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Beauty is the Beast is a reimagining of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

The story consists out of 8 short chapters and were written by VampireMeerkat in Dutch. That said, its original title is "Schoonheid is het Beest". It was uploaded on July 6, 2018 on a Dutch blogging website, with a series of simple images accompanying it.

The story has humor and 4th wall breaking in it, but a classic tragic ending.

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Story summary

Beauty and her eldest sister (2018).

Gaston meeting Beauty for the first time. (2018)

The story begins with narrating the childhood of a physically handicapped woman who has a light form of werewolf syndrome, named Beauty. After years of being bullied by the villagers and her own sisters, she locked herself up and became a bitter person. Her relationship with her sisters did not improve after the death of their father. They married two random men, so they again had someone to take care of them, and left the undesirable Beauty with the absence of money flow.

On their wedding party, a young boy named Gaston gets coaxed by his friends to beg Beauty to hand over certain private possessions of the loved sisters. Gaston tries to combine their request with his own interest for the father's expensive coats, but feels guilty for bothering her with this, despite succeeding in getting the items for his friends. Gaston can't get over his behaviour and returns to offer Beauty his services as her grocery boy. During this period the two become good friends and Gaston develops romantic feelings for her.

Because they both feel not to belong in the village, Gaston suggests they should leave and find a better home. They manage to build their own in a deserted area, but a hunter finds Beauty and thinks she's a sasquatch monster. When he realizes Gaston fancies and cares for her, he and the residents of a nearby village kill him. The story ends hinting that they're coming for Beauty next.



Beauty's response after Gaston humiliated himself thinking her odd name was a nickname for him. (2018)

Originally called "Schoonheid" (example of pronunciation here: [1]).

Beauty is a tall woman with a dented face, monobrow, chipped teeth, long messy brown hair, and increased body hair. She's presumably 23 years old.
The village she was born in tolerates her presence, but they'd rather not see her. Beauty started out a normal child, but became a grumpy woman who distrusts everyone she meets after her sisters had kicked her to the curb.

She falls in love with her late-than-never friend, Gaston, but has trouble proclaiming her love or answering to his signs of affection because of her lack of social skills. She feels regretful when he dies without having gotten a kiss from her and allows for the angry townspeople to get her next.


Gaston's response after realizing Beauty mentioning her own name wasn't referring to him (2018).

Gaston is a dark-skinned boy with bright green eyes and black, wavy hair in a ponytail. He's 17 years old when he meets the older Beauty for the first time.

He's her complete opposite in the sense he's kind, physically attractive, and cares what people think about him. The latter makes it easy for others to exploit him, though it's a character flaw he loses when he starts hanging out with Beauty.

They become good friends and becomes enamoured by her during their first year of togetherness. He's patient, though yearns for Beauty's touch and tries to make this clear to her. He ended up getting killed before the two could become anything official.

It was revealed that the entirety of his family worked in a medical field, possibly explaining why Gaston doesn't see her as a monster or a cursed woman.

Beauty's father

Beauty's father was a hard-working merchant with little time for his daughters, but someone Beauty was fond of. He loved all his daughters equally and wished for them to get along. He was killed by raiders during one of his business travels.

Beauty's sisters

Young Beauty and her sisters (2018).

Beauty's sisters are considered the most beautiful girls in town and have been pursued by many boys over the course of their life. The story notes that they and their fans only care about their looks, as the men the two sisters randomly chose for marriage don't even know the date of their birthday.

Beauty's sisters used to be less self-involved, and protected Beauty from bullies. When puberty hit and they started caring about their image, they no longer wanted their unpopular sister to follow them around.

Gaston's friends

Beauty's sisters' wedding party, with some of Gaston's friends watching (2018).

Gaston's friends are a large group of teenage boys who have a huge crush on Beauty's sisters, much like every other boy in the village.

Because they begged Gaston to get the girls' underwear from Beauty, it's implied they're juvenile and like to exploit their "cute" friend to do things that normally wouldn't fly.
When Gaston befriends Beauty, he rarely hangs out with them anymore.

The huntsman

The huntsman is an old hunter who lives in the village Beauty and Gaston chose to live nearby.

He happens to come across their cottage and sees Beauty, confusing her for an hideous animal that possesses a worrisome level of human intelligence. When he finds out Gaston is living with and caring for Beauty, he riles up the other townspeople to ambush and kill him for being Beauty's lover and servant. They later come back for her.

Excerpts and quotes

Inderdaad, aangezien hij al kennis had gemaakt met "de nieuwe inwoonster" van het huis, wilde ze dat hij aan haar ging vragen naar.. eigendommen.. van de zussen. Ze hadden gehoord dat de dames hun ouderlijk huis hadden verlaten zonder hun oude spullen mee te nemen en het kwam voor in dit armoedige dorp dat een huis met inhoud en al werd overgenomen. Zoals ze hier zeggen: "Je kan nooit te veel sokken hebben."

De jongen rolde agressief zijn ogen.

"Zullen we dat niet doen?" vroeg hij.
Indeed, as he had already met "the new resident" of the house, they wanted him to go ask her for the sisters'.. possessions.. They heard that the ladies left their parental home without taking along their old stuff and it was common in this impoverished village that a house got taken over with the entirety of its content. Like they say here: "You can never have enough socks."

