Anita Spartina is the main antagonist of The Venusian Twins: The Alien Girl from Other Planet

Early LifeEdit

Not known about Anita's life, Anita lives on The Klotzar Planet, and was banished from her home, and lands on Pacific Palisades, where she meets Mercedes and Joelle, who becomes their inseparable sidekicks.

Appearance Edit

Anita is a young girl with brown hair, red eyes and caucasian skin, she wears a yellow tank top, purple pants, green sneakers and a purple pearl necklace.

Personality Edit

Anita is a stubborn, cruel, arrogant, agressive and unkind girl. she wants to take over the world with her friends, who sees her as a Alien in a human form.

Powers Edit

Klotzar Form

Purple Smoke

Purple Aurora Borealis

Purple Lights


Anita tried to attack Lilly and Tilly, but ended up shooting a fireball at a self-destruct button, her necklace gets destroyed, and starts to revert from a teenage girl to a 12 year old girl, her pants fall down, she scolds the twins for destroying her necklace, reverting her to various ages and making her pants fall down, she becomes a 4 year old girl, her shirt and shoes does not fit her, and she dies to her apparent death.

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