Alyssa is the daughter of Satan himself. She is an ordinary schoolgirl who goes to school, but she gets bullied by everyone because she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. Although she has the beauty of a goddess who's descended from the Heavens, her bullies don't seem to notice. Nobody does. Nobody notices her. Everyone prefers her brother Collin to her.

Physical appearance Edit

Alyssa has shining pink hair and vibrant eyes. One of her eyes is red, the other is purple. She has cat ears and a cat tail.

Story Edit

"Remember those who hurt you?" A voice echoed, "The bullies?"

She remembered her bullies. She remembered all of them. How couldn't she. They made sure every second of her life was a living Heck. She nodded.

"I can make them go away." The voice said. Alyssa didn't want them to go away, she just wanted them to leave her alone. For them to accept her for who she was.

"I-I... I'm okay, thanks.." Alyssa croaked weakly. "I-I... uhm... I don't need your help, I can manage alone."

It wasn't convincing. She wasn't good at lying, that's why her father, Satan, hated her. He said she was 'too kind' and 'too caring'. Her siblings thought it too. Collin... Collin, her brother, thought it.

"That wasn't convincing.. Probably why you're family hates you.."

"-WWh... What do you know about my family." Alyssa said, hissing. "I-It... It's tru, though... They like Collin, my brother, more."

The source of the voice stepped from the shadowed area. "I know." She put her hands together.

Alyssa held her hand out towards the voice's source, a woman. "N-NO!!!" Black Void energy flew out from her palm and stabbed into the woman, imploding her instantly.

Alyssa fell to the floor, clutching the bleeding wound. "urgh... Heh heh.." She whispered through clenched teeth as her tail flicked up. Another evil down.

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