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"I am no psychic nor fortune teller — no, my ability does not work that way — but I can see the flaws in anything and anyone. Even the smallest and most insignificant of faults that go unnoticed to the naked eye, I can detect. I guess, in that sense, I don't need a crystal ball. I'll already know how an object or person will fall and meet their demise."
— Anzor, on his ability
Anzor Ramzanovich Zubayraev (Chechen: Зубайраев Анзор Рамзанович) is a fan character in the television series Heroes created by user Chechensichkeria. Born in the Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union, to an exiled Chechen family, he is a political theorist who served as the former adviser to the late Senator Nathan Petrelli. He is an evolved human with the ability to detect and amplify the weaknesses/flaws of objects, concepts, and people.

He is portrayed by Chechen-Russian actor Ali Aliev.

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Anzor has the ability to identify and amplify the flaws, defects, and weaknesses of any object, person, or idea. TBA!

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  • At one point during his development, Anzor was planned to be half-Chechen and half-Kyrgyz on his paternal and maternal sides, respectively.
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