I don’t know if I can do it but ok “ and then days later the day came were he has to do his speech he then walked into some wooden box and a table of sorts. And he saw the four tribes seeing him he was quite nervous but he faced his fear and talked Blaze said “ Well umm hello umm hi if you don’t know me my name is Blaze the one who defeated Razarath, I’m here to say us tribes should do harmony to each other and be helpful to each other and some agreed and some didn’t it and Blaze nervous and confused he then left the stage and walked were the tribes are. He went to the middle for a better hearing he said “ well I’m here just to say that we should do peace to each other and stop war us Elements can do it, Elves can and Outlanders and Monster! Maybe harmony is great thing to do “ and everyone looked at each other and agreed. And Blaze with a smile on his face he then started to walk away and everyone was happy and there was new trend were everyone lived in peace and harmony.

and Blaze proud of himself and everyone too Droplet then said “ Wow Blaze you did it I’m so proud of you! “ and Terra nodded with a smile and King Ele said “ very good Blaze you did it this is going to be in history of Ostaria even you being in part! “

as then Blaze planned of visiting to the three tribes the Elves, the Outlanders, and the Monsters. When it was nighttime he rested and fell asleep as soon he slept there was a shadowy figure it then tried to take out the sheet and got on top of him and then in disguise it got into it’s true form which was a succubus she then took some energy out of Blaze but then Blaze woke up in confusion and fright were he saw a female succubus on top of him she then said "hey don’t worry I’m not gonna kill you, I’m just going to give a gift of pleasure" and Blaze in shock and scared of she doing something out of place or inappropriate but then Blaze refused and then grabbed her by force pushed her for safety and then a the door opened and Droplet saw Blaze with the succubus and she thought wrong until Blaze said "hey wait it’s not what you think ok Droplet she tried to hurt me or something just understand with me ok please!!" and then Droplet just then tried to kill the succubus and then Blaze said “ hey wait stop please Droplet don’t hurt her!! “ a then Droplet said "why are you here succubus huh! Why did you slept with Blaze!!!?" and then Terra then saw everything and then rushed to stop Droplet and both of them stopped Droplet from hurting the Succubus and then Droplet calmed down and then Blaze questioned the Succubus by saying "who are you and why are you here?" the succubus said "well umm my name is Ven and I’m here to pleasure you!" and Blaze confused he said "but why tho why would you pleasure me?" and then Ven said "because you are the hero that defeated Razarath and I should be your reward and your gift of being your pleasure" and then Blaze confused and Droplet angry they had to leave her and from the house and then Droplet bitten Blaze and then she rushed to were the house was and tried to hurt Ven but then in look she didn’t found her. The next day Blaze woke up from the same bed and well with a good mood he went to meet Droplet and Terra but then Droplet walked and saw Blaze and then he said "hey umm I’m sorry about last night I didn’t do anything wrong she just appeared and-" and then Droplet kissed Blaze in the lips and she said "it’s fine i understand I know that every female will come after you because of you being a hero but I know you are the one I want and be with you for our days..." and then Blaze with smile. So Blaze and Droplet walked to Element City to meet Terra and Drip and they walked peacefully. But then Ven in a tree seeing Blaze and Droplet she said "He will be mine and will be my partner in love forever!" and then it was a fine day to anyone in Elementaria!

Chapter 2: The Sabotage

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It was a normal day in Element Village were elements were doing there work or hunting for food, and all of that. But then something Blaze got called by King Ele and he said to Blaze "Blaze, I got some news! King Mondurserat invited you to a feast!" and Blaze amazed by it he accepted. And then he went of to Mematurah. Even with Droplet, Terra, and Drip, as when they got there, there was a crowd of Elves seeing Blaze and his friends. Some of them were amazed and some were happy and chanted him for his victory, then Blaze outside the door it got opened and first seeing King Mondurserat and some of the knights and even maids.

and Blaze amazed of the hallways and the main room with the chandelier and candles, so Blaze and his friends went in to dine with the King, and the maids served the food, as everything was read King Mondurserat said “ Well Blaze what took you defeat Razarath? “ and Blaze said "Well it took courage and even teamwork!" and then the King fascinated he went to ask more questions. And then they feasted on the food and some of the maids fascinated about Blaze they’ve even tried to make comfort and feel like home and then Droplet with a glare in her face suspecting Blaze, he was a little nervous about this. After all that they even got invited to a party were even Blaze had to do a speech and visit all of the area in Mematurah, and Blaze accepted and Terra curious of how the city was. And everything went gorgeous, everyone dance and ate and even did questions to Blaze and even Blaze did his speech of him loving the place and its people and that it was his favorite but then he finished. There was a smoke bomb. And Blaze dodged the attack and safe from it he suspected of someone sabotaging the party and Blaze said “is anyone alright?!“ and everyone was ok but he still insisted to find this sabotaged and then he saw someone outside and Blaze chased until he vanished into thin air. Blaze confused he went back to the palace and made sure everyone was ok and everything went fine after the sabotage. And everyone went home from that and Blaze thanking and apologizing to the King about the attack but then the King said “no no, it’s not you’re fault it’s fine as long everyone was ok“ and Blaze in relief he went home with his friends but he still think about it why would someone do that and what’s the problem? But he took it off out of his mind and just proceeded to go home with his friends and went to sleep.

Chapter 3: Something Is Wrong

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In Element Village, Elementaria Blaze, the young hero who defeated Razarath from its evil clutches was in a investigation of whom interrupted and wanted to kill Blaze. He didn’t knew of whom until for a short second Ven came to surprise Blaze she said “ hey Blaze! Remember me? “ and then Blaze surprised when Ven came. Blaze said afterwards “ umm Ven is it? “ and then Ven said “ yeah, I’m just here to say if you want any help of anything or want to do a break and just have some time with me...” and then Blaze just said “ oh umm I prefer you to help me~ “ Ven responded “ oats man I was hoping to have some fun but it’s not important until later, sooo what you want me to help? “ and then Ven trying to seduce Blaze, but Blaze kept his balance as a hero and savior. And then Blaze said “ oh umm uhh, I want you to track a unknown person for me, because last night he wanted to sabotage and even kill me “ and Ven surprised of what Blaze said she accepted to hunt this person. But Ven said “ but how Blaze? “ oh umm well I’m doing another festivity for the elves to do peace and harmony. So I need you as a type of bodyguard or security of sorts?.. “ and then Ven with a smile she said “ ok then it’s settled! Oh and also if you want anything contact me next time my love.. “ and Blaze scared of how she said that to him. It was nighttime and Blaze was in the festival with his friends and Droplet said “ oh man I hope they have really good food in their!!! “ and Terra agreed on that too. But Blaze worried of what will happen to him or to the festival but then a shadowy figure then peeking in the corner of the building with a come here sign language. And then Blaze then ran were the shadowy figure was and it was just Ven, and Blaze said “ oh man, I thought it was the person who sabotaged! Also are you ready please be prepared and careful Ven! “ and then Ven said “ I will be ok and do it for you Blaze! “ and Blaze said “ ok let’s do this! “ and after that Blaze entered the building with his friends but Droplet “ hey where were you? “ Blaze said “ oh nothing I was just getting ready for this festival! “ and Droplet confused but then fine with it. And the festival was a massive building with a lot of people and Blaze happy that everyone was here then he met King Mondurserat and he said “ Oh how are you doing Blaze! It’s nice to meet young hero! “ Blaze “ oh nothing King Mondurserat I’m fine! “ and Mondurserat said “ oh goody, well get ready to do another speech and hopefully nobody sabotages this festival! “ and Blaze said “ oh don’t worry, it’s all alright! “ and King Mondurserat agreed and let Blaze do the speech.

And then when Blaze was doing his speech, Ven was guarding in the skies looking for anyone that will attack and sabotage the festival but then she saw a figure of someone bombing the building and then Ven first attacked the attacker where she kicked the saboteur. But then it fought back by punching Ven with a powerful fist that made her paralyzed, and then the saboteur was doing his bombings until Ven flew and attacked but then once again ouches and then when Blaze finished she then flew were Blaze was in the back and Blaze shocked of Ven looked like and he said “ Woah what happened to you?! Who did this to you!? “ and Ven said “ the saboteur did it and he is going to bomb the place! “ and Blaze shocked he ran were the palace was and told everyone to leave the festival and then a huge sound came and then smoke and fire came. Then everyone ran in a panic! The Elves, the King and even Blaze’s friends ran outside from the fire until Blaze saw a the saboteur and ran with his speed! And catches the saboteur and took his mask off and saw some type of Monster but then the Monster kicked Blaze and the Monster ran from Blaze and jumped from a cliff, but then the Monster got his mechanical wings and flew from Blaze. Blaze then his arm injured from the Monster walked back to his friends. Then everyone saw Blaze injured and Droplet to Blaze and she said “ what happened, who did this to you!? “ and Blaze said “ it was some type of Monster from I think the Monster Tribe.. “ and then everyone were in shock. Well Elves thank you for inviting me to this festival thank you! And then everyone went home.

but then Blaze wanted to see Ven and then in the right moment Ven was their “ well I’ve tried my best... “ and Blaze said “ yes you did thank you for saving me “ and Ven happy of what she heard, she gave a kiss to Blaze and then Ven flew away. And Blaze even happy for her, but Blaze had this question, who was that Monster and why he attacked? But then Blaze went to sleep in peace and quite.

Chapter 4: GERON!!!

