"When do we get to kill something!?" Edit

Backstory Edit

Anya was created by Dr Leviathan in retaliation of Alex's idea of peace, tranquility, and power. Anya was created using Alex's DNA and the Doctor's, creating an unbalanced psychopathic monster.

Personality Edit

Anya is incredibly unstable, always wanted to fight. She is very child-like and spoiled very much by the Doctor. She is mostly used as a bodyguard and sometimes entertainment.

Appearance Edit

Anya dresses different depending on her mood, but usually her casual wear is a black hoodie, green skirt, and white shoes.

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength: Anya can easily carry and swing around her giant hammers.

Superhuman Speed: Anya can move incredibly fast with or without her hammers

Doll Joints: Anya is not bound by the natural limitations of human anatomy, and can spin around unhindered to kill anything.

Cosmic Satchel: Anya can carry anything with her using her pocket dimension. She can summon portals at any time. This pocket dimension is simply all green with little gravity.

Equipment Edit

Anya carries many hammers in her pocket dimension.

Lefty: A comicly oversized mallet, simply made of wood all the way through. Her most used hammer. It is nearly unbreakable, and returns to her hand on command.

Rainbow: A hammer, more like the tool instead of the weapon, but still incredibly large. It is streaked with all the colors of the rainbow, with a star on the side. Can create a blinding rainbow light.

Crack the Sky: Another oversized mallet, this one white and colored with cloud decals. It has a star on the front and back, and another star poking out from the pole. Can summon beams of light.

My Sweetheart: A pink oversized mallet, colored pink, with red hearts on the head. She can charm people on hit, making them do what she wants.

Promotionem: Latin for Advancement, it is a simple white mallet, similar to Lefty made from divine stone. It has a brown wrap of cloth around the head. Built after finding the Eye of Providence, it has a demonite core. It can charge a rainbow-like energy, making the hammer able to shatter almost anything.

Trivia Edit

Anya is pansexual

Anya's favorite food is mozzarella sticks

Anya suffers from schizophrenia, which also creates split personality syndrome.

Anya's favorite things are fighting, her hammers, and Alex

Anya's least favorite things is no action, people who don't like hammers, and party poopers.

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