Appearence Edit

Angel is a short, slim, and flat Chested cat. She had almond hair thats goes down to her shoulders, and light mocha brown fur. She’s usually seen at her workplace. Showing off. when off the job, she wears a pattered tank top with blue patterns, and jean Skirt. She may be in other things, while her uniform is a pink top, an apron, and a kinda short pink skirt. It doesn’t appear really short on her.

Personality Edit

Angel is a tsundere. She will lash out and act snobby around strangers, and sometimes uses foul language. She drinks occasionally, but not in major amounts. She speaks to her friends and family in a less rude manner, but still can be rude. The only peroom she isn’t rude to is her cousin. She has a mildly Yandere personality if someone hurts someone she loves, and she would tske hits for family. She once was a target of assault, but she doesn’t like to talk about it..

Worklife Edit

angel works at a cafe. She loves her job, due to having friends nearby. She can kinda be a clutz and drop drinks, but her boss is pretty forgiving. She specialized in making the drinks, and does pretty well for a rookie. But her skills around customers Are weak.

Other Edit

open for ship?-NO

age- 25

birthdate- July 18, 1995

gender- female

enjoys- reading, movies, popcorn, shakes, chocolate, stargazing, making shakes, rollercoasters

hates- rain, scary movies, scary games, crying, sunburns, nails on a chalkboard.

looks for in a person- someone sweet, someone who won’t betray her, someone who doesn’t mind a flat chest, a person who doesn’t crush on their ex.

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