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It was morning and Blaze had a good mood to meet his friends! But then there were discussions of the sabotage, Blaze was still on the hunt for that mysterious entity but then he went to meet Droplet and Terra. They also were curious of this person! But Blaze still confused and still thinking about it he went if he can meet Ven. But then out of nowhere Ven came in the entrance to Element Village, she then wanted to see Blaze of that mysterious being she looked for him until she found Blaze and wanted tell him something but then a resident of the village screamed “MONSTER!!!” and everyone frightened Blaze heard and went to check. Blaze said “ Oh man it’s Ven...” so then he went to were everyone is trying take her away and then Blaze told everyone to calm down. And then everyone in the village was scared if she had an army in ambush but then Blaze convinced everyone to be calm and Ven said “ thank you Blaze I was just here to say if that mysterious being! “ and Blaze amazed! He then said “ Ok who is it!? “ and then she said “ when I saw his mask I tried to take him down because of the explosion! And then when I accidentally took his mask down it was a monster! I didn’t even knew?! “ and Blaze confused why they would do that but then it may be because of Elements and Monsters being mortal enemies. And then he had a plan to meet this monster! But first he needed to say goodbye and then he and his friends need to confront the monster that sabotage. He needed to walk were the monsters tribes were and then they took off, on an adventure to find this being! Days happened and no clue of where a city of monsters could live until the monster came in by surprise, out of nowhere just like that and Blaze scared for a sec ask to that monster in a angry way “ Hey! Are you that monster that sabotaged the festival?! And why!? “ and then the monster said “ oh you don’t understand the history with Elements and Monsters! “ and Blaze confused he then said “ what do that if we even did nothing to you!? “ and then the monster said “ oh you don’t know? You were the one who took Razarath and sent him to the realm of shadows and cages!! “ and Droplet said “ so what? It was his own fault for raiding of all on Ostaria except you! And also what’s your name?! “ oh you hahaha! My name is Geron! I’m a some type of spy willing to do the job for money and life! “ Terra said “ hmm guys should we attack him? And everyone agreed on that! and Geron ready for any attack. Blaze startled he then first attacked Geron with a fire fist but Geron dodged the attack and kicked Blaze in the back! And Geron another kick and then Droplet with a giant water bomb threw it at Geron but then Geron dodged the attack! And Droplet said in her mind “ oh no he is really a dodger to attacks! “ and then Terra summoned a plant and the plant trying to grab Geron he dodged again and again until killing the large plant and the punching Terra. And then Blaze said “ you little piece of.. you will PAY!! “ and then Blaze with an unknown fiery force of power he then grabbed Geron and jumped in the sky! Blaze was levitating and Geron was levitating too, then Blaze rapid punch Geron some fast punches just as fast as he can, then Droplet and Terra amazed of the attacks that Blaze did they then yelled “ Go Blaze Go!!!! “ and Blaze said to Geron “ you will not ever and ever hurt my friends and allies ever AGAIN!!! “ and with so many fiery punches in his face and stomach it went rapid and with large firey punch for a finisher that made Geron fall down like a ball! And Blaze amazed of how powerful his attacks were he then rushed to his friends if they were okay and they said “ wow Blaze you did it you defeated Geron! Droplet said, and Terra said “ yeah Blaze you did it! “ and Blaze blushed and amazed he then checked to see Geron but then Geron stand up and tolled Blaze “ this is not the last for the Monster Tribe you little Elements! “ and Geron vanished. Blaze and his team were tired so then they went home and they got an unexpected surprise of everyone happy that Blaze defeated or stopped the Geron! And then Blaze with a confused expression he said “ wait who tolled you guys? “ and everyone said it was Drip. And then Drip said “ hey? I saw everything and tolled everyone so yeah! “ and Blaze was fine with and at the end of the day it was victory for the Elements and Ven seeing Blaze and everyone celebrating she then said in thought “ congrats Blaze you did it my love..”

Chapter 5: Geron’s Killer Spies, Or So?

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PROLOGUE: In Grogin, Monstera Geron, the monster was in a dark alley he then went to a secret area where there were other monster spies. “ Listen up everyone! I know I was defeated or beaten by the hero Blaze! “ Geron said, “ Oh you did! Ha I can slice that element in half and make his people cry in agony!! “ one of them said, Geron then responded “ don’t worry Soria “ one of the spies said “ So what’s the plan chief? “ and Geron said “ well here is the PLAN...”

Blaze woke up one day and then got ready for another day to live or explore, then he then washed himself with water and then ate some breakfast. After that he check Droplet, Terra, and Drip afterwards Droplet then went to Blaze meeting him “ Good morning Blaze! “ and Blaze responded “ Good morning Droplet! How did you slept? “ Droplet then said “ Oh goody, umm well where’s Terra haven’t seen him when I walked to where were you? “ and Blaze said “ hmm he might went to see Drip...” and then Terra was walking with Drip to where Blaze and Droplet were. And Terra said “ Good morning guys! “ and Drip said “ Yeah good morning! “ and everyone happy until one guard told Blaze to meet King Ele, it was urgent and then Blaze ran and the rest went to live out their days, and Blaze in the castle he then went to King Ele and said “ sorry King Ele what happened? “ and King Ele said “ Blaze, King Mondurserat said that he wants you alone and not anyone just you..” and Blaze confused he said “ Why? “ and King Ele said “ Well he said he is inviting you to a dinner and also a tour, because of how splendid you are just wants you to be his friend and sort of a companion! “ and Blaze amazed he accepted it and went but then he told first his friends and Drop,Terra a little worried Blaze might go in danger but then Blaze then told her to not worry and then he went off in a carriage.

When he went their to Mematurah, and then went to where the king was and then in streets after streets where markets and saloons were and then he went to the castle we’re King Mematurah was. And then he got access and met King Mematurah, he said “ Oh goodness Blaze you’re here! Oh goody! “ and Blaze said “ Oh hi King Mematurah it’s nice to meet you again! “ then Mematurah said “ oh good now seat down if you may “ and Blaze said “ Ok! “ and then some food was came in from the elf maids and the king said “ oh good my maids are here, they’re are hard working you know “ oh I see that! “ Blaze said and then the maids fed Blaze and Blaze a little nervous he just cooled of and relaxed for the maids to feed him. And then the king then said “ oh Blaze I’ve forgot I give you a gift! Here you go! “ and Blaze blushed he opened it and then saw a gem and a gold bar. “ and Blaze amazed of the gift the king gave he thanked him. And then for a long time of eating and even touring Blaze and every citizen giving Blaze gifts and food when then everything went to an end in a happy way. and Blaze stuffed and happy he then putted every gift to where they store stuff on the carriage until he then saw a dropped gift, he then picked it up until he heard a sound in the roofs until he got unsure of what it was until he was suspecting something until a gas bomb was thrown to him and even a projectile until he dodged it and saw a group of spies and then he ran to the carriage and but then stopped with more gas bombs and then Blaze was ready and set his hands on fire to make an attack until one of the spies tried to kick him and Blaze in a fast reaction he then grabbed the leg of the spy and punched him in the guts with its Fire Fist. And another one tried to trip Blaze by kicking his ankles or leg but then Blaze ran as fast and saw the group chasing Blaze on the roofs and Blaze ran in the speed of a fast car to try not use the speed of sound or light. And outsmarted the spies by running in the opposite direction and then ran to were the carriage was and then escaped from the spies with the carriage.

and he then went to Element Village and went to his house and slept to his bed tired of all that battle. And he then was suspecting someone who might be GERON!

Chapter 6: Beast..

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On a beautiful day, Ven the succubus went to meet Blaze, now that she could peacefully roam around in Element Village. Ven greeted “Hey, my love!“, to which Blaze replied “Please don’t call me that, please?“. Ven groaned “Ugh, ok, but only because it's you. Sooo, do you wanna have some time alone, you and me? “ she continued, licking her lips inappropriately. Blaze was terrified and just said “O-oh, u-umm, no, I’m good, umm... I’m going to meet with my friends again, no time, sorry..!“.
Ven was sad, but accepted the excuse. “Oh, ok. Whenever you change your mind, we can, you know, *do it*, but no hurry.“ she winked. Blaze left confused.

A trumpet then sounded from King Ele’s castle, and Blaze hurried towards it to see what happened. King Ele showed up and gave an announcement. “My fellow Elements, I’m very worried and even wary of this news I’m going to tell you.. There were reports of something trembling in the mountains of Yłera! Yes, something is rising and every one of us in Ostaria are wary of this threat if it’s too dangerous then we shall leave Elementaria...” and Blaze even wary and surprised of this new threat and then he wanted to go to the mountains of Yłera. But then he said to his friends “ Guys! We should this right! Like could we stop it? “ and then they didn’t knew if it would work. But then King Ele said once again “ and also my fellow people, if we can’t stop it we have no choice but us Elements we will be fighting and even the other tribes even the Monsters! “ and then Blaze suspecting Geron, it might not be him or anyone it might just have to do itself if that what he thought, but then Blaze and his friends went inside the castle and went to meet King Ele. And King Ele said “ oh Blaze, we need to do this! “ and Blaze said “ yes King we should but we need a plan or a strategy..” King Ele responded “ hmm, you might be right! But what if it fails? “ then Blaze said “ well I think I know what to do! “ and then Blaze made the plan of defeating this world threat. And then in days they’re were ready for this ultimate battle. At night every single tribe was at once here the Elements, Elves, Monsters, and Outlanders. And all of them went to wait of the threat will rise from the ground, and then a huge trembling happened and a colossal beast came from the ground and made a huge roar! And every made an attack and the beast made minions of self made beasts. And a huge war happened it was a calamity and Blaze with his plan he sent out huge groups of Element soldiers and made it to a huge crowd so then it was a success until some beasts vanquished some of the soldiers but it was a chance of winning. And then Blaze joined the battle with his friends and Blaze doing Fire Fists and Speed Kicks he then went into making his own tornado, running in circles trying to grab Beasts and make weak. Droplet used water waves and big water balls that make a beast drown or paralyze, for Terra he used his large vines and tangled each Beast and even made them weak too, until someone joined in too, Daku! Daku then threw daggers and shurikens. And Daku said “ well it’s good to be back huh? “ and Blaze surprised he said “ Daku!? Well I didn’t knew you were joining? “ and then everything went in chaos when the large Beast went producing more and more until Blaze was attacking the Beast’s minions until he ran at the speed of sound and just runned another the mountain and making a huge jump but it failed the Beast then attacked Blaze savagely until Blaze passed out from that, but then something happened to Blaze a glow was producing from Blaze, a golden glow of light and then... he powerfully stranded up and was in a super form were he was two times powerful and then he rushed at the beast and punched at it and everyone cheered for Blaze, and Blaze he grabbed the Beast and flew to the sky and to space. And then a huge fire beam destroyed the beast in seconds. And Blaze vaporized the beast and then his super form went off, and then called from space to the sky and Ven in time saved Blaze from falling and then Blaze worked up from the faint of his power and Everyone worried he then woke up and just opened his eyes and said “ well I did it I guess “ and everyone in celebration all of the tribes then cheered in happiness and everyone in harmony was and Blaze in victory of saving the world twice and once again.