The boy aggressively rolled his eyes.

"How about we not do that?" he asked.
"Goddomme!" mopperde een vermoeid gezicht tussen de deur, "Watisser!"

"Hallo alweer." groette de jongen.

"Oh, het is jij, met de oogballen." kreunde Schoonheid. Geen idee wat ze daarmee bedoelde. "Ben je soms de slaaf van mijn zussen? Als ze wat te zeggen hebben, moeten ze zelf komen!"
"Goddamn!" a tired face complained between the door, "Whattissit!"

"Hello again." the boy greeted.

"Oh, it is you, with the eyeballs." moaned Beauty. No idea what she meant by that. "Are you my sisters' slave or something? If they got something to say, they'll have to come here themselves!"
Ze besloot het smerige verzoek van "zijn vrienden" (wat een oud excuus, tjongejonge) niet te adresseren en gaf een algemeen akkoord waarbij hij kleding mocht overkopen. Maar geld alleen was niet genoeg. Nu hij er toch was, kon hij mooi eten en drinken bij haar thuisbezorgen, dan hoefde zij haar gezicht niet in het dorp te laten zien en bleef haar record binnenblijven intact.
She decided not to address the disgusting request of "his friends" (what an old excuse, geez) and gave a general agreement allowing him to buy clothes from her. But money alone wasn't enough. Since he was here, he could go deliver food and drinks at her door so she didn't have to show her face in the village and her record of staying inside stayed intact.
"Je kan nooit genoeg sokken hebben." antwoordde hij.

"Wel, jij gek, je hebt maar twee voeten!"
"You can never have enough socks." he answered.

"You can, you fool, you only got two feet!"
"Als je niet meer tegen m'n kop kan, moet je dat zeggen. Maar het is goed zo, niemand wil zijn vrije middag zo doorbrengen, ga maar weer met je vrienden spelen!"

"Spelen? I-ik ben 17!" haperde hij.
"If you can't tolerate my face anymore, then you gotta say so. But it's fine, no one wants to spend their day off this way, go play with your friends again!"

"Play? I-I'm 17!" he stammered.
Er waren twee spijtige feitjes over Gaston. Ten eerste had die jongen gigantische oren, dat ging niet goed komen in zijn latere leven, en ten tweede waren zijn woordgrappen echt heel, heel slecht. Beide eigenschappen waren zo extreem, dat het weer aandoenlijk was.
There were two regrettable facts concerning Gaston. Firstly, the boy had gigantic ears, that was not going to end up well further on in his life, and secondly, his word play was really, really bad. Both traits were so overboard, it was adorable.
"Ik leen niks aan je uit. Alles dat ik je geef mag je houden." antwoordde ze. Dat charmeerde hem erg.

"Ook jou?"

Schoonheid werd rood en gooide de zware jas naar hem. Ze hoorde een van de knopen tegen zijn schedel kaatsen.

"Auw." concludeerde Gaston.
"I'm not lending you anything. Everything I give you, you may keep." she answered. That really charmed him.

"You too?"

Beauty became red and threw the heavy coat at him. She heard one of the buttons hit his skull.

"Ow." Gaston concluded.
De jager vond het maar vreemd hoe die met elkaar omgingen, de jongen gaf haar zelfs een rode roos cadeau. Was hij.. verliefd op dit ding? Het gezicht van de jager verfrommelde zich als papier, hij walgde van de gedachte, dat was niet normaal! Zijn ogen draaide terug naar de lachende Gaston, de verzorger van het monster. Hij herkende de blauwe jas, die had hij vaker gezien in het dorp.
The hunter thought it was weird, the way they acted towards each other, the boy even gave her a red rose. Was he.. in love with this thing? The hunter's face crumpled itself up like paper, the thought disgusted him, that wasn't normal! His eyes moved back to the smiling Gaston, the caretaker of the monster. He recognized the blue coat, he'd seen it multiple times in the village.
"Ik hou van je, ik hou van je..!" snikte ze, "Ik hou van je.."

Daarna kuste ze hem op zijn levenloze mond, datgene waar hij zo lang op zat te wachten.

Maar niks gebeurde. Hij kwam niet tot leven, ze veranderde niet in een mooie prinses en er verscheen geen toverfee die haar geruststelde. De lucht huilde niet eens voor haar, het was een mooie dag.
Haar pessimistische kant lachte. Natuurlijk moest hij sterven, alles dat haar een beetje geluk gaf verdween.

Iets vertelde haar dat zij binnenkort ook zou verdwijnen.
"I love you, I love you..!" she sobbed, "I love you.."

She then kissed him on his lifeless lips, that which he had been waiting for for so long.

But nothing happened. He didn't come to life, she didn't turn into a beautiful princess and no magic fairy appeared to comfort her. The sky didn't even cry for her, it was a beautiful day.
Her pessimistic side laughed. Of course he had to die, everything that gave her even a little bit of happiness disappeared.

Something told her she was soon going to disappear as well.

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  • The original character, Dee Rhymz, was borrowed for Gaston's design.