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Arua Ostinat

Arua Ostinat is a Fantasy Heroine of Original Charater.


Girl, the Villager of the Small Village "Bellfrau" in Continent in the southern part of Tiffania. Future Dream will be Brave like Father. Start training from Age 13 onwards. At first I left for Adventure as a Villager, but after various events, I learned the ability to change Job Change. When Job Change becomes possible, it becomes possible to change to Various Job such as Fighter, Grappler, Priestess, Magician, Thief, Knight. It will change to two of Ultimate Job "Brave" and "Sage" in front of Final Battle. But, to Job Change, Fairy Power becomes Necessary.


World "Tiffania" where Human and Fairy coexistence. This World is a World without War, and with People's Faith, Fairy has come to believe in Human. Eventually, People spread the Living Area to various places. However, as people's lives have become richer, the appearances of the Fairies have become less and less visible. Yes, it's almost like a human-only World. With such a certain night, Big Fire Pillar rose with the sound of the earth. And, like nothing happened, that night is over .... The next day Mystery Door appeared in Tiffania. This Door is a Mystery Door that lets people go through somewhere far away. Besides that, in this land where catastrophes should not occur, such as the occurrence of ground fractures in Tiffania, things that were never considered began to occur one after another. Villagers, who looked at the situation heavily, ordered a single Girl Arua to investigate the cause. Arua travels to Adventure to protect his world.

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