Season 3 introduces a new villain, who manages to defeat Blaze and kidnap his friends. With the help of a young Elf, he seeks to find them.

Chapter 1: Defeated And Healed

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It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the flowers blooming, but the wind roaring. Blaze woke up in a good mood to meet his friends and go exploring, and as he was walking Towards Droplet’s house and then Blaze knocked the door and Drop, Terra opened the door and said “ Oh good morning Blaze! “ and Blaze responded “ Good morning to you Droplet “ and then Terra came along and Drip “ oh hey guys! “ Terra said. Drip the responded “ hey guys what adventure do you guys want to do? “ and Blaze said “ hmm I don’t know but maybe south or east of Elementia? “ and everyone agreed so they head off until they’ve heard a noise and a saw a flashing light of purple. and the team went on to investigate until they were ambushed by some Monsters and then Blaze first saw a female human monster looking like a succubus or demon. And then she said “ oh my, what do we got here? “ and with a giggle she ended and Blaze said “ who are you?! “ and she responded “ oh dear! Hehe why should I’ve even respond to you, aww.. “ and Blaze confused, later the female said “ well my name is Lust and I will be you’re nightmare hehe, oh why so angry Blaze? “ and then Droplet said “ why are you doing this? “ and then Lust said “ why? I’ll tell you why! You Elements caused havoc towards us Monsters! “ Blaze said “ well it’s you guys fault for attacking first just like Razarath! “ and Lust loudly said “ SHUT UP you little piece of Element! “ and then the guards hold off the gang and then they stranded up, and Lust said “ oh man I can’t wait to crush you all Elements and make you my slaves! “ and then in a first attack Lust made a giant purple fog to make the team blind. And Blaze then was attacked first by being kicked and then Droplet using her water powers she took off the smoke and then Blaze made a Fire Tornado by running and making a fire towards the monster guards. Then Lust by attacking first Droplet, Terra, and Drip and putting them in a force field but left Blaze last, and Lust attacking Blaze violently making his mouth bleed, and then Lust with grabbing Blaze, Lust kissed and licking his mouth his blood out of his mouth and Lust in pleasure, liking, she left Blaze weakened and beaten and then being abandoned by his friends trapped. And then Blaze fainted, until he got carried by an unknown entity. And then Blaze woken up in a cotton sleeping bag being inside a cosy tree and a fireplace right next to him were some medicine too. And then someone came in from the door looking to check Blaze and the Blaze saw a female Elf taking care of him and Blaze responded “ Hey w-were am I? “ and the the Elf surprised she then said “ oh umm you’re in my inside tree house, amazing huh? “ and Blaze responded “ yeah.., Wait? Where are my fiends and were am I?!?! “ and the Elf responded “Oh silly, well I’ve found injured bleeding and I couldn’t just leave you but I took you in my house, it was a long travel though, so I’ve saved you, also you’re in the border of Elementaria and Elf Land! “ and Blaze shocked he tried to stand up but couldn’t because he was injured and just layer down for a bit.

Blaze then said “ Hey what’s your name? “ and she then responded “ Well my name is Eleanor! And how about you! “ and Blaze said “ oh my name is Blaze..” and Eleanor said “ oh ok! Well sit up I’m going to give you some medicine to make you feel better! “ and Blaze drinker the medicine and it made him feel better and cured so he stand up and felt relieved and good so he then said “ Thank you Eleanor! Thank you! “ and Eleanor said “ oh no problem, we’ll then let’s go outside, also what happened to you? “ and Blaze said “ well I’ve remembered that I was ambushed by some Monster gang and that her leader was a human like, so she then attacked and took my friends by some force field and took them away and just left me bleeding and injured. “ and then Eleanor said “ oh man I’m so sorry, you know what I’m going to help you! “ and Blaze said “ really!? Thanks! “ and Eleanor said “ hey it’s no problem, and where do you think we’re she could be? Well if she is a monster then she might be in a land from the Monster Tribe! “ and Blaze agreed. And then Blaze ready and Eleanor was ready too for an adventure, the two of them!

Chapter 2: Fun With Eleanor!

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Few days later when Blaze and Eleanor went on a travel to find Lust, they went to where the Monsters dwell. Eleanor said “ hmm I guess we can rest for a while, but we should find somewhere to rest like a village or a town “ and Blaze said “ yeah but where tho? “ and both thinking Eleanor said “ Oh! I know it’s a village, we need to hit west! “ and they went west and found it an Elf Village, and Blaze said “ hmm nice what is the name of that village? “ and Eleanor responded “ oh umm it’s Loÿa “ and Blaze said “ Oh ok, well let’s go! “ and they went to the village for sleep but Blaze was nervous and worried if the Elves will go insane and be overprotective over there selves. But then they’ve found an some what hotel and they’ve rested. they went to sleep and Eleanor said “ hey Blaze, do you want to tuck me in? “ and Blaze with a red head he wasn’t sure if it was ok but then Eleanor said “ hey come on, here- “ and both of them in the same bed, Blaze was nervous but then it got more insane when Eleanore hugged him and Blaze twitching he said in his mind “ man oh man, I don’t know of what I’ve feel about this man!!! “ but then he just got used to it just slept both of them tucked.

it was morning and Eleanor first woke up in a good mood and woke up Blaze in a shining day, when they were ready and leaved off Blaze was a little traumatized but shook it off when he was ready to leave and just venture out to find Lust. Eleanor saw Blaze with a traumatic face and she said “ hey umm I’m sorry if I’ve made traumatic but hey I just needed company, it was a long time since I’ve slept with anyone you know..” and Blaze understood and just moved on days and days went off to go to the Monster tribe it takes to the Elf Land to the Monster Tribe but then Blaze wanted to rest and take a nap and Eleanor had an idea she said “ hey umm if you want to rest you lay on my lap? “ and Blaze shocked and with a red face he wasn’t feeling better but he accepted and just go for it. He then again thought said in his mind “ oh no I’ve shouldn’t have done that, man I’m doomed for laying or sleeping with someone else and then Eleanor sit up and Blaze unsure and having a doubt he just layed and he felt a light emoting of pleasure and tiredness so he slept in Eleanor’s lap and she even slept so then the both of them just slept together in an opposite positions. But some day they will find Lust, but not right now.

Chapter 3: Blaze Vs. Lust

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After a long travel, Blaze and Eleanor entered the land of the Monsters, but they didn’t knew that if Lust was here and Blaze thinking he didn’t knew where she was until it hit him. Lust is not just a Monster but an Outlander, and Blaze now losing hope Eleanor said “ Blaze, don’t loose hope, we can do it..” and Blaze saddened he never might see his friends until Blaze had an idea, he said “ Eleanor, grab on to me! This is going to be quick and fast, HERE WE GO! “ and Blaze in the speed as just like the strong wind he ran and finding anywhere that Lust may be until Blaze was gave’d a clue of where she is, she is in the border of Monsteria and Outlandia so he went as fast as he can until it was, he was right he’ve found it a secret base and then as Eleanor a little dizzy she then wanted to take a brake for a few seconds until it was time that they went inside. It was a dark hallway and there was two guards, so Blaze made a distraction with Eleanor is bait and then as a surprise attack Blaze did, then the second hallway was then as a giant entrance and Blaze and Eleanor slightly opened the door and saw his friends trying to get out of a force field cage but can’t. They’ve used their powers but couldn’t so then Blaze made an entrance by making Lust aware of whom she was going to battle. And Blaze was there in front of Lust and Droplet said “ Blaze!! “ and Lust said “ Shut up! You Blaze, you will just cause havoc now!! You little piece of shi- “ and Blaze first punched Lust without the care and then Lust was angered so she attacked and made powerful magic and Eleanor setting free Blaze’s friends and escaping and Blaze fighting Lust until Blaze was beaten something miraculous happened he was surrounded by glow until a power up was being given it was Invincibility and then Blaze used it and Blaze was invincible and made Lust tremble and Blaze with every attack he made it made Lust weakened and Lust pushed a lever for auto destruction and Blaze awarded, Lust the rushed but she failed and Blaze ran as fast as he can to escape and his friends outside and Eleanor waiting she then went inside and Lust said “ NOOOO! “ and explosion came and destroyed everything and Blaze ran as fast as he can until Eleanor inside until Blaze grabbed her and then miraculously survived the explosion and as everyone okay except Lust and his gang, but then a tremble happened and a super form of Lust was seen, and Lust with full fury she then attacked Blaze grabbing him aggressive and Blaze in pain Droplet and Terra went into help, Droplet then used a ginormous Water Force that made Lust weakened and Terra absorbing Lust’s energy and with Blaze a final attack was Fire Fists in the air and epically finisher was made by Blaze and Lust defeated by the hero!

and Lust said “ how am I defeated by a stupid fireball?! “ and Blaze told her “ well ima tell you something, I’m not stupid you’re the one and you are defeated for one reason, never mess with me or my friends! “ and Blaze and his friends left Lust, and Lust defeated she then became as light disappeared with no trace and then everyone was home and Blaze asked Eleanor “ hey wanna move with us? “ and Eleanor said “ oh umm well ok, Sure! “ and Droplet with a suspecting face. And everyone peacefully got home, but Blaze chosen something just sleeping but relaxing on a tree and sat and just saw the full moon and was asleep in fresh night air of Elemantaria!

