Abigail Medina, also known as her alias Abby, is the deuteragonist and main female protagonist of the series FreedomBound. She is the main protagonist's childhood friend and a member of Tsumi Shinwa's Troop 15. Abby's main goal is to live up to her parent's expectations and also destroy the demon population to be granted her freedom. She hopes that her parents would be proud of her because of how far she's come emotionally and mentally once she is freed.

"Just... let them go... and I'll agree to it." ---- Abigail Medina to [Spoiler]


Abigail is a teenager with around average height for her age and with a very white and pale complexion. Abby is shown to have small freckles on her face and body. Her black hair is medium length with bangs covering her forehead. Compared to other characters in the cast, Abby has rather narrow blue eyes instead of round and circular. Her eyebrows are long and thin. Stated by some of the cast, Abigail is seen as a cold beauty.

Abby's main outfit is a simple white sweatshirt with black leggings. She usually is seen wearing uggs with this outfit.


Abby has a cold and rash demeanor that can often intimidate the rest of the cast. But really, she is just misunderstood sometimes. Abigail has a personal trait called Alexithymia. This means she has difficulties understanding and properly expressing emotions around other people, and hard for her to explain it. She rarely speaks to others because she has a hard time with social interactions, which she was always like since she was younger and went to primary school with Eren Wilson. She was envious about how easy it was for Eren to talk to the other children and become friends with them. Abby was labeled an outcast by Maria, her childhood bully, because of her not knowing how to start or participate in social interactions and conversations. Later, the way she started dealing with social interactions was pushing the person away, hence her cold attitude in the present.

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