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Anton "Atomic" Mạch (2019).

Atomic!, or ATOM!C, is a series about an elderly astronaut professor finding an unknown, star-shaped source of light in space that kills and then resurrects him with superabilities.

Grateful to be alive, he travels back to Earth to experience the pleasures he missed out on, but also decides to explore the star's radiation inside of him by taking on the role of a classic comic book superhero.
His powers appear highly unsuitable for protecting and fighting normal human beings, and those acquainted with Atomic become overly cautious when he shows up to "save the day".

The series was conceived in June of 2019 by VampireMeerkat, but nothing has been published and its future layout is uncertain.

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A scientist couple create a controversial spaceship, able to raise a baby into a competent astronaut without human involvement, thus allowing for humanity to explore the deeper parts of space, but they pass away before they can reveal the contraption to anyone. Nevertheless, the death of the genius duo has the government of every country setting their eyes on their orphaned baby, and the Americans are first to discover and claim the ship hidden under their house.
They become enticed to test it out when discovering the young Anton has no other family members, and without informing the public or the space program's partner organizations that are most likely to object, they shoot him into space.

Anton is successfully cared for and taught by the machines, until old enough to understand the ship's controls. He lives the rest of his life doing what is asked of him, in complete solitude, until he comes across a star-shaped formation of light when in his 80s. Its radiation deforms the metal of the ship within minutes, launching Anton in outer space with nothing to do but await his death. The mysterious light seemingly reaches the end of its lifespan as well and exploded at the same moment Anton passes away. Its light reverts his body's molecules and causes his once pigmentless grey hair to get infused with mirror particles, reaching far enough to reflect the image of space.
No trace of the star is left after that and Anton reawakens with his youth regained and a set of superpowers.

Having lost interest in the research that's been forced upon him, he flies back to Earth and uses his second chance at life to experience that which was taken from him. Besides the fun and excitement Earth and its people give him, he also gets acquainted with the foreign concept of evil and crime, urging him to get involved and take on a secret superhero role as "Atomic".

He tries to learn more of the star's effects on him during his crime fighting, and while there're no deaths under his name, people start to associate his Atomic character with danger and pretend to be overly satisfied or act unsuspicious whenever he shows up.
He befriends a woman unfamiliar with his superhero identity, who helps him socially develop and better understand Earth.


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