Season 4 Now to an adventure of Blaze saving a female slime named Coral and off to run and take Coral to her hometown of slimes.

Chapter 1: Coral the Female Slime!

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One day in Elementaria, a entity was being chased by some Monsters. A female slime. It ran and ran from those Monsters until she was caught in a cliff. And she was surrounded by those evil Monsters, the Monsters said “ just give up slime you have nothing to escape! “ and then as the slime didn’t have no choice but to jump and she jumped. But something happen, Blaze caught her from the falling and in a spin he landed, and the Monster confused they now know who was it, Blaze! And then Blaze said “ hey! What are you guys doing here! “ and the Monsters ran away from Blaze. And the slime confused she then wanted to see her hero’s face and she was surprised, it was the notorious Blaze, she’d heard of him since he defeated Beast and Razarath.

And the slime spoke “ H-Hey umm, thank you for saving m-me..” and Blaze with a smile he said “ no problems just saving you is what I’ve needed, also why did they chased you? “ and she responded “ oh umm they wanted me as a slave, but now that you saved me I’m willing to help you find my people! “ and Blaze confused he just had to go to Element Village. But then as a favor, he promised and go find the slime’s people. But Blaze asked “ ok so what’s your name? “ and the Slime said “ oh my name is Coral! “ and then another question was asked from Blaze “ ok and why are you umm well naked or having clothes?..” and Coral responded “ well I don’t have clothes and I just been chased naked and nothing to block my body “ even tho Blaze trying to not look at Coral’s body he had an idea he created this sort of bucket and putted as a backpack. And made an additional blanket to cover Coral if she goes outside so he crafted all of that. And then Blaze said “ so where is your people? “ and Coral said “ well umm, my people are actually part Monsters and part Outlanders but we are friendly people! “ and Blaze in a relief, he then accepted the quest and went far off to Coral’s people.

as they head off they went into the depths of the forests and to the largest of mountains and Blaze tired of all the walking and running he wanted to rest and sleep for the night even tho it’s getting dark “ and Coral saw Blaze tires she then said “ Blaze! Let me comfort you! “ and Blaze confused, Coral said “ well it’s a gift or a reward for saving me from those monsters..” and Blaze unsure if he could accept it, so he just did it and head of to sleep and Coral found a good spot to rest and it was a giant pond with big and small lily pads and neon light flowers and surrounded with fireflies. And Blaze saw it as comfy and a mythical area to sleep so Coral chowed a giant Lily pad and Coral persuaded Blaze sleep on her lap and Blaze was nervous but he did it and went to sleep, laying Coral’s lap, and it was comfy and relaxing, and Blaze was asleep, and Coral said “ rest now my hero “ and Coral and Blaze went asleep for the night.

Chapter 2: Dangers in a New World

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In the morning, Blaze and Coral woke up and were ready to go to Coral’s people as then Coral inside the bucket and Blaze using the bucket and with some vines as a backpack and then they walked off to the lands of Posaia in the East. Blaze then traveled far until when they went into a large forests with tangled trees and some vines, Blaze used the vines to go further but they had a problem the trees were tangled and Blaze cannot jump higher but Coral had an idea and used her hair as a whip to hold to the trees and use as a vine, then it worked so then they went into dark forests, destroyed roads, giant leaves, and loopy roads. Then Blaze and Coral managed to survive and finish those har obstacles and walked to East of Posaia in Elementaria.

Then Coral was tired and said “ I’m so tired...” and Blaze said “ well take a nap in the bucket ok “ and Coral said “ ok! “ and Blaze used a giant leaf to cover Coral’s bucket and avoid sunlight and Blaze traveled far and far away to we’re Coral hometown was and Blaze thought to himself “ ah man, Droplet should be worried about me, but maybe she may think I’m just exploring and that’s all, no biggy! “ and Blaze tired he then wanted to find shelter then it started to rain and thunderstorms were roaring so Blaze quickly found a shelter under a carved tree. And Blaze sat down and watched the rain drop and heard the thunder roar, and checked on Coral and Coral was asleep peacefully and cutely and Blaze satisfied so he then took a nap. After the rain stopped Blaze woke up and woke up Coral too and Coral said “ wait what happened are we there yet? “ and Blaze responded “ maybe, also what’s your hometown’s name? “ and Coral answered “ oh it’s Amenia! “ and Blaze then said another question “ oh and also how long do we have to go there? “ and Coral answered “ oh umm it will take days but it’s to the top of Ostaria! And Blaze fascinated he then said more questions along the way.

and days on end Blaze uncomfortable with the backpack bucket but tried to get use to it for Coral. And then they saw a creature lurking and stalking them like prey and Blaze aware he then ran and then a massive reptile creature chased them and Blaze with the speed of a roaring wind he than as fast as he can close to the speed of sound but then he needed to be careful on his speed and Coral, and Blaze found a loop and made him go faster but paused for lil and ran just for safety and the creature tried to bite him but Blaze careful he then did a Fire Fist to the creature and then ran away avoiding the monster and Blaze said “ *phew* I t-think w-we lost t-that Lizard! “ and Blaze then wrong the reptile then ambushed Blaze and then he dodged the attack and needed to defeat this monster so Blaze said to Coral “ stay in that bucket ok, stay here! “ and Blaze busy with that monster Coral needed to help Blaze so she then used a tree trunk and she grabbed that trunk using her elastic hands and throwed that tree trunk to that beast and Coral said “ come on Blaze!!! “ then Blaze ran and grabbed the Backpack bucket and ran away with Coral hopefully the creature not remembering. And Blaze said “ good Job, Coral! “ and then Coral said “ thanks Blaze! “ and then Blaze ran days and hours until to Coral’s People!

Chapter 3: End of a New Adventure…

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After a long way to Coral’s hometown they’ve made it, a slime village, and Coral said “ wow there it is, my hometown! “ and Blaze fascinated he said “Wow it’s really cool, it has treehouses!“ and then Blaze ran to were the village was and then Blaze was nervous he didn’t knew if the slimes will suspect or get rid of him. But Coral said “Hey Blaze, are you ok?“ and Blaze responded “Well, I don’t know if they are going to like me..“ and Coral said “Hey, it’s ok! My hometown like foreigners, like you!“ and Blaze said “Wow really, I didn’t know. Well, if you say so, then let’s go! “ and then Blaze went to were the village was and they headed to the entrance, and Blaze was still aware but Coral still encouraged him to be calm but then a slime citizen yelled “ELEMENT!“ and Blaze scared every slime saw Blaze and then one of them confront and then the slime tried to shake hands with Blaze. And Blaze with blank look Coral even tried to introduce herself and everyone was shocked and then everyone cheered because Coral was now found! And some slimes said “Amazing! She’s here! CORAL!“ and everyone thanking Blaze for saving Coral and Blaze then calmed and was a little confident about it and everyone said “Let’s hold a celebration!“ and everyone was happy and Blaze top.

everyone was in the celebration, and Blaze fascinated of everything of what happened, and Coral said “ hey umm, thanks for saving me, in the start I thought that no one would save me but here we are, alive because of you and I thank you so I’m going to do this..” and Blaze confused he then tried to talk for a split second Coral kissed Blaze, and Blaze being kissed he was nervous of kissing a slime but then he stopped and said “ Coral, I know I’ve saved you but it doesn’t mean that you should kiss me, sure I guess but not to much! “ and Coral said “ I understand I guess I was to far but I understand of what you’re saying! “ and then Blaze said “ so wanna see the fireworks? “ and Coral said “ ok!! “ and then the watched the fireworks explode and making beautiful light. And everyone was satisfied until then Blaze needed to head out and go home but then Coral said “ wait you are leaving? But well ok I get it it’s your hometown so I guess well if you can to stop by anytime and just have fun as friends! “ and Blaze agreed so then he head off and went home running quickly at night and then he dodged obstacles and ran in loops and walls and making him go faster and then he he ran as fast and fast until being in Elementaria. And then rested for the night.

Season 5 Blaze now to an adventure in a hollow earth and battling The Owokes from killing his friends and teaming with a female tribe, after that the return of Razarath and a race against time for Blaze as then a redemption comes for Blaze and a great ending for this season.

