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β€”Andy's yell.

Andy is the semi-antagonist and titular main character of Andy, created by Magmastone808.

He was designed in late 2018, but made his first online appearance on September 1st, 2021.

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Who Is He?

Andy used to be an inoffensive cartoon character from the 1930s, who was then brought to life by dark magic shortly after his show's creator "committed suicide". He was reborn as a ruthless monster that took it upon himself to judge other people's worth and punish them when not meeting his standards. Andy is responsible for many disappearances, yet his playful self still very much lives on inside of him, evidenced by the friendship he shares with Betty Harlen. People he deems "innocent" and good-natured are spared from his wrath.

Andy resembles multiple animals and it's not been canonically confirmed in the cartoon itself whether he's a dog, cat, badger, or bat.
He's primarily red with orange and white patches, has small ears, a short tail, and a red nose. Concerning his attire, he always wears a small black top hat with a red band, a black bow tie, brown boots, white gloves, and has a row of black buttons on his stomach, making it seem like his own fur is a costume.
When he was made corporeal, he grew 6 feet/183 cm tall, and is able to blacken his eye white.

What’s The Story?

While being more of a monster he was created by a man who created the cartoon character and as then later disappeared but his show was still around. As then Andy being created in the 1930s Andy was brought to be a monster by the daughter of a detective’s tv. Which then crawled and escaped. But not only just a horrible creature he is also a judge mental being by then, he uses his eyes and looks at the persons soul. If innocent nothing will happen to the person but if it’s not innocent and is just a horrible person Andy will try to kill the person. Andy is more of a anti-villain so then it makes sense. As then when he was mildly defeated he faded away into a shining light.


Physical Strength

Andy can break anything in two with his bare hands, and his body is sturdy enough to push through walls of even stop a train.


Andy is fairly fast for his size and weight, and is able to reach speeds of over 27.27 miles/43.88 km per hour.


Andy's voice can easily break windows or walls.

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