The eon of Aeon has come!!

—Aeon's proclamation

Even if the stars had devoured them, I have come to my senses that destruction is inevitable, whether coincidental or not. I might thank them for making realize the purpose of life is death.


Superior of the Stars (Pantheon accolade)

Full Name

Faustino Vidal


Viddie (by Jamie)
#1 Dad Material (by his son)
Alien Star Wizard (by Sherman)
Magic Johnson
Space Elf


Armando Dracón




Decimaar Blade
Star Magic




Late 50's (Physically)
180+ (Chronologically)


Earth (A.R. No. 111006)




Runic necklace
Pantheon-made wristwatch







Hair Color

Salt and pepper

Eye Color


Professional Status



Pantheon boss

Personal Status



Unnamed Goetian mother (Deceased)
Alfonzo Vidal (Son)


Fixing clocks

Music Theme

Dark Rebirth

Voice Actor

Jaime Camil

Aeon (Real Name: "Faustino Vidal") is the main antagonist of Riftwalkers. Posing as the self-assured CEO of the Spanish watchmaking conglomerate, Pantheon, Aeon is also its leader in its role as an interdimensional organization dedicated to siphoning and conquering other worlds rich in magical energies for his nefarious machinations. He seeks to use the apocalyptic Dimensional Convergence to his advantage in gaining interdimensional control of all the realms.

Aeon is half Goetian, a race of elvish aliens relying on stellar energies as their source of magic and living. He is the father of Melquiades Vidal.


General Appearance

Aeon comes across as a tall, physically well-built man of pale complexion in his 50's. He has been described by admirers of his products as "easy on the eyes". His salt-and-pepper hair is maintained in a formal, neck-length fashion and he mostly seen wearing a pair of shades, which cover his otherworldly golden eyes as indication of his hybrid lineage.

Indicators of his arcane side include the aforementioned pale skin and curved markings on his upper back, shoulders, and cheeks, which the latter has been unabashedly commented by Aeon as "weird birthmarks". He also has pointed ears.

CEO Attire


Don Attire



I shall remake this world and all others beyond its veil into one universe where magic does not have the say on who gets to live and who doesn't.

—Aeon's cataclysmic goal

Domineering yet gravely composed, Aeon's harsh and cruel upbringing in his Order-ravaged reality molded him into a man bent on converging all realities into one, then rebuild them in a way that fits his megalomaniac desires, all the while yanking the chains of those who survived the impact of his goal. Tyranny is Aeon's defining characteristic, prominently manifested by imposing his iron-clad will through conquering worlds and dimensions beneficial to his cause and coldly eradicating anyone who dare to correct or criticize him, even those within his circle. He is shown to be an even worse master to the denizens of the Darklands after he had disposed of Gunmar during his skirmish.



Decimaar Blade: A greatsword of Trollish origin that once belonged to the Gumm-Gumm warlord, Gunmar. Aeon claimed possession of it after killing the Gunmar of his reality, as well gaining dominion over the Darklands to subjugate its denizens to work for him. It still functions the same when it was under its former's wielder's possession but with added capabilities enchanted into it by Aeon's stellar magic.

  • Blade Beam: The blade generates a wave of stellar energy to attack enemies from a distance.
  • Redirection: The blade can absorb energy coming from magical attacks to be redirected back at those who fired it first. It can also redirect energies produced by Quickenings and alien tech as well.

Powers & Abilities

You cannot eclipse one that has been part of the cosmos, you mangy statue.

—Aeon to a berserk Armadura

Half-Goetian Physiology: Aeon is far more superior to the average human being as well as certain supernatural races due to his mixed Goetian lineage.
  • Strength: Aeon killed a Troll slave by choking him until his grip shattered his neck. He was able to leave Jamie in a near-crippled condition after landing a series of punches directed at his open spots. Aeon was capable of going toe-to-toe with Gunmar in their duel during an ambush in the Darklands, although their fight created Achilles' Heels located in his lower back, shoulder, and left wrist.
  • Reflexes:
  • Durability: ....

Swordsmanship: Aeon is an accomplished swordsman who pressures his enemies into revealing their weak spots as they attempt to damage him. To compensate for his three weak spots, Aeon's fighting style is rather slow and emphasizes on assailing his enemies upon close range.

His swordplay implements measures which makes his opponents lose their balance, giving him the opportunity to assault a barrage of power blows and fierce slashes designated to overwhelm defensive measures. The ferocity of Aeon's swordsmanship has the tendency to leave opponents rendered incapable of counterattacks.

Star Magic: ....


  • Achilles' Heels:


  • ....
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