Chapter 1: The Underground World

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Once upon a time, Blaze the brave hero woke up from his sleep and went outside with his shoes and gloves on, then breathed the fresh air of the morning, feeling satisfied. He walked from his sleeping tree and went to Element Village, he then met his friends, including Eleanor, who lived with Drip. Blaze walked by Droplet house first. He said “Good morning, Droplet!“ and she responded “Oh, hi Blaze! Hey, since you -umm- have no adventures at all, we should do something fun, in the village!“. Blaze asked why, and Droplet answered “Well.. I know adventures are quite fun and amazing, but do you wanna have fun with your friends or just stay?“ and Blaze thought about it and then he said “well why not, I know I have adventures and I do get in danger so I guess why not? “ and Droplet happy she then hugged and kissed Blaze. As then everyone including Drip and Eleanor were going to have fun in the village and hang out as when everyone was stopping by for food Blaze was interested in shopping some new stuff so the he explored looking and searching until someone said “ hey! Blaze! Come here! “ and Blaze in a hurry was going to the person’s store which was a shoe store and Blaze asked “ what happened? “ and the Cordwainer said “ hey umm I haven’t sell anything that much but you my friend can buy some new shoes right? “ and Blaze intrigued by the shoes the shoe maker insisted Blaze to check out and saw some beautiful shoes! And saw blue and cool sneakers and boots until then he found his ideal shoe pair a red with laces and orange coloring with some blue stuff in it and interior was grey he liked and reminded him of a similar shoe he used to use but could not quite put his finger on it. But so then he said “ oh well ima get this one! “ and the shoe maker or cordwainer was happy and he said “ oh don’t worry about buying it, it’s free and also because you are the hero of this village so just take it it’s free buddy! “ and Blaze satisfied he then wanted to check it and wear it for himself and it was neat and wanted to show it to his friends and they’ve reacted and said “ wow, you look amazing, and some said that’s really neat! “ and Blaze blushed he then said “ oh thank you guys! “ and then Blaze saw another store, a Glove store he then checked to see and saw amazing deals he then asked the glove worker oh can get a glove for himself and saw a good pair of gloves but with light grey and with three stripes looking like his own gloves, with the wrist of the glove long so then he picked it and bought it.

pans Blaze fascinated he then tried to find other stuff to buy and with Eleanor, Then Eleanor was interested to find some potion ingredients so she then ran to see, and Blaze alone he then tried to find new stuff like some power ups or new clothing and belongings he then a saw some power ups and Blaze said “ wow, well if I want one which one then? Well a speed is cool or some invincibility or some shooting fireball is cool right? Hmm oh well I can find the driller or some belongings, well I’m going to pick Shooting Fireball! And some speed upgrades! “ and Blaze chose those and went back to his friends and all of them satisfied they went home in the nighttime when everyone was asleep and Blaze keeping his two clothing and sleep for the night, and Ven the Succubus tried to comfort Blaze to sleep. And Blaze asked “ umm Ven why are you in my space, I’m getting suffocated by your umm * man I can’t say it * “ and Blaze trying to say something else than Ven’s chest being Blaze’s face by sideways and Ven said “ shush, Blaze I just want to be with you ok, just relax and dream of happy things like me! “ and Blaze tired he then slept with Ven and as asleep Ven tried to suck Blaze’s arm as for his blood and giving him some energy of herself by biting him and then licking his arm for that Blaze cannot feel pain. And then Blaze and Ven slept until the next morning when Blaze woke up Ven was gone and then he went to go in Element Village and then it was pure silence. No voice or sound was hear until everyone was gone Blaze in a panic he then wanted to search everywhere and nothing was there until Blaze confused he then went to King Ele’s castle and nobody was there, nobody! Blaze found a note and read it: “Dear Blaze, if you want your friends and colleagues back, you have to face me, but have to find me first. In order to find me, you need to find a cave in the center of Ostaria, underneath a hollow, dangerous earth. You can’t stop us from kidnapping your friends, so meet us or leave us! - Unknown“ and Blaze angry and with sadness he didn’t give up and will die trying to find his friends until remembering the hollow earth he then went to were the middle of Ostaria is and then sawing the cave mentioned he then entered it was dark and spooky. But that didn’t stop Blaze until he saw a patched a wall and tried to break until doing a Fire Fist! And breaking and seeing the beautiful hollow earth called Holowå, and then seeing a weird mountain in the middle with orange and green and even blue, red and yellow tropical trees. Then Blaze fascinated he then entered to hope finding his friends in a spectacular quest.

Chapter 2: New Allies And Enemies

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After then when Blaze entered Hollowå, Blaze then ran in super speed in hopes to go to the mountain. And Blaze stopped to find some lake and saw giant Lilly pads and then jumping on one he then felt something moving in the waters until a massive fish then tried to swallow Blaze until miraculously escaped and then after that he entered a region of taiga were there were coniferous trees and massive mushrooms with fog around the forest, then Blaze parkour’s his way to leave until he saw beautiful and mythical forests with mythical creatures and then said “ wow it’s really cool in here! “ then Blaze jumped on a mushroom and did it like a trampoline and then Blaze saw a glowing figure and saw a ginormous female entity know as a dryad and then Blaze said “ aw man I take it back “ and then The Dryad saw Blaze and tried to smash on Blaze and said “ oh shoot, not this time...” and then Blaze dodged one of the Dryad’s attack and didn’t have no choice but to fight the guardian, and Blaze with its Fist he tried to not burn the Dryad but instead just escaping and then successfully until the Dryad gave up and then the Dryad saw goodness and was wrong, after all that it was nighttime.

Blaze climbed up a tree to rest, while the village was being held hostage. Droplet said “I know Blaze is searching for us, I just don’t know when he'll come..“. Terra tried to comfort her and said “It’s ok, Droplet. We know Blaze is going to save us, just wait..“.
They all got trapped inside a cave, blocked by a giant Boulder, while Blaze slept until the next day.

The next morning Blaze woke up and ran to the mountain until then tripped and saw a gang of a tribe, until one of them inspected Blaze until it said “It’s not true!? We thought you people were extinct for years!? But how? “ and Blaze confused he said “ extinct we didn’t went extinct and who are you guys? “ and then the entity took of its mask and revealed a female mammal like humanoid and Blaze confused he said “ wait you’re a girl but what? Wait are all of you female? “ and then everyone took of its mask and everyone was female and Blaze surprised the female leader said “ well it’s a long story, well thought that you Elements were extinct due to lack of population but nope, you people are here and where are your people right now? “ and then Blaze answered “ well right now they’re held hostage because I was asleep and it might be an ambush attack up I wasn’t aware so yeah I’m here save them and defeat some sort of entities I don’t know? “ and then she said “ the Owokes! “ and Blaze said “ the Owo- what? “ and then she said “ The Owokes are an enemy to any kind of tribe like us! But they do like to kidnap people! “ and then Blaze with a mad expression he then tried to find but then asked “ well ok what’s your name? “ and then she answered “ well my name is Valerie! And they’re my team but we are no alone because we are all female village! “ and Blaze surprised he then said “ well nice to meet you! My name is Blaze! “ and then Valerie said “ well nice to meet you too Blaze! “ and then everyone headed out to their homes and Blaze saw the beautiful village “ Wow it sooo cool! “ Blaze said and Valerie with a blush on her face she then introduced Blaze to every resident in the village and they were fascinated to see a Element and everyone was curious and surprised by Blaze and everyone tried to grab him and then Blaze was dragged by a female mammal resident and then she comforted Blaze and then another one and Blaze was like a ball been grabbed and then Valeria stopped everyone she said “ everyone stop! Don’t treat him like that now ok! “ and then Blaze said “ oh thank you Valerie! “ and then Valerie said “ no problem! “ and Blaze needed a plan to stop the evil Owokes! But then also needed help so he insisted Valerie and she joined the fight then nighttime rolled around and Blaze had a place to sleep but then out of nowhere some residents tried to sleep with Blaze but with a lot of space, Blaze was nervous with the amount of girls in there.

Nevertheless, Blaze slept peacefully until the next day.

Chapter 3: The Owokes

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After been helped by the Valerie, Blaze went to ask Valeria of a plan he asked “ hey umm Valerie do you mind if you can help me on defeating the Owokes? “ and Valerie accepted so then he planned for a ambush attack and make him as a secret weapon and then it was planned then Valerie said “ Blaze I gotta tell you this the Owokes have their hideout in that huge mountain if you did not know so it’s best if you be safe while us get ready! “ and Blaze said “ sure why not? “ so then it was time, the day was gloomy and about to rain in minutes and even tho Blaze having super speed he ran to were is the mountain in super sonical speed he then went to the mountain and ran on the mountain and then he stopped to look at four monster like leaders who were the Owokes one of them said “ well look who it is! It’s the dumb hero himself Blaze! “ and also said “ haha that stupid Element are no match for us five! “ and even the boss himself said “ haha YOU! Will not defeat us but look your love is here! “ and Blaze shouted “ Droplet! Let her go! She is not part of thi- “ and then the leader interrupted “ oh but she is part of this until you give up and you will send us your life! “ and Droplet beaten she said “ B-Blaze d-don’t do I-it... “ and Blaze said in anger “ you won’t get away with this you monsters! “ and then one of Owokes said “ come at us then if you DARE! “ and then Blaze dashed fast and then one of the five said “ haha my turn haha, you Blaze will die from me, Vaster! “ and Blaze the first boss he sent out minions of dark stalkers and then Blaze dodged every attack and tried to Fire Fist Vaster but then Vaster dodged and kicked Blaze but then Blaze recovered and made a huge Fireball and it did attacked but not much damage! Then Blaze had a power up of Shooting Fireball, and he used it and fled towards Vaster and made a huge impact and defeated Vaster and then Blaze went next another boss and said “ you son of a element you are I’m the second boss Lexus and you are- “ “ yeah yeah just let’s get over it man! “ Blaze said interruptly and Lexus shouted “ you little, you interrupted me, you will pay! “ and then in the gloomy day, Blaze attacked first by then running to Lexus and then Lexus with mechanical hands he brawled with Blaze and then Blaze with fiery fists he used it and punched Lexus in the face and with Lexu’s mechanical hands he punched hard on Blaze making him get threw down to a Boulder and then Blaze bleeding from his mouth he then mega attacked Lexus with his speed. Blaze ran in circles surrounding Lexus and making him sick and confused and then an advantage was made for Blaze and right kicked Lexus and making him weak and Lexus fainted.

Then another boss, the fourth one which was a female she then said “ you! You can’t stop us! “ and Blaze said “ and why not? “ and then she said “ well you are such a lousy element with an attitude huh well ima make you have manners!! “ and then she first attacked Blaze and Blaze dodging every attack she then jumped high backwards and made boulders and stones fall and Blaze dodged every attack while then a Boulder knocked Blaze out of the way until she then said “ wow what a pathetic element even a kid cannot and will not stop me, I Valence will make you rot! “ and Blaze then ran with a second row of rocks he then dodged every single rock running in high speed and then Valence surprised she then tried to escape with a smoke bomb but that didn’t stop Blaze until she grabbed Valence and then off guard Valence pushed Valence and in a flat area of the mountain Valence tried to make more rows of rocks but it didn’t stop Blaze until then Valence had nothing so Blaze took the advantage and then Blaze with super sonical speed he then ran faster and faster to that area and then Valence covering herself from being hurt, trembling Blaze then ran and ran until he stopped and made a huge stop and behind his back was a was a fiery wave shaped like no other making Valence tremble in fear and then faint. Then Blaze in the top he then met the leader and the fifth boss then he said “ oh so you defeated my members hehe you are nothing but old rot, you’re so dead and I Mostrua will win but how this so what is your choice, defeat or death for this element until Blaze said “ well I actually pick an army! “ and then Mostrua said “ oh yeah you or what army? “ and Blaze responded “ this army...” and then a huge horn sound came in and was Valerie’s army of female warriors and then Mostrua said “ oh you little piece of filth, YEAAAAARGH! And Blaze quickly kicked Mostrua and then grabbed Droplet, and Valerie there she then opened the the cave and then freed the civilians and made them go escape on a safe area for now.

and then in a final battle Blaze versus Mostrua, with a first attack Mostrua made a huge shock wave were he roared and made Blaze tremble but then Blaze dodged the attack and then Fire Fisted Mostrua and Mostrua recovered and Blaze then attack rapidly until Mostrua punched and kicked very harshly and made Blaze bleed and then Blaze covered he then burned Mostrua by shooting Fireballs at him, and Blaze then punched Mostrua until Mostrua then grabbed Blaze and threw him like a puppet and then Mostrua did the unthinkable, he then grabbed Blaze and with a final punch Blaze then died his soul as a burning scorch or fireball and then it was gone and Droplet shouted “ NOOOO Blaze! “ and everyone was shocked and Mostrua said “ hehe I’ve defeated him he is now dead, you people think he invincible that nobody can get him not even last time Razarath? HAHAHA! “ and then in another place Blaze woke up and then Aurora was there and Blaze said “ Aurora? Aurora where am I? “ and then Aurora answered “ well you’re dead and now you may come back! “ and Blaze said “ wait what how? “ and then Aurora showed that Blaze has three lives and now he has two so meaning Blaze can come back but there was a problem Blaze needed a special power but then Aurora said “ Blaze you need a special power, and I got you one “ and Blaze then had a special yellow diamond and then it got home super made of shiny light just like gold and then Blaze was ready!

back in the world, Mostrua said to all of the people “ now without Blaze’s help all of you will be my slaves including you female element now that your love is dead he can’t be here anymore! HAHA! “ and then massive light came surprising Mostrua as he was wrong when Blaze was there he was a shiny fireball of light! And the Blaze grabbed Mostrua and said to him “ wazzup my guy...” and then Blaze in super light speed he throw’d Mostrua to the sky and then Blaze following Mostrua being thrown and Blaze with some mega punches it targeted on Mostrua making him weak and now Mostrua falls down and in the hard solid floor of the mountain and then Blaze said “ alright! If you or your stupid gang mess with me it will and actually will get worse but how bah bye! “ and then Blaze grabbed every single member and throwd them to the hollow earth sky and then with a final touch Blaze made a massive Fireball of massive shinyness and Blaze then watched when all of the members got evaporated and then every single minions of the gang got defeated by Valerie’s army and everyone was happy and celebrated until then Blaze then changed in his final form he then layed and Droplet then went to Blaze and kissed him and Droplet said “ Blaze, thank you for saving us you are my lover and hero, you are boyfriend..” and Blaze surprised he accepted and everyone in cheers, Valerie, Terra, Drip, Ven, Eleanor, King Ele, Eleanor’s army and everyone from the city cheered at the victory that they received and thanked the hero Blaze in return as a gift, and then everything was in safe place and Blaze relaxed with Droplet and then they slept together like a couple in the beautiful sunset, the wind blowing and flowers blooming and everyone in peace. And that was an adventurous day week for the great and speedy Fireball, BLAZE!

but then a familiar face arrives soon...

Chapter 4: Razarath Returns…

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A month has passed and it was a beautiful day, Blaze woke up from his sleep waking up with Droplet as then Blaze said “ Droplet, wake up “ and Droplet said “ Wha- What happened? “ and then Blaze said “ oh nothing just wake up! “ and then they stand up and went together to were the village was as then everyone met then Eleanor said “ hi Blaze and Droplet! I’m just here to give you this a potion for healing! “ and Blaze said “ well thanks! “ and Eleanor then said “ you’re welcome Blaze, I’ll see ya later “ and then as Blaze then went off to explore he said “ well umm Droplet I’m going off so I’ll see you later bye! “ and then Blaze waving with a goodbye at Droplet. Blaze then explored going to places and running in full speed until he saw a meteor crash and went to investigate he then saw a blue watch he then with curiosity he saw that it’s a time machine of sorts he then keep it for safety.

then when he came back he heard of a notorious villain that now escaped once again Razarath! And everyone with ultimate shock and Blaze didn’t knew this would happen he then said “ well we’re is he? “ and people say he went back to a secret lair or went back to his castle and then Blaze ran to were the castle was and then checked, no sign, and then went back to Element Village and wanted to know how he managed to escape and if he will have revenge.

And then all the sky went purple and then a huge explosion appeared and broke the wall around the village and it was the notorious Razarath he said “ WHERES BLAZE! “ and then with a surprise kick attack Razarath was now aware and then said to Blaze “ well well well what do we have here? The brave hero whom stop me from taking over Ostaria? Hahaha now this TIME you will not stop me! “ and Blaze said “ I didn’t knew you would come back, well it’s time to put you back in the cage! “ and Blaze with super speed he then first attack Razarath with a Fire Fist and then Razarath with a Shadowy Punch! And then an epic battle began with the two until some minutes passed and Razarath went weary giving the chance for Blaze until a mistake happened a was flickered and then Blaze was gone from thin air he activated the blue glowed watch and is now went in time and then Razarath began ransacking everything and then Droplet attacked until she met her pain when Razarath punched and Terra the same fate until Razarath was going attention to Eleanor until Ven attacked and made Razarath weary until Razarath’s Minions attacked her and then Ven defeated Razarath was in victory and even King Ele couldn’t imagine what happened and everything was a disaster meanwhile Blaze went into the future and then woke up he was going to be in a time traveling adventure.

Chapter 5: Race Against Time

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After all that, Blaze went into the future and then he woke up, it was all apocalyptic Ostaria was overrun by Monsters and everything was destroyed Blaze worried and said “ man what happened here? “ and then he ran to were Element Village was and it was all ashes everything in ruins. Blaze then ran to see Mematurah and was in ruins a capital in flame, then Blaze saw Monsters and he then ran to find Razarath but then he stopped for moment and got attacked by an entity and then it was Droplet and Blaze said “ hey woah woah! Hey it’s me Blaze! Don’t you recognize me? “ and Droplet confused she then realized who Blaze was and then Droplet quickly hugged Blaze in tears Droplet said “ B-Blaze you’re b-back..” and Droplet in tears she then said “ but you were gone completely how did you came back? “ and Blaze responded “ well I come from the past “ and Droplet said “ the past? But how? “ and Blaze showed the Blue glowing stone and said “ with this! It’s some type of time ston thingy! “ and then a huge earthquake happened and Droplet quickly grabbed Blaze to a near shelter and then Droplet hushed Blaze and there was a mutant creature then it was gone and Blaze said “ wait where are the others “ and Droplet with sad news “ well Blaze, Terra is dead and Drip is missing along side Ven “ and Blaze asked “ and Eleanor? “ and Droplet answered “ well Eleanor escaped but maybe she passed away or gone but everything was a disaster when Razarath came in “ and Blaze with no words he then stranded up and tried to find Razarath but Droplet said “ Blaze don’t do it, it’s all gone, it’s unnecessary anyway “. Then Blaze forgot of now how powerful is Razarath, but then Blaze said “ Droplet I’m going back in time ok just stay safe for me ok! “ and then Blaze touched the stone and went back in time then further back it was in the beginning were King Ele’s father was alive then Blaze touched again the stone and went back a little further into were Elements were growing and every tribe went mor in population but then Blaze went were Razarath was a kid then Blaze planned this but he said “ should it matter? “ and then Blaze tried to help Razarath as to not be evil but then it wouldn’t be a good idea if everything changed so the he accepted Razarath as evil and went back further in the future it all started as then when Razarath ambushed Blaze then ran in the wall and saw Razarath!

and then in a ambush attack Blaze defeated Razarath by a super mega punch and sent him back to were he belongs as then Blaze with all that time travel he surely was tires and saving his friends was after all a good idea.

Chapter 6: An Ending…

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When Blaze then woke up from all that adventure he then went to the tree he first landed and then Staria was there and said “ Blaze you fought well I expect you want to talk to me or tell me something? “ and Blaze said “ would I come back? “ and Staria said “ yes! But even tho I took out the memory of you from your family and friends and people you were not notice or existed in on Earth! “ and Blaze with other he decided to stay for the second time it was hard for him being incarnated into another world being someone else being a supernatural creature, being a hero.

Blaze said “ well I guess I should stay I know it can be rough and I might get hurt but like and old saying “ and adventure is no fun if it’s to easy! “ and Staria nodded up and down he said “ well talk to me I should be in this specific area. And then Blaze left and look at the night sky, stars two moons and even shooting stars and then Blaze realized that he is special and needed in this world even tho being turned into a Fireball and a hero so he then slept until the next day in the morning he woke up and made his routine of running and then eating something after that he went to meet his friends and after that Blaze was happy for anything meeting Droplet, Terra, Drip, Eleanor, Ven, King Ele, King Mondurserat, and everyone but something was missing but whom he said in his mind but it really didn’t really matter in the first time but then realized he was homesick but not Ostaria but Earth he said “ why am I homesick shouldn’t I be there or not? “ and Blaze now in a problem he wanted to go home or even just stay but it was hard and then Droplet came to say something that can make Blaze happy she said “ Blaze, I got to tell you something.. it is important, in all my life I never knew I was cared and saved by a person like you and I was interested in you and I Love you Blaze! “ and Blaze surprised he then admitted “ Droplet with all the days with you I think I am in love you too... “ and then as a moment of love they kissed and Blaze just calmly forgotten it was his home and he will stay in Ostaria in no matter.

And then nighttime arrived. King Ele held a feast, whereafter Blaze went to a tree hill with Droplet, where the lovers peacefully slept. Blaze was happy to be the hero of Ostaria and excited for his future adventures with his new friends and allies, new enemies and rivals. Even though he was a celebrated hero, he would always be himself, his new self: BLAZE!

THE END, or is it..?

Season 6 A new adventure awaits with following Blaze, and his friends on their quest to save the world from a female light type Element from world domination of light, with new characters and adventure.

Chapter 1: The New Beginning

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Once upon a time….

“ A hero was sent from the human was sent to the unknown world.

The young hero became a fire element with fire powers and super sonic speed.

This hero is known by the name of Blaze, Blaze The Fireball! “

In the beautiful world Ostaria, lived a hero named Blaze, who lived his life in this world, he went to adventures with his friends and also living life with his girlfriend Droplet. Now it’s a new adventure.

Blaze woke up from his sleep excited for a new day, he met up with Droplet, like usual and then with Terra, Drip, Eleanor and Ven, Blaze then ate some meat and potatoes, as then he ran for as a jog with super sonic speed in the wilderness while his friends seeing him. Afterwards it was nighttime and for Blaze it was sleep.

Blaze then dreamed, until seeing a female Element that is light element as then he saw the whole world being consumed by light and everything until woken up sweating from that vision. Blaze told everyone about his vision as he assumes “ Guys I dreamed about, this female lights element that, like made the world being consumed by light. What do you guys think? “ and Terra said “ maybe it was just some weird dream! “ then Drip said “ maybe, it’s a vision of the future, maybe the IS going to be consumed thing might happen by the light but maybe you can defeat this element right? “ as then a Blaze walked and talked more with the subject until interrupted by being hit on another element, Blaze then said “ Ouch! Oh I’m sorry are you.. ok? “ and the element said “ yeah, I’m alright, sorry mister… “ and Blaze saw a wind type of female element Blaze asked “ it’s ok, what’s your name? “ and the wind type female element said “ Celeste! “ and as Terra observing he had found love at first sight as then Terra right away help stand up Celeste and Terra asked “ Hey my name is Terra, can I help you, what do you want, do you need anything? “ and Celeste surprised she said “ Oh! I just went to buy some food by the market but I was too tired doing my chores, because my mother said so.. but- “ and Terra interrupting asked “ I CAN HELP!!! “ and Celeste and accepted as then Terra was out with Celeste with Droplet, Eleanor, and Drip. Finally, Ven asked to Blaze “ hey, love would you want to go out and visit Grogin! “ and Blaze said “ I don’t know, those monster will hate me for just defeating Razarath… “ and Ven said again “ naw, some don’t like him either so you’ll probably be fine, come one let’s go. And Ven picked Blaze by flying to Grogin. And Blaze unsure and doubting on it, as then Blaze and Ven arrived soon by afternoon leaving it be nighttime, Blaze then worried until Blaze had some death stares until Ven said “ here, my place… where I work as a succubi! “ and Blaze confused and also unsure Ven forcefully put Blaze inside the building and then succubus all around with some minor male people in it.

then a whole group of succubi went up, “ Wow!! The hero! Blaze! He’s here! “, “ Blaze,Blaze! Please be with me!! “ and with Blaze trembling Ven then hissed at the others until a big but MILFY succubus was there, Blaze jaw dropped and Ven straight faced! The succubus said, “ Oh my, what do we have here, a little young hero! “ and Blaze in the grasp of the succubus, Blaze said in his thoughts “ OH MY GOSH, IM DEAD, IM DONE, MY VIRGINITY IS DONE BRO, HOLY CRAP…. “ until then Ven safely saved Blaze. And Ven said “ no.. you girls won’t get my darling, he’s mine and I’m the one who will protect him… “ and the other in anger, both of them safely got away and left Blaze said “ man, thanks Ven, needed that! Phew! “ and Ven smiled and said “ no worries.. “.

As then, it was any other ordinary day until… then…

”All Of This Will Be Consumed, By My Own Grasp… The Light Will Be My POWER!“

Chapter 2: Nura The Lightball

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Blaze woke up again after a long day and met up with his friends, right when some villagers were speaking rumors concerning a consuming light. Blaze and his friends picked up it, whereafter Celeste asked “What’s about this light consuming Ostaria? Hopefully it’s just some joke right..?“. Blaze replied “No… I don’t think it’s a joke.. if only there was a signal from this threat..“.
Then, a huge explosion came in as then monsters made of light were attacking Blaze first fired up the monsters, Celeste was scared but knew to help so as then she use her wind powers to push and to hold on to them, by her her hands she made a small hurricane and pushing them, Terra said “ Hey great job! “ and Celeste was proud. It was all finished when the small raid ended Blaze was confused of where they came from until a bright light came it said “ All of you will perish out of my own hands. “ and then the light holder Blaze by choking and said “ you FIREBALL. who do you think you are? “ and Blaze said “ *geugh* well duh, a fireball of course, what else? “ and light element showed as its form and angry, she said “ yeah funny right, he you know you and I have some business to attend… “ and Blaze responded “ Sucka, I’m no office worker. “ and she then said “ You cocky son of a degenerate, I will see you later!!! “ and Blaze thrown down making a hole underground. And the others were surprised, until the light element announced “ oh and my name is Nura! The Light Element! “ and as then she bolted away and Droplet went to help Blaze get of the hole as Blaze kinda weakened, he said “ that Nura gal is kinda of a pain to have now… so guys let’s have an adventure now! “ and everyone agreed, Blaze then planned and announced “ Ven, Eleanor, Drip, you guys will protect the king and also the village.. while Droplet, Terra, Celeste, and I will go! Alright? “ and everyone said “ALRIGHT!!” As then they headed to were Nura was.

as long as it was, the journey was really long, for Blaze and his team. Blaze then it was gloomy; it was about to rain, Blaze then took cover as it was about to nightfall they slept. Droplet then took care of Blaze as Blaze in Droplet’s leg as a lap. Blaze sleep good, while Terra trying to sleep with Celeste, meanwhile Ven seeing anything odd, Eleanor was helping reconcile the village people, and Drip was helping King Ele with planning for defense, while that King Ele was thinking of Nura he said in his thought * I wonder, who’s is she and why she attacked? * as then interrupted by Drip and said “ are you ok, King Ele? “ and then King Ele responded “ I’m alright lets go on, alright! “ as it was all night, while that the whole world was about to see LIGHT.

Chapter 3:Rocks, Dragons, and Adventures

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After a long day of journeying, they still were looking, Blaze saw the Sky gloomy, dark clouds about to rain. Until he saw boulders and rocks in the way until they saw a small cave it was like a house but with rocks and boulders. Blaze was curious and wanted to see Celeste then saw the Sky, looking gloomy until someone in the distance says “ Hey! Who dares to trespass here? “ and Blaze saw figure and jumped, until it landed in where Blaze was, as then Blaze dodged the land fall and saw a rock type element, Blaze said “ what’s you’re deal? We only came here so that we can save this world, which kinda looses some of trust for you… but still! “ afterwards the element said “ You! Do you dare for a challenge and I will let you pass, without any help! “ as then Blaze cracking knuckles, he shifted and bolted to where his foe was, as then Blaze punched him but the pain was through Blaze, not the element as then he said “ please! “ and the rock element punched hard Blaze grabbed his foot until swinging him upwards into lifted up and flying straight to the Sky, as the others they tried to help Blaze their powers, but failed and Terra was defeated and Droplet stopping using her powers Celeste tried to use her tornadoes in the element as the failed, he both grabbed the girls collided with then like rocks, leaving them fainted. Afterwards, Blaze then was flying back to the ground. The rock element said “ He! You’re no match for me fool, My name is Stone! “ and Blaze trying to get he used one of his power ups; a Invincibility…

as then Blaze used and was powered up, now he can use punches on Stone, Stone now felt pain until being KOd by Blaze. And Blaze said “ well then, next time never underestimate me! We’re going! Come one guys, “ and Blaze helped everyone to wake up and stand up as they walked away. Stone said “ that kid, he got spirit “ and Stone immediately just went inside his house sleeping.

Nighttime began to rise and everyone went to sleep, Blaze then in his dream, he was seeing Ostaria again, as then he flew back and saw two colossal figures made of Stone and Rock. As then with different colors like orange Stone, and the other grey. The with two glowing light one green, and another yellow and they gave life to them by passing inside of them and then battling each other… and Blaze woken up from his dream or vision. He was scared of the future and what it holds, Celeste then seeing the Sky again she saw a humongous figure and it was a dragon with white spines and grey skin with a huge mouth, as they got cover Terra used his big control over the plants and made a vine whip, and the dragon regaining energy to fire up the plants until Droplet ran used her hydro pump and poured it one the dragon’s mouth with his fire finally out Celeste used her wind by making a huge hurricane and the dragon fainted and was pushed away Blaze the wanted to recover but as then he saw his team do it, Blaze was happy for his friends and they all went to were the light Element was…


In a nearby forest, Daku was there and then heard the news of this now notorious light Element, and even heard stories of darkness and light being mortal enemies. As then Daku saw in the Sky a huge light flashing to were it’s direction. Daku saw it and was going to an adventure as well.

