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Astarisha (アスタリーシャ?) is a original character that has the theme of "Female Guardian".


Mason Guardian of Lagunasia Kingdom. Girl who has a strong but gentle face. Weapon is Battle Axe. She is the beginning of the story that Garzaia Empire learns about Aggression using the technology of Ancient Civilization and casts herself on Battle. After defeating the Garzaia Emperor, the Battle with the Monster of Evil Organization “Hellder” suddenly lost, but once defeated the Machine Cow Harbinger that the Eostre's Scientist left, and challenged the Battle again, and Boss of the Fierce Fight “Hellder” Defeated and ended the battle. After the battle, it is Throne and becomes Queen of Lagunasia Kingdom.


Holy calendar 3462. World asked for a new order and was in the middle of Confusion. There was a country with overwhelming Power while Chaos Storm was buzzing around. "Magic Science is protected by the good guys," the country that calls itself "the leader of Magic Science" is "Garzaia." He advanced Magic Science's Exclusive and Research Clarification, and with his overwhelming strength, performed Raids in Neighboring Countries, Guardian's Oppression, and so on. In front of Mason Girl Astarisha and Obelis Girl Rafana assigned to Guardian of Eostre Ruins, Boy who strikes Ruins Door appears. His name is Zeolde. It is a Son of the South Factoria Guardian "Governor" who once lost Courage. However, Factoria annihilation by Garzaia's Raid. Only Zeolde survived, but can not fight Garzaia and Equality alone. I want a friend who can fight Garzaia. Soold Zeolde walked across The World in search of Astarisha. World is ruled by Garzaia as it is. The only way to bring Magic Science into shape is to defeat Garzaia. Guardian VS Garzaia. The fierce Battle was about to begin. But after the Battle with Garzaia, this time that New Enemy will appear Astarisha has no reason to know yet.

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