Bellbie is a female robot. She is part of a maid service and was built to serve. Whenever someone calls in for a maid, she may just come to their door.


Request for soapybacon by xxi luv applesxx-d4l4kml

Bellbie and Corky, drawn by xxxI_Luv_Apples_xxx.

She is a very reliable person when it comes to cleaning, as she won't go and steal or look through your things. Even so, she can be a bit curious, which gets her into trouble.

She is extremely friendly, which can sometimes be a bad thing, and absolutely loves to cook. One of her favorite things to make are pretzels.
Even though she can't eat anything herself, she likes to see people smile when they eat good food. The fact that she believes everyone can be a friendly person, makes her prone to being a bit of a pushover and a target for crime.



Bellbie, drawn by RedRum Terron (Manni).

She has curly, light blue hair and a dark-blue dress, with a star patch on it. She has little looped boots and long socks, as well as opera-like gloves and jeweled circlets.

Her design was meant to look futuristic, but at the same time a bit 80s stylish.


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