Chapter 4: Helping, Leading Place, and a Notorious Return…

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Meanwhile Daku was running to that shinning light that bolted to its direction, as she wanted to investigate the object. Daku was unsure of what the thing is, but only danger, Daku saw some light creatures just strolling and roaming until Daku took some action and began attacking, she almost won but as a dark type she couldn’t defeat them because they were light monsters. Until they wanted to kill her, but miraculously a sword was shot at the monsters only a big one in, until a being came in with his sword and began slashing through the light monster and was defeated. Daku saw a black skinned elf, and said the elf “ well, you really need to be careful Element, since you’re dark type.. the names Ron! And yours? “ and Daku said “ Daku.. Daku The Shadowball… “ and both seeing each until the Sky went bright for a second. And both seeing other other light flashing towards there way, and both agree to follow. And adventure awaited for them.

Meanwhile, Blaze and his friends went on for the quest until they went cold, Blaze asked “ why is it getting cold, there’s no winter here? “ and Droplet said “ well, I think we’re in Iÿa! “ Blaze was confused told by Celeste “ well it’s a ice land, it’s really close, so that’s why it’s cold, see right there! “ as then they saw Iÿa, it was a cold place but weird one since it’s not a region, it was a land. Blaze used his tempeture high, and his body reheating and Terra was freezing until Celeste touched Blaze used her wind as a small heater. But for Droplet she saw her body freezing like ice and Blaze quickly hugged Droplet for heating. As it lasted two days they finally left Iÿa and saw only a dark coniferous trees with the feel like a winter wonderland. Blaze wanted to be quick so as then Blaze used his his speed grabbed his friends while Terra holding Celeste, but then Celeste used her own speed, but kinda left down and Terra used his giant grown plants as platforms while then they saw a humongous tower leading to the Sky, as with some vines growing in the tower and all of them went in the tower leading to the Sky as for they will encounter any sort of danger.

As for Daku and Ron, they were headed towards until being chased and saw going to the Sky, and lifted with a huge staircase, leading to the same route for everyone, and as then some bad happened, in Element Village they heard the news of a notorious being coming back.. RAZARATH!

Chapter 5: Super Blaze Vs. Super Nura

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As Blaze headed up from the tower and saw a beautiful floating landscape with floating islands, with wildlife and plants. As then, they saw old and ancient scriptures and drawings of the past. Blaze then ran freely, breathing the fresh air while his friends did the same looking for anything good, until nightfall as they rested. Ron and Daku went up and saw the same a beautiful sky land with floating islands and wildlife with some ancient stuff as they saw and looked for anything great, they saw it was becoming night so they went to sleep with a campfire and trees.

Blaze woke from his sleep and wanted to stretch and breath the air until he saw a cliff and in the cliff he saw the two colossal giants resting not moving, made of rock just like his dream and he was in shock and wanted to wake up his friends. Afterwards everyone saw the same and were surprised and shock, Celeste told them “ those two were rivals in ancient times, as then if they fought more the world would be in chaos, as then they planned to make them freeze by sleeping and they took off they’re cores of life and we’re unused! “ and everybody surprised. Later they were walking until Celeste saw a light kingdom and Blaze first came in running in full speed! Demolishing the light creatures until Blaze met Nura! And Blaze said “ why do you want to take over the world, you’re way worse than Razarath? “ and Nura responded “ why does it matter to you? Why you’re the hero here, who are YOU! To use your behavior like that! “ Blaze responded “ well me of courses, even what’s so wrong that a world must die? That’s pretty lame for to say! “ and Nura was ready Blaze as they fought both being fast Blaze catches up grabbed Nura by force but Nura blinded Blaze and punched Blaze to the guts. Droplet then watered down Nura but didn’t work until Terra slammed Nura with some trees and now Celeste making a wind hand crushing Nura to the ground.


Daku saw the place and headed inside with Ron and saw then team and Daku used shadow monsters as minions and slayed Nura. As Nura mildly injured she said “ No… No I will not! You little rascals will pay, for your SINS! “ and Nura grabbed the two cores and raised them to where the two rock giants were and they were awakened. Both of them seeing each other battle and the rain came in as then Blaze tried to punch Nura until he was stopped. As then it was raining hard with the Sky gloomy all over the world,

Blaze saw Nura becoming powerful but it’s too late for that as then she embraced a huge radius of light making everyone blinded by the light. And Blaze saw a huge light explosion and everyone was thrown off the place as the giants battling Blaze tried to stop the so he said “ well, let’s a go! “ and Blaze first went in the cliff and some opening caves with window that show our side and Blaze ran through the wate and running to were the rock giants were, Blaze ran to the waters with full speed! Blaze climbed to the giants and sprinted and punched the cores of the giants mildly damaged and Nura now angry she full bolted to were Blaze was so he planned of using Nura to crush one of the giant’s cores and it succeeded Blaze then tricked Nura, one failed down crumbling but Nura with full speed as they collided Blaze thrown down to were sky lands were. While his team and others battling that last giant. Blaze was being damaged by Nura being beaten several times, severely. Blaze then was almost loosing another life. As then Nura made a blast radius as final and it was a total disaster Droplet saw and said “ NOOOOOOO Blaze! “ and Blaze lost a life. Blaze woke up to where Auroria was and said “ uagh… Aurora? Aurora! Please bring me back! Aurora said “ Blaze I think I need to give a gift for this battle, Staria gave it to me for you! Here a Super Form! Using one power up! Use it wisely! Go Back! “ and Blaze spawned and Nura surprised as she saw Blaze spawn again as then he used his Super Form becoming more powerful, it turned his body into a dark and blue flames! And he flashily attacked Nura and then she used her own Super Form becoming Golden and Light Bright! As they fough tand fought until opening portals because of too many speed boosts of light until all began their hardest and Blaze took the advantage as then he was turned again into full golden by his super powerful speed and strength, by making his finisher and said “ welp, See ya bruh! “ and Nura finally defeated and her empire was destroyed once and for all and she disappeared into only glitter. While the giant was collapsing and destroyed. Everyone cheered for Blaze, and he turned into normal. Everything at peace as they went home they saw their village and Daku said a farewell to Ron and said “ hey, thanks for than adventure I really needed it! Well this goodbye Ron see ya soon! “ and both left as the village celebrated and cheered for Blaze and another victory and Blaze was happy once again…

” hehehe… IM free, now is to plan something but maybe something good… hehe Blaze you’ll see! “

Chapter 6: A New Adventure Awaits…

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Blaze was sleeping peacefully in his tree until Staria visited him and said “ Blaze, I got something for you! “ and Blaze intruiged he wanted to see “ after a long time I’ve taken your memories now you will have the memories of your past and you will visit as much as you like from Ostaria to Earth. “ and Blaze was confused until Staria gave Blaze his memories. Moments later Blaze knew everything, his mom, friends, school, and everyone alike! Blaze said “ now I know everything… I need to see them please, Staria! Please! “ and Staria said “ I don’t know what’s gonna happen to you if they see you like this, you are trapped in this body forever! But maybe they will still love you! “ but for next week I may let you!

as the next passed Blaze was kinda depressed and worried if his mom is going to be horrified, Droplet saw Blaze she said in her thoughts * oh man Blaze is sad, what should I do?… yes of course! I need to comfort him make him pleasured! * as then Droplet comforted Blaze with a hug and some kisses, as Blaze was kinda sad about Droplet tried her hardest as she comforted him, Droplet didn’t knew about Blaze’s problem until she asked him “ Blaze what’s wrong? “ and Blaze said nothing ignoring Droplet’s question. She was worried of Blaze’s worrisome as then Droplet told everyone about so as then they made a party for him so they made food and some decorations, afterwards at night Blaze was blindfolded by Droplet’s hand as she opened Blaze’s eyes he saw a party as he said “ aww you guys, thank you but that’s not worth for me.. guys I have an announcement to make. I need to spill the beans or give the game away… I’m actually not from this world, Ostaria basically and everyone baffled by Blaze’s announcement. And Drip said “ so, that’s why you screamed at me confusedly when you met me? “ and Blaze said “ yes, I may look like a element but I’m actually a part being, I’m a human since I was transported to this world for a reason, and it’s ok since I’m not harmless! “ and everyone looked at Blaze different now, Droplet didn’t knew about this but said “ but what were you here for? “ and Blaze answered “ well, to defeat Razarath and many foes! And save Ostaria from evil and domination! “ Blaze was now worried of the people’s point of view, Blaze in super speed. Making a big wind, as he ran crying. Afterwards Droplet chased Blaze, as she was looking for him, she then found him she sat with him and said in the tree place “ hey Blaze, *sigh* I still love you even if you know, the human thingamajig.. but hey you know I love since you first rescued from those bozos, look if you want to be calm and happy I’ll show you this! “ as then Droplet took of her shoes and gloves and Blaze was shocked to see Droplet naked. Droplet said “ look if you wanna be happy at least be happy with me and… have a little fun with me as drew closer and closer grabbing Blaze’s crotch, Blaze grabbed Droplet’s hand as said “ Droplet, I know I love you too, but I don’t need your body as pleasure, even if want to I’d still disagree if we were old. But put your stuff on, and please be with me for the night… “ Droplet accepted Blaze’s offer and slept with him.

Days has passed, and it was finally the time Blaze visited his original home as he saw his surroundings, he accepted Staria showed and said “ you ready!? “ and Blaze said “ born ready! “ and Staria opened a portal to the Earth and jumped in! Blaze then was falling to where the portal is until it opened…. And Blaze jumped from the portal until. He